Favorite Highlighters for Pale Skin + Recommendations – High-End Edition

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Hey, Beauties! Today, I want to talk about highlighters. I have been reviewing so many lately it feels like so I wanted to gather up my favorites in my collection, especially the ones I feel like work best for pale skin. I ended up having so many I wanted to talk about I had to divide the post up into editions. In this one, we’ll cover all my high-end favorites plus some I’d recommend that I don’t own currently but have tried, and some I want to try. Also, let me know your favorite highlighter in the comments.
So let’s get started, shall we?

First, I want to start by saying, there are no rules here with makeup. These are just my ideas on what I think suits my skin tone which is very fair. It doesn’t matter what you skin tone really if you like it, wear it! Most of these can work for any skin tone. I don’t stick exclusively to these shades either. It depends on my makeup, these are the ones I gravitate to most often and would recommend to anyone on the hunt for a good high-end highlight for fair skin.

Not all the products here are strictly highlighters, some are more of illuminating primers, and some are illuminating finishing powders.


Starting with the liquid products.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter
Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter

I just posted a review of this little guy from Marc Jacobs Beauty called the Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter. This one is kind of unexpected for fair skin I think because it has such a golden undertone but when either mixed into foundation or worn well blended into the skin, it gives the most beautiful warm glow to the skin. This one is incredibly universal and I think could look amazing on every skin tone.

You can see my full review here: Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter Review

Laura Mercier
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer + Radiance

This next product is more of an illuminating primer, also with a warmer undertone but to as golden as the Marc Jacobs. The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in the Radiance formula gives a more subtle warmth to the skin and looks great on its own without makeup. I love using this in combination with a pore filling primer on the t-zone under my foundation. You can also mix this one with a foundation to add some glow. The warmth of the Laura Mercier is just right for fair skin tones but like the Marc Jacobs, it will work for most anyone.

Illuminating Powders + Highlighters

On to the powder products, particularly illuminating powders, meaning they work more as a finishing powder rather than full on highlight. These add a radiant “Lit from within” kind of glow.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit + Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal


The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders are simply stunning, They are subtle but they do something magical for the skin that makes them worth the price tag in my opinion. I haven’t found a powder that replicates their appearance or quality. (there are some very similar products out I will discuss in the next post)

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light

This first shade is called Dim Light, which is a neutral beige. Probably the most universal of the Ambient Lighting Powders. I like to use this one more around my outer part of the face as a finishing powder. It’s a just right shade.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light

Next is Diffused Light which is a warm pale yellow shade that can brighten up the skin beautifully while giving a natural radiance to the skin. There is no shimmer to these really, or glitter. They just glow. If a powder was skin like, it’s these. I love using Diffused Light under the eye area to brighten.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder – Ethereal Light

Ethereal Light is a cool translucent white. It’s sheer enough that you don’t look like a ghost when you use it, you don’t get that chalky look white powders can give. This will enhance porcelain skin tones and give them a healthy glow like no other product I have found in the US anyway. I have tried a Japanese powder that was very similar but was a bit more matte.

Ambient Strobe Lighting Powders - Iridescent Light
Ambient Strobe Lighting Powders – Iridescent Light

This shade called Iridescent Light I believe is one of the Ambient Strobe Lighting Powders and was launched in the Ambient Lighting Edit Palette before the Strobe Lighting Powders were launched.

Iridescent Light is a pale pink powder with a soft highlight. The Strobe Lighting Powders are very understated. They are a mature and elegant highlight. This shade is stunning on pale skin.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit
Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit

My next favorite is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit. To be honest, the other Glow Kits just didn’t appeal to me despite their banging high impact glow, I felt like one out of the four shades would work for me and would just be a waste of money, Then they launched the Moonchild Glow Kit.

The Moonchild Glow Kit is all cool tones and shimmery duo chromes. It’s insanely pretty and is amazing on deeper skin tones too. I have a full review here: Moon Child Makeup Tutorial Feat. ABH Moon Child Glow Kit + Tarte Tarteist Pro Eyeshadow Palette

tarte tartiest pro glow
Tarte tarteist™ PRO glow highlight & contour palette

If you saw my review of the Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Palette, you know I am in love. You can check that out here: Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Palette Review



I use all four highlight shades in the palette but these two are my favorite for pale skin.

Tarte tarteist™ PRO glow highlight & contour palette – Strobe

Strobe is a pearl highlight, with a slight champagne undertone and gold micro glitters. I mean micro, micro. It’s not super metallic, just a pretty highlight.

tarte tartiest pro glow
Tarte tarteist™ PRO glow highlight & contour palette – Stunner

Stunner is a paler golden/champagne opalescent with a subtle pink shift. It’s that poppin bright metallic shine kind of highlight that is so glam and gorgeous.

Both these shades will give a slight warm glow.


These are products I have swatched and or tried out, just don’t currently own but I know they will work great for fair skin.


First up is Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Mood Light, which is a subtle lavender pink. It works great for brightening yellow undertones and really can enhance porcelain skin tones like Ethereal, and Diffused Light. Narrowing down to picking one of these would really depend on you undertone as Diffused Light and Mood Light can offer a slight color correction.Screenshot_20170504-033955_zpsvtlnqsbe.png

Next up is the Kat Von D Alchemist Palette. I talked myself out of purchasing this one because I have the Moonchild Glow Kit and a couple of the Nyx Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powders and just don’t need this one. But! It’s a gorgeous palette and great quality. I have played with it a few times. It is so good on all skin tones.Untitled design 2_zpsm6084gro

The Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops are simply amazing. They are like liquid metal. I really need to invest in them. I swatch them every time I go into Sephora and fall in love. If you want an insane, glow for the gods highlight, check these out. Celestial and Blossom are my favorites.Screenshot_20170504-034205_zpskck8b76e.png

The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pressed Amethyst is unbelievably pretty. The only reason I haven’t purchased it is because I have something almost just like it but I still want this one. It’s unique and just gorgeous. Untitled design 6_zpsx6aupawv.pngUntitled design 9_zpsohkfpxs1

Despite how much I think the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Prismatic Amethyst is, The regular Shimmering Skin Perfectors really don’t do it for me. Not for $38. I know these are a cult favorite, especially Champagne Pop and Moonstone but they just seem generic to me. I have a million shades like them. I will say that if I were to pick one I would go with Pearl or Moonstone. The reason I am including them on my list here is that they are soooo popular. They do offer a nice shade selection.
The Benefit High Beam Liquid Face Highlighter is such a pretty middle of the road glow. It’s not too much, not too little. Thin easy to blend formula. It’s a classic.  The Dandelion Shy Beam Matte Highlighter is a really unique product. A matte liquid highlighter. It’s brightening and pretty on the skin. I would recommend these to someone who doesn’t want to fuss much with their makeup.Untitled design 8_zpszwduback.png

Next is the Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter. I love the texture of these and the iridescent shine. They remind me of Colorpop. I can’t help but lust over these every time I am in Sephora.

I hope you guys liked this type of post. I am planning a drugstore edition and a post all about blushes and bronzers and a revised contour post for pale skin.


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