Collective Clothing and Accessory Haul Fall/Winter 2016 + Xmas Gifts


Good evening guys! Settle in cause this is going to be a long one. Get some snacks and a coffee!

 photo fuck-awesomehearts 12_zpstsk9p0bx.jpg
This is a collective haul of fashion and accessories going all the way back to October. The thing is I don’t buy a whole lot of stuff very often. I’m pretty frugal actually and am pretty minimalist when it comes to my wardrobe. photo 15078921_1506071966076174_4214010707583710370_n_zpsshbuqttq.jpg

I like basic pieces in black that I can accessorize and dress up of down. My closet is actually a pretty boring place. My style is what I like to think of it as grown-up goth. Throughout the last few months though I have been slowly picking up a few new things and at the beginning of Dec. my dad gave me some Xmas money so I invested in some wintery clothing. photo 15284929_1525024097514294_3531238496834950119_n_zpsaflzlw4h.jpg

Anyway, here’s my new additions:

Let’s start with jewelry. Again, I like simple statement pieces with a dark undertone.

I picked up a couple pieces while in Hot Topic back in October when I ran in to get some hair color for Halloween. One does not simply run and out of Hot Topic no matter how old you are. Anyway, they were running a hella good deal on clearance stuff and actually had some jewelry that was calling my name.

I don’t have very much silver jewelry and I thought this necklace would be in my collection. It’s simple yet bold which is my style exactly with the hints of something darker.
 photo 20161212_190949_zpsc16efwyu.jpg

I also grabbed these earrings because again, they are simple and bold, and I think worn alone they look quite nice and not too much.
 photo 20161212_191640_zpsvjnlekox.jpg

Jumping ahead to a later Wal-Mart shopping I trip with Xmas money, I found a set of 2 chokers that to me said, Queen Bee.  photo 20161212_191012_zpsbchqa77t.jpg  photo 20161212_191043_zpsibwcxyuv.jpgI also picked up this simple faux leather cord choker with gold accents on the end.
 photo 20161212_191150_zpsgzkvwbt7.jpg  photo 20161212_191159_zpsnh83xm4m.jpg photo 20161212_191333_zpsybgyy48y.jpg
Now for the clothing.  Warning: some of the shirts may not be everyone’s cup of tea. There are some Occult references ahead. if you are squeamish about dark aesthetics and easily offended by spooky stuff, just click away now if it’s an issue. Otherwise, enjoy. There are some pieces in here that are pretty normal and mundane as well.

I’m going to start with a Christmas present from my brother. He designed a line of clothing with Cvlt Nation and gave me a tank top from the collection. I love shirts like this for my casual days to wear with leggings and pair with a leather jacket. How bad ass does this tank look? He did a great job on the design. I love anything that looks black metal.  photo 20170103_085332_zpsfobmu0et.jpg photo 20170103_085320_zpsokm51qul.jpg photo 20170103_085315_zpsnwrkvhdw.jpg

Back to that Wal-Mart Xmas money shopping trip, here are some of the clothing I picked up there. Sorry for the shitty quality of the pics, me and the lighting weren’t friends that day.

I picked up this over-sized black button down to wear with leggings. I love a simple button down. I want to go back and get one in white too.
 photo 20161212_192117_zpslijixk5y.jpg

Next up is a sweater I thought was too cute. And look at me, buying a color and shit. This sweater is surprisingly good quality and super comfy. I like it paired with some skinny jeans and boots. Also, the faux shirt tails are chiffon giving it a nice dressier touch. I bought this with Christmas day in mind but it ended up be hot as balls on Christmas.  photo FotorCreatedsweaater_zpsy4zmkq63.png

Speaking of sweaters, I found this bold geometric patterned number in the juniors section. Again, cute with leggings. I effin love leggings.
 photo 20161212_192232_zpswygf3lkw.jpg

This next top is probably my favorite because of its simplicity. I picked this one up before Thanksgiving to .. you guessed it, wear with legging. I feel like you can really dress this top up, though, with a bold necklace and accessories. It has a loose turtle neck and is long and kind of just flows with your body with a ribbed material. Very comfortable.  I enjoyed pairing it with a black felt hat, nice leggings, a black shawl and a bold herringbone necklace.  photo 20161212_192827_zpszw06k1tp.jpg

Now for something to wear not just with legging and look more color. I felt the need for a red flannel shirt. I was feeling some grunge nostalgia. I like pairing this with a band tee, or the one above from Cvlt Nation or on its own buttoned up. Gah should have put this stuff through the wrinkle release cycle first, Damn.

 photo 20161212_193137_zps5itno6k2.jpg

And leggings, these are velvet corduroy. Shitty pic but you get the idea. I was just done that day I guess. LOL.

 photo 20161212_193604_zpslhpjqfey.jpg

 photo 14522859_1450882908261747_5607572242217120142_n_zpsqt7haihn.jpg

This is the black shawl I picked up at Wal-Mart by the purses that I like pairing with the turtle neck. I’m kind of in love with this. It’s warm and cozy and gives me some Stevie Nicks meets my grandma vibes.

 photo 20161212_192635_zpsf9eb461p.jpg

And back to the Hot Topic stuff I got in Oct. I found this Metalica tee super cheap and it looks bad ass. I love distressed vibe. Hell, most my band tees end up that way anyhow.

 photo 20161212_192518_zpsjhcxgmts.jpg

Now for a few things from my favorite store on Earth, Target!

Got this simple tee for layering for about 4 bucks on clearance. it has a chevron pattern and a high-low thing going.

 photo 20161212_192946_zpsbzi8pael.jpg

Then I found one the coolest hoodies ever at Target. I’m a sucker for anything that says Moonchild because A) It’s a Fields of the Nephilim song and B) It’s one of my favorite novels by Alister Crowley.  The hoodie itself is kind of thin, good for the weather here and has a nice cowl neck style. My sister in law also picked one up. We do that every time we go shopping. This was also park of Xmas from my dad.  photo 20170103_085103_zpsiurzwcfs.jpg

Target had their outerwear on sale too so I picked up this faux leather biker jacket. It fit like a dream too so I had to get it. I have been on the hunt for a jacket like this for a while now but either out of my price range or the fit is off. Again, this was part of Xmas.
 photo 20170103_085601_zpstjylxgfr.jpg photo 20170103_085551_zpsnd8sxror.jpg

I found these jeans at Target stupid cheap on clearance. Something like $10 regularly $40 and to my surprise they fit it all the right ways except one… about a foot too long so they will get hemmed. Other than that they are super flattering, with a flare leg.
 photo 20161212_193701_zpshrtcvwre.jpg

On that same rack at Target, I found this cute little moon shirt, super soft and kind of has that high-low thing going too. I like it with those jeans or leggings.  photo IMG_20161209_152905_zpsovxps2t4.jpg

Lastly, for clothes, genius me was suckered by a sale at Wal-greens on leggings. Don’t buy leggings from Wal-Greens… They ended up being glorified tights. See through! Dumbass, I am didn’t notice this until after a whole day of running errands. So yeah, I was that girl all effing day with my ass showing. Go me!

Anyway, I got a pair in black which is already falling apart and a pair in honey yellow because I thought that would look cool with a black top. I have yet to open them. Maybe with that turtle neck? What do you think?  photo 20161212_193209_zps5ctuzmpu.jpg

Alright, now for some accessories.

I found this really nice sock hat at Wal-Greens though. Do by the hats, not the pants! It’s floofy and warm. Very well made and thick.
 photo 20161212_193327_zpstxwqe78u.jpg

And returning to Wal-Mart for a sec, I found these combat boots over in the shoes and on a whim tried them on and they fit! This is special because I have wide calves and rarely find boots that fit without ordering through Torrid.  photo FotorCreatedboots_zpskql5kpqc.png

My sister-in-law and brother got me this beautiful leather wallet from a boutique called Bon Bonite in Medellin, Colombia. Just my style too. I love Bon Bonite stuff after checking them out online. I’m definitely checking out their boutique when I visit Columbia.  photo 20170103_103951_zpskfpadzco.jpg

Lastly, my step mom got me this cute change purse from Hallmark with a journal. So cute, and I didn’t have a change purse.
 photo 20170103_103906_zpsvyvvcgu3.jpg

Pumpkin wasn’t left out of the fashion haul! She got this cute little sweater in a size up so it will cover her butt and keep her warm. While not in a color she’d normally go for, it’s cute and looks like a little dress. Finding stuff for her is tricky, she fits a small/extra small but everything is too short on her and her butt hangs out. LOL.
 photo punk_zpsd2klqpnn.png

Anyway, that’s it for clothes and accessories, but I have a makeup haul and home decor, misc haul coming up soon!


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Bee Beautiful. Bee You.

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