Lust or Bust | Kat Von D Beauty – The Complexion | Pt 2

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Welcome back! Today I have part 2 of my Lust or Bust Series with Kat Von D Beauty. In part 2 we are going to talk all things complexion from the Shade + Light Contour Palette to the Lock-It Foundations and Concealers.

So if you want to see what is worth the hype from Kat Von D’s complexion range, just keep reading below.

Primer + Setting Spray

Let’s start out with the face primer and setting spray, two products I haven’t tried from KVD… So I can’t say one way or another about these. LOL.

Kat Von D Primer and Setting Spray

Kat Von D Primer and Setting Spray by annabankesterbeautyblogger featuring beauty products

After reading about the primer I am interested in trying it. It claims to be hydrating and to also minimize pores and keep foundation from settling into fine lines and girl, you know I have issues with that. I’m going to grab a sample and keep you posted on this one. It also looks to have some pretty nice skin healthy ingredients.

As far as the setting spray. I have no opinion. I’m not picky about setting sprays so. If they lock in my makeup, I am happy.


Now for something I have tried. The Lock-It Foundation which comes in a pretty inclusive shade range, especially for pale skin. There are 32 shades to choose from which is pretty good.

From my personal experience with the Lock-It Foundation, I recall it being a very comfortable long wear, full coverage formula. It sat nicely on my skin, and I could apply it lightly and build it. It did oxidize a tad on me throughout the day. I’m not usually a fan of these types of foundations that are full coverage but this one was a lot nicer than I thought it would be. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it felt on the skin. I have very dry skin most the time and this seemed to wear pretty great on me. I would definitely repurchase to have as a go to matte foundation. This is a very pigmented foundation with 21% pigment so if you need a very full coverage foundation, check this one out.

My only complaint really is the smell. It smells like craft paint.

Kat Von D Beauty - Foundation

The Lock-It Powder Foundation has a bit more limited shade range with 18 shades. I think they could offer some deeper ones in my opinion. That being said, the formula is silky smooth and definitely offers some great coverage for a powder foundation.  You could pair this with the liquid and get crazy coverage! I personally am not into powder foundations as they do not sit well on my skin in general so I can’t tell you much more than a first impression on this one. The coverage looks great though and the texture was so soft and smooth. If I had to pick a powder foundation I would go with this one.

The Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush is something I also passed on like the powder for myself because I am not one to use brushes for foundation. However, if you are into brushes, her’s are very soft synthetic brushes. They are excellent quality. I would think this one would apply the liquid foundation pretty well for max coverage.


I do have quite a bit of experience with the concealers for sure. I was originally sent this in PR but liked it so much I have since repurchased it. I have a full review of it and the Lock-It Edge Brush here: Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Concealer Creme Review + Demo #LockitRevolution. 

 The Lock-It Creme Concealer comes in good shade range, 21 shades in total including a pure white.
Kat Von D Beauty - Concealer

As far as the Lock-Concealer, I haven’t tried it on my face because it looked way to heavy for me and not something I am into. I don’t need that kind of coverage personally. However, it is extremely full coverage and will hide ANYTHING!

The Lock-It Concealer however only comes in 9 shades.

Setting Powders

The Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder is my absolute favorite setting powder. I have nothing but great things to say about it, as it works excellent on me. It’s finely milled and super soft.  However, it comes in one shade which is not going to work on everyone. Especially for baking. If you want to read more about the Lock-It Setting Powder I have a full review here: Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Setting Powder Review + Demo #LockItRevolution

Now there are the Lock-It Brightening Powders which I think can work on a number of skin tones. Unfortunately, I have never found these in store to swatch and the lightest shade looks too deep for me so I would want to see it person before purchasing. Anyway, these are meant to brighten the skin, meant for the undereye.

Kat Von D Beauty - Powder

Kat Von D Beauty – Powder by annabankesterbeautyblogger featuring a powder brush

The Lock-It Blotting Powder is on my shopping list as we speak. I swatched it in store and loved how silky smooth it was and it comes in white so I am gonna need that. The goth girl in me is screaming. This one only comes in four shades but it doesn’t really offer coverage, just takes away shine so I think it would work out fine with a light application for most everyone.

In my review of the Lock-It Setting Powder I covered the Lock-It Setting Powder Brush and how much I love it, I really want to pick up the Lock-It Precision Powder Brush because I enjoy the #20 so much.

Contour + Highlight

Another product I have reviewed and am a huge fan of for myself is the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette. Soft, blendable and buildable. I can’t say anything bad about the formula at all. Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette Review and Demo

My one gripe and this goes for the cream contour as well, the lack of shade range. Deeper skin tones are completely left out on this one which sucks because it’s a great product, the powder anyway. I hate that not everyone can use a product. The pans are refillable so I why not just sell an empty palette with more shade options and you can build your own. Not rocket science here. I have hopes this will happen in the future.

Kat Von D - Contour

I mean, look at the swatches on the deepest skin tone… The contour is too light for the model.  Come on.

I do want to try this brush as well, and it comes in a cute little coffin box.

I haven’t had the chance to check out the cream palette yet and probably won’t purchase. I don’t need more cream contours. I have more than I will ever get through.

I hear you can find the original Shade+Light Contour Palettes with the non-refillable pans at Marshalls and Kohls on clearance!


Kat Von D Blushes… What blushes? The Shade+Light Two Tone Blushes were sent straight to outlet stores like Marshalls and Kohls and you can find them floating around online. I think they were never stocked because she swapped over everything being Vegan.

There was a limited release of the Lolita Eyeshadow/Blush which is gorgeous. I had to talk myself out of getting it. I have shades just like it. I’m hoping she will launch a range of blushes again. I know she had some way back in the day.

Kat Von D - Blush

Kat Von D – Blush by annabankesterbeautyblogger featuring Kat Von D


There is the Alchemist Palette which we spoke about in the last post which can double as an eyeshadow or highlight. It’s very small but the quality is great. The shades are smooth, pigmented and not glittery. I do really enjoy the packaging. You can read my full thoughts on this one here: Lust or Bust | Kat Von D Beauty – The Eyes | Part 1

Kat Von D Alchemist

This little beauty was teased over on Instagram! Most of us KVD fans and pale gals will know that the Thunderstruck eyeshadow is a perfect highlight so I am intrigued to see how this goes. I figure they are knocking down the pigmentation a bit and making it more universally flattering. We shall see.

I know this was kind of a boring post tonight but more fun is coming, and I wanted to talk about these products. LOL. I hope I could give you some insight into the complexion products from KVD Beauty. Do you have any faves? Or face products you would like to see from KVD? Let me know in the comments.

I’ll see ya’ll back here Friday for a review of the Shade+Light Eye Contour Palette. About time huh?

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  1. I want the Alchemist palette so badly. I think that’s going to be my next big purchase. I’ve been curious about her foundations and concealers so to hear they work well is good to know.

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