Urban Decay | New Launches Lusts & Busts | Spring\Summer 2017

bEE BEAUTY (2)Hey guys, Today I want to introduce a new little series where we talk all about new launches, be it from one brand like today or various new beauty related launches. These post will be a combination of a wish list and anti-haul kind of things, pieces from the collections I want to try and others that are a pass in my opinion.

Keep in mind before we get started that these are just my opinions, nothing serious and no shade intended.

 I thought a good way of showing the products would be to use Polyvore if you have any other suggestions of formatting please let me know in the comments.
Okay! Let’s get started.

The Lusts

Beginning on a high note. let’s talk about the Lusts!

New Urban Decay Lusts Spring/Summer 2017


On a whole, I want to talk about how cool the Jean-Michel Basquiat collection was, which is already marked down to I think 30 percent off. While I don’t want everything in the collection, I want the whole collection just to have it. Alas, I picked a few pieces in the collection that I really thought were special and still hope to get my hands on before they sell out. The packaging on the collection is really something. The fact you can hang the palettes on the wall as well as the box if you got the set to create your own gallery wall with the artwork is really thoughtful and you can tell this collection wasn’t half-assed like some limited sets seem. I feel like UD put love into the collection.

I thought the lipstick shades Abstract (the taupe brown) and Epigram (terracotta) looked lovely. I didn’t think a whole lot of them until I saw Mallory1712 and Cora from Vintage or Tacky do lip swatches. They aren’t the most unique shades in the world and I probably have something in my collection almost just like it but I still want them.

I really really need the Jean-Michel Basquiat 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Anatomy. That is truly a uniquely wonderful shade for eyeliner. Like Cora said, it’s the color you didn’t know you wanted.  I also really dig the shade Post-Punk but forgot to add it to the collage. Also in the Jean-Michel Basquiat collection is the Gallery Blush Palette. I don’t usually care THAT much about blush palettes but this one is calling my name. I like the rosy pink tones. The bronzer and highlight I could live without.

 A few other new launches from Urban Decay that I am really interested is the new Naked Skin The Illuminizer Translucent Pressed Beauty Powder. “A pressed illuminating powder that’s infused with synthetic white sapphires for a multidimensional, radiant finish” how magical does that sound?  And those Vice Special Effects Lip Topcoats.  Shut up and take my money. What a time to be alive. LOL!

Naked Heat
And OMFG! I need dis! I know I know, it looks like every other palette right now. I know, but I WANT it! LOL.

 The Busts

Urban Decay Busts Spring\Summer 2017

Again, no shade intended, These are just products I am not that into for one reason or another.

Despite the Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection being awesome, especially if you are a makeup or art collector but the actual eyeshadow in the palettes I could live without. They are pretty but I have shadows almost just like the ones in the “Gold Griot” palette. The “Tenant” palette is unique and I like the green in it but it’s just not a palette I would reach for often. It is very pretty though. The 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Vivid. Blah! I really hate that shade of blue. I put the other lipstick on the list here but I am back and forth on it. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. I bet if I got it I would fall head over feet for it. I honestly flip-flopped on the palettes a lot and talked myself out of them.

The  Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter, it’s gotten great reviews among the pale gal community and looks lovely. The only reason I am passing on it at the moment is I have WAY too many contour palettes and the brush looks kind of clumsy. The fan brush end looks very flimsy.

I am confused on why the Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin is being marketed as new. I have used this one before and HATED it. It made my eyelids look 20 + years older than they are. It emphasized every crease and crinkle and left them with a crepey dry texture. Hard pass. I’m not a huge fan of the original primer potion either but I do like the Anti-Aging one.

Who else feels like the Velvetizer is kind of gimmicky? A loose powder to mix into your foundation? I don’t feel like that could go well, especially for dry skin type. I guess because everyone else is launching a loose setting powder they had to make theirs stand out somehow. I like the name though. I want to investigate this further but my first impression is a pass.

Lastly, their new skin care range, Just not that into it for the price point. Again, it feels gimmicky and like nothing special. Hard pass there.  The only mention I have seen of it is because bbloggers have gotten as PR.

Have you tried any of these products? Should I check any of my Bust out after all? Let me know your thoughts below.


I’ll see ya’ll Monday!

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16 thoughts on “Urban Decay | New Launches Lusts & Busts | Spring\Summer 2017

  1. The Naked Heat looks so beautiful! I have some singles and palettes with similar shades so I don’t NEED it but it’s so tempting haha. Agreed about the primer in Sin being marketed as new…like huh?? I remember getting free samples of it years ago when I got the original Naked Palette and I didn’t like it either.

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