Mom’s Makeup – A Tutorial Inspired by My Mother

Happy Mother’s Day to all my Mom’s out there.

Anna Bankester Beauty

I wanted to do a special post for Mother’s Day but I procrastinated because I just wasn’t feeling it that day. Mother’s Day is depressing and I didn’t want to delve into it Sunday, but I still want to make this post anyway, just needed to get into the right head space first.
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It’s been 9 years I believe since I lost my mom. She taught me everything I know about being a woman.  I watched her do her makeup every day and remember what she did  and what products she used perfectly. She kept her makeup simple, radiant, and classic. So, for this tutorial in honor of her, I did my makeup how she did. 20160508_211651

If you want to see how I got this soft daytime look, just keep on reading below!

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