Lust or Bust | Urban Decay – Naked Collection | Part 1 – The Eyes

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Happy Friday! Today’s post is gonna be a biggie.

Since there has been so much hype around the new Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette I thought it would be fun to revisit the older Naked palettes and take a look at the Naked Collection in its entirety like I did with the new launches last week. We’ll talk about if they are worth the hype and I’ll give ya my 2 cents. In Part 1 we’re gonna focus on eye products alone.
It’s a long one so let’s jump in!

So, this Urban Decay Collection to me really brought UD to the masses. Before they were more of a cult high-end brand known for its crazy colors, pigmentation, and packaging. They were the edgy rocker brand that somehow found it’s way into high-end department stores with counters next to Lancome and Clinique starting out in the mid-90s. Their products were inspired by the grittiness of urban landscapes. It was all very ugly/pretty and had a dystopian future vibe.
With the Naked Collection, UD took boring neutrals and gave them an edge, creating makeup for the everyday life but still was fun. The line, in my opinion, broadens their market to grab the casual makeup wearer as well as us beauty junkies and gave the brand a new fan base.

The Palettes

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Let’s start at the beginning with the Original Naked Palette. The palette that started it all.  I believe the Naked Palette launched in Fall of  2010 at $44 now retails for $54.  I think when this palette launched it felt like quite a departure from the brands normal aesthetic. From what I have gathered it got rave reviews.
Urban Decay Naked 1
 The Packaging is the only one like this, done in chocolate brown velvet and includes 12 shades and a double ended brush.  All the eyeshadow included with the exception of Hustle (plum brown satin) and Creep (onyx with gold sparkle) are available individually. 
The overall theme of the Naked Palette is neutral warms and bronze shades with Gunmetal (gunmetal gray with silver glitter).and Creep thrown in to offer some variety creating a nice contrast to the warm bronze of the rest of the palette. There is a nice mix of textures but nothing overly glittery.
So how does it stack up today, 7 years later in a market flooded with neutral palettes? Is it worth buying? Honestly, I would pass. I know the quality is there I have looked at this guy a many of times and swatched but nothing about this palette has ever appealed to me.   It’s a classic at the point and I think it holds a special place for those who purchased it back in the day but if it launched today, I would pass.  However, even with the price increase, the palette is still a great deal if you fancy the shadows.

 Urban Decay Naked 2

 The Naked 2 is was my introduction to the Naked Collection which launched in 2011 for around $50. I recall paying $49. This was the first palette I saw everywhere, Pinterest was overrun with looks and tutorials.
Naked 2
The packing was switched over to the tin palette style we are more familiar with which is for the best. The layout on the inside remained the same and it included a double ended brush as well.
The Naked 2 is far more cool toned than the Original Naked aside from a few shades and Half Baked (golden bronze with shimmery finish) is a repeat from the first Naked palette and honestly, makes no sense in the palette but it is an amazing gold none the less.
All the shadows except for Bootycall can be purchased individually.
Does the Naked 2 still hold it’s own? I’d say so. It’s a great value and the shade range is more unique than the previous one. I’m happy I own it.  I’m going to have a full retrospective review up next week.

Urban Decay Naked 3

The Naked 3, girl, was the palette hyped up or what. We went effin crazy for the launch of this one.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! The Naked 3 launched Dec, 6th 2013 for $52 and sold out pretty damn quick.

Urban Decay Naked 3
The packaging on the Naked 3 is the same tin packaging like the Naked 2 but with a wavy texture which reminds me of sand and rose colors.
The eyeshadows in the Naked 3 are all exclusive to the Naked 3 which I think contributed to the hype around this one and the fact they are so damn pretty in it’s rose gold goodness.  I think this palette is why rose gold got so popular in decor and fashion. The Naked 3 set a trend that is still going strong 4 years later. I’m not going into to much detail because I am going to do a retrospective review of this one too.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky

The Urban Decay Naked Smoky launched Summer of 2015 for $54 bring with it a new packaging material which is stunning while keeping the general style the same.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky
The Naked Smoky kind of flopped in my opinion. It’s a blah palette. If you have the original Naked or Naked 2 you pretty have this one. While the shades are exclusive to this palette, they are so similar to the first two palettes that what’s the point. There is no unique attribute to this palette.
I think if they had launched this palette maybe for Fall/Winter it would have been for successful too.
The packaging is gorgeous and I wanted to like this palette so much, but even on sale, I couldn’t justify purchasing it. This one is a pass for sure.

Urban Decay Naked Heat

The Urban Decay Naked Heat is another story. I think the hype surrounding this palette is like with the Naked 3. Naked Heat launched June of 2017 for $54.

Urban Decay Naked Heat
A little late to the warm eyeshadow palette trend with orange/red shades, the palette offers a beautiful selection of warms. I just spoke about this palette in my Urban Decay |Lust or Bust | New Launches 2017 and like I said, I have shadows so similar to this, and certainly, don’t need it but I sure want it! Definitely a lust.

Naked Basics

Between releasing full Naked Palettes, Urban Decay launched the Naked Basics Palettes. The Original Naked Basics launched Fall 2012 for $27, now $29 and are a collection of 6 matte shades that are great for using alone or with a bolder shade. It’s everything you need minus the pop of color. The first Naked Basics is very neutral and versatile.
The Naked 2 Basics was released August of 2014 for $29 and offered 6 cool toned matte shadows. This palette is a must have for the pale girl! All shades in this one I believe are exclusive to the palette.
Urban Decay Lust or Bust Naked Basics
Naked Ultimate Basics is stunning inside and out. This all matte palette balances warm and cool tones perfectly and offers subtle color options as well. I can’t get over how beautiful the package is. It looks super luxe like, did Charlotte Tilbury make this palette?
The Naked Ultimate came out September of 2016 with 12 matte shades for $54.

 Urban Decay Naked on the Run Palette – Limited Edition

 While limited edition from back in Fall of 2014 was the Naked on the Run was released and much hyped but was a flop ultimately. The palette offered 6 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 1 bronzer, a mascara, eyeliner, and lipgloss for $54.

Naked on the run
I know this is long discontinued but since it was part of the collection I wanted to touch on it. The packaging was gorgeous and the idea behind it was great but man, was this one boring. It was an easy pass for me then and still would be today.
The eyeshadows and eyeliner were exclusive to the palette but sadly not exciting enough to keep this palette around. They eyeliner was really pretty though and it was a good value, I just wish the eyeshadows were more interesting as they are the bread and butter of a palette.
The blush, bronzer and lip gloss are all permanent fixtures in the Naked range.

The Eyeliners

NAKED 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencil

The Naked 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencils are really neat in my opinion.  I like to have the liner that coordinate to the palettes.


Naked 24/7
Naked comes in Whiskey and Zero which are available individually in the full-size format. Whiskey is rich brown and Zero is a soft black shade.  This one is really boring so pass.
Naked 2 is Perversion and Pistol. Pistol is exclusive to the Naked 2 Double-Ended Pencil. Perversion is a black matte and Pistol is light grey with shimmer. Nothing too exciting here either. Pass.
 Naked 3 which is my favorite has two exclusive shades that are unique and match perfectly with the Naked 3 palette as does the Naked 2 Pencil and the Naked 2 Palette. Naked 3 comes in the shades Darkside, and Darkheart.  Darkside is described as a Purple Taupe Satin and Darkheart is a black matte with red micro-glitter, like the eyeshadow from the palette. This one is a Lust!
Naked Basics is just that, Venus is a soft off white with shimmer (I would think matte would make more sense) and Crave which is a black brown shade. Nothing special.

The Conclusion

The Naked range is great, kind of boring at times but I like the general theme of the collection. The names are tongue in cheek and full of innuendo. The Naked Collection isn’t meant to be in your face though. It’s for the most part wearable makeup. Palettes you can reach for on a daily basis and get a variety of looks from. I’ve enjoyed everything I own from the line and even though some of the collection is a pass for me, I appreciate the quality and effort behind it. They are all good palettes, just comes down to personal preference on color really.

Which is your favorite from the eyeshadows? Any duds in your opinion? Let me know below. Let’s chat about it. I feel like in this age of social media and PR packages, things can get over hyped and it gets less objective looking at products.

In Part 2 we’ll tackle the rest of the Naked Range, from Complexion to Nail Polish.

In case you missed it: Urban Decay | New Launches Lusts & Busts | Spring\Summer 2017


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  1. Its been so lovely reading this post! I love the Naked 2 palette & can’t wait to buy the Naked 3, I currently don’t own my own one as I use my sisters haha! But like you I would completely pass on the Naked 1! Your post has gotten me interested in buying the Naked basics ultimate palette too however!

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