Collective Makeup Haul Fall/Winter 2016


Finally, the Last installment of my Winter/Fall Haul. This one is all makeup! Some of this I bought way back in November. I’m a pretty frugal shopper. I don’t buy every new palette or product on the market. I put a lot of thought into purchases and only buy things that I really want.  So I don’t do haul posts often because I don’t buy that much in one go.

Anyway, here are the things I did chose to buy recently, along with a few gifts.  Grab a coffee and let’s jump in.

Starting with a palette. I finally picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette from Sephora. I think I got it at the first of December. I had been looking at it and swatching it every time I go in Sephora or Ulta. I am so glad I did get it.  It’s a truly beautiful palette and the quality is great. I am working on a full review for yall, needless to say, it’s going to be positive.

 photo 20161208_085038_zpsbwdbdoge.jpg
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance
 photo 20161208_084825_zpsdfnpqejp.jpg
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

From that same shopping trip I got the Sephora Favorites: Give Me Some Bold Lip which I have already reviewed here: Sephora Favorites: Give Me Some Bold Lips Overview and Swatches!

 photo 20161208_091711_zpsworr6hqu.jpg
Sephora Favorites

I had a ton of points with Sephora hoarded so I cashed those in on some rewards.

I chose The Estee Edit Pore Vanishing Stick. I’m looking for something that would minimize pores and smooth out texture so we will see how this little guy does. So far so good.

 photo 20161208_085426_zpsxzn3bgbj.jpg
The Estee Edit Pore Vanishing Stick

Speaking of primers, I also got the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer + Radiance because I also like a radiant complexion. It’s a pretty decent sized deluxe sample too.

 photo 20161208_085600_zpsy3riwplp.jpg
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer + Radiance

I also got a deluxe sample of the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil. The packaging on this guy is so cute. So far I really like it too. I could go a shade darker though.

 photo 20161208_0852500_zpssklcpklh.jpg
Benefit Goof Prood Brow Pencil

Next up is the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. I haven’t opened this one yet because I’m trying to get through the ones I have open at the moment. I will be adding it to my rotation soon and doing a full review.

 photo 20161208_085641_zpsheca6mov.jpg
Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

I got a sample size of the Make Up For Ever Aqua XL liner in black because I heard good things about it being transfer proof and long wearing. I have the hardest time with my liner shifting, transferring and fading in the waterline and tight line so I thought I’d give this one a go.

 photo 20161208_085323_zpsb4ecswju.jpg
Make Up For Ever Aqua XL

I also got a sample of Grande Lips, its a lip plumping gloss stuff. Meh.

 photo 20161208_085702_zps6hbbot3a.jpg

That’s all for what I got from Sephora. So on to the next bunch.

I actually won a full size of Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liner in Trooper from Influenster and oh man, I get the hype now. This is a fantastic liquid liner. The tip is so fine, you can get the most precise line.

 photo 20161208_140404_zpsmb18ppua.jpg
Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liner in Trooper

Now for the drugstore stuff, I picked up recently.

I was on the hunt for a new drugstore concealer to try so I picked up the ELF HD Lifting Concealer. Lovely texture and formula, just too dark for me.

 photo 20170117_134906_zpswerknvxs.jpg
ELF HD Lifting Concealer

A friend told me how good the ELF Flawless Finish Foundation was, so I picked that up too. It’s a hair to yellow undertoned for me and a tad too dark but otherwise it’s one of my favorite from the drugstore thus far and at $6 you can’t go wrong.  The review is coming as is one for the concealer.

 photo 20161115_160139_zpspttpu3o1.png
ELF Flawless Finish Foundation

I picked up the Maybelline  Dream Wonder Powder because it was on clearance at Target so I thought I would give it a try for days I want a more matte finish.

 photo 20170117_135132_zpskjttq1ft.jpg
Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder

Since the ELF Concealer was too dark I decided to try the Maybelline Age Rewind because everyone raves about how good it is. I’ll definitely be reviewing this one. I’m still putting her to the test. It looks dark in the picture because I purchased the wrong shade… I have the correct shade now. LOL.

 photo 20170106_092151_zps5gkya18u.jpg
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

Speaking of Maybelline, I grabbed a handful of the Loaded Bolds Matte Lipsticks because they were so pretty and some of the shades were unique. I still want to get the brown one. I will be reviewing this collection once I pick the other shade up I want.

I have the shades: Gone Griege, Mauve It, Raging Rasin and Pitch Black. I  never thought in my young goth days I would ever see a black lipstick at the drugstore from Maybelline.

 photo 20161208_090014_zpsawumh0n5.jpg
Maybelline Loaded Bolds

Next up I picked up a few things from Nyx. I love Nyx BTW! One of my favorite brands at the drugstore.

I feel in love with their new liner collections, the Faux Blacks, and Faux Whites. I want them all, but I reigned myself in and only got one from each collection.

From Faux Whites, I got the shade Linen which is a pale peach, almost white for my waterline. While I love the Nyx Wonder Pencil in Light, it fades on me and since these are waterproof I think it might work out better.

 photo 20170114_222232_zpskuryuqoa.jpg
NYX Faux Whites in Linen

From the Faux Blacks, I got Oxblood. I mean, it’s a red EYEliner! I need that in my life. I have already put these pencils to good use if you have seen my Instagram you know.

I actually had a red liner back in the day when from when Hot Topic had a line of makeup, they had a red one but it was more cherry and kinda gave that pink eye effect.. I was hot shit at Tioga High with it, though. Goth AF.

 photo 20170114_222200_zpsyzwbu0jy.jpg
NYX Faux Blacks in Oxblood

Next thing from Nyx I got was the Pro Foundation Mixer in White. If you are a pale gal, this is the best thing in the world! Now ALL foundations will match. Again, between the red eyeliner, black lipstick and white foundation mixer, the 16-year-old goth in me is so thrilled she’s shitting bats. I have pretty much just come full circle back to goth these days. LOL.

 photo 20170114_222001_zps0pthj4yy.jpg
NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in White

Last things from Nyx I got were some of the Liquid Suede Liquid Lipsticks. These are awesome liquid lippies. I had the shade Stone Fox and needed more. I want to pick up the shade Alien which is black among others.

I have the shades: Soft Spoken, Vintage and Cherry Skies.

 photo 20161208_090732_zpsttiofc1l.jpg
NYX Liquid Suede


I grabbed this olive liner from Palladio because I love olive green eye makeup and it was on clearance for like 70 cents at Ulta.
 photo 20161208_085204_zpst0cyp1rn.jpg

Lastly, for makeup, I got a few goodies from WetNWild. These are from the fall collection which I know sold out like wildfire but my roomie found the whole collection at Fred’s Dollar Store and she grabbed me the highlighter and I went back for the eyeshadow palette and liquid lipstick. All great quality products from WetNWild. They have been knocking it out of the park lately.

I’m fairly certain the Liquid lipstick I have is the same formula as the Catsuit range they just launched. I have the shade ‘Don’t Be A Plum Plum” which looks almost exact to the shade “Goth Topic” in the new range. BTW Goth Topic is genius. Speaking the 16-year-old goth inside me. Good god lemon! WetnWild shade names are so cute. The new cushion contour shade is called “Cafe Au Slay”! I can’t even.

 photo 20161208_091503_zps0fwzy7km.jpg
Wet N Wild Liquid Lipstick in Don’t Be A Plum Plum
 photo 20161208_091427_zpsorqhgtol.jpg
Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Velour Vixen + Wet N Wild Megaglo Highlighting Gold Bar

I picked up a couple of their Velvet Matte Lip Color Pencils. These. These you need in your life. I’m very impressed with the quality and texture of these. Giving Nars’s Velvet Lip Pencils a run for their money. I have the shades, Hickory Smoked and Charred Cherry. The shade range is lacking and I hope they add more because these are amazing.

 photo 20161208_091214_zpsq2mopnxp.jpg
Naked Protest Velvet Matte Lip Color

Alright, the very last thing I picked up recently was these brushes from Sonia Kashuk. Let’s just take a moment and soak in their beauty.

 photo 20161204_081056_zpsank7m7vr.png
Sonia Kashuk Brushes

But wait! There’s more! I have a couple of Christmas gifts too.
 photo 20170103_104029_zpsrqnkhnmg.jpgFirst one is this gorgeous lipstick set from Glips my Sister In Law got me all the way from Columbia.
 photo 20170103_104414_zpsp9pcy20f.jpgPerfect shades. Couldn’t have picked better myself. She also picked up this liquid lipstick from a Colombian Brand call Pinch. The formula and shade are superb.
 photo 20170103_103611_zpsnrpysr53.jpgAnd that’s all folk. Last haul post wrapped up for now.

BTW, I finally fixed my Instagram link if ya wanna go check it out and give me a follow. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for the day-to-day life of a Beauty Blogger and Makeup Challenges, Facebook, for blog updates and makeup LOLs  Pinterest for inspo and current obsessions, Bloglovin and Twitter for updates!

Bee Beautiful. Bee You.

 photo vvaVrvrr_zpslhtr76pi.png

11 thoughts on “Collective Makeup Haul Fall/Winter 2016

  1. Awesome haul!!

    Love all the NYX products, and I definitely want to hear more about the pore vanishing stick. That is literally my biggest skincare problem, and right now I use the pore filler by NYX, and it does okay. Always looking for new and better, though!!!

    I have seen those Sonia brushes at Target so many times- they are so gorgeous 😍!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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