NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review and Demo

Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation

Review Time!  Finally, I have my review of the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation. I’ve been using this foundation for a couple of months now, really testing it out. So if you wanna know my thoughts on the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation, just keep reading below.

The Packaging

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

The packaging is very nice on this foundation, especially for a drugstore foundation. It comes in the cutest little frosted glass bottle with a drop to distribute the product. It feels rather high-end.NYX TOTAL CONTROL DROP FOUNDATION (2)

The Breakdown

The foundation itself is very thin and watery and sets to a velvety finish but still has a natural appearance on the skin. It doesn’t get cakey and it’s incredibly buildable. I can skip concealer with this one even because I can control the coverage where I need it. I am surprised how nice the coverage is while not looking heavy. It’s a very lightweight formula.NYX TOTAL CONTROL DROP FOUNDATION (3)

I have tried other foundations kind of like this one and while I love the finish they never play well with my dry skin but I find the NYX Total Control to be a little more forgiving on dry skin.

The shade range is quite impressive as well. I have the shade Alabaster which is the second lightest shade. Yes, they make one lighter! I don’t think the Pale shade was available when I purchased this initially or I would have gotten it probably.  Alabaster matches me perfectly so it worked out for the best.

The foundation comes in 24 shades, from super ghostly, vampire pale to a beautiful deep espresso shade and they offer shades that suit both warm and cool undertones. Good job,  NYX.  Despite have the skin tone of Lestat, I love when a brand makes shades for EVERYONE!

While the NYX Total Control does cost a bit more than your average drugstore foundation, coming on at $14 for 0.43 oz. It performs like a high-end foundation in my opinion and a little does go a long way.

The Demo

So how does it perform? Let me show ya. Here I am free of foundation. I have only my brows done and my eyes are primed, but nothing on my face. You can see I have a lot of freckles, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation. I did apply Laura Mercier Radiance Primer beforehand.NYX TOTAL CONTROL DROP FOUNDATION (4)

I decided to apply the foundation in Instagram’s favorite way and just use the dropper and drop it right on my face. This is about 3 drops and it covered the whole side of my face. The tiny “drop” is just where I touched the dropper on my face. NYX TOTAL CONTROL DROP FOUNDATION (5)
NYX recommends applying the foundation with a buffer brush launched with the foundation but I didn’t buy it so I decided to test out my two go-to methods for foundation. I did one side with the Eco Tools Beauty Sponge which is amazing BTW and the Real Techniques Foundation Brush on the other side.

The sponge applied the foundation flawlessly, The sponge was damp but it still soaked up a good bit of the foundation because it’s just so thin but I still feel like it did really well.
NYX TOTAL CONTROL DROP FOUNDATION (7)The brush used less product but applied kind of streaky around the nose area but I think that was more me than the product.

I think for initial application the brush is best and then just pat over top with a beauty sponge just to smooth everything out. That’s how I have been doing it since and it’s worked out great. The foundation applies very quickly too because it blends like a dream. It’s a fuss-free foundation.

Here’s how the Nyx Total Control looks once I finished the rest of my face.NYX TOTAL CONTROL DROP FOUNDATION (1)

I don’t feel like it emphasized any pores of fine lines. It set nicely and I didn’t have to layer on tons of setting powder, I did a little under my eyes and in my oilier areas like my chin. but just a light dusting everywhere else.

The foundation wore pretty good throughout the day but did break-up around my chin after a few hours which is pretty typical for me. My chin is my trouble spot. I loved how the foundation sat around my mouth though, I tend to get cakey there because I have deep smile lines that foundation can make look a million times worse but not with this one!

If you do have a dry patch that is flakey this will cling to it but not as bad as other liquid to powder foundations. Like I said, this one is very forgiving.

The Verdict

Overall I love this foundation. It’s not the most long-wearing foundation but the finish is the perfect velvety finish I want in a matte foundation. I don’t like overly matte foundation though.

I love that the shade range is so inclusive and the packaging is luxe. It’s a win for me.

Have you tried this one out? Let me know how it performed for you below!

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9 thoughts on “NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review and Demo

  1. It looks so gorgeous on you! I still wanna try it lol but I hate to wear liquid foundations during the summer here. I literally only wear liquid formulas when it’s cold. Anyway, it looks great and you certainly gave it a big thumbs up. I hope I can buy it soon but I hate how little I know my shade lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! They have a shade finder on the nyx site. I dunno how much help it would be.

      Its pretty damn hot and humid here and so far so good. Its not the longest wearing foundation but its really light weight.

      Liked by 1 person

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