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Lust or Bust

Happy Friday! I decided during the holiday season Friday’s are going to be devoted to Holiday Collection Lust or Bust posts. Today’s post is all about Tarte’s Holiday launches. They are getting they’re own post cause girl, they got a lot. It’s overwhelming almost. So, grab a snack and let’s jump in.

Tarte went with a Moroccan theme for the sets this year. I’m not a huge fan of it, it feels a little dated and like it’s been done before. That being said the packaging is pretty just not my personal style with all the bright colors. There are some great deals this year too.


Starting with the blush sets. They have too many. LOL. Admittedly Tarte blush is amazing. Some of the best blushes are on the market so any one of these sets would be a fantastic investment.

Limited Edition Blush Bliss Palette

I personally think this one is a cute palette of blushes, a lovely shade range to go with any look. For $39, it’s not a bad value and the palette itself is really pretty. These are limited edition shades.

  • genuine (pinky apricot)
  • breathtaking (soft rose pink)
  • graceful (shimmering pink coral)
  • loveable (pink melon)

Limited Edition Blush Bazaar Palette

The Limited Edition Blush Bazaar is a really great deal. You have a huge variety of shades and 2 highlights for 44 bucks. You can’t beat this deal. I’m not a huge fan of the palette’s pattern on the outside but I like Tarte’s round palette format. Also I believe these are limited edition shades.

• whimsical (shimmery gold)
• angelic (peachy pink)
• fortunate (pink melon)
• skillful (pink berry)
• exhilarating (fuchsia)
• authentic (plummy rose)
• endless (pink raspberry)
• dainty (melon)
• extraordinary (shimmering coral)
• worthy (soft pink highlight)

Limited Edition Cheek Charmers Deluxe Blush Set

Check Charmers appear to have warmer undertones overall. I like the limited edition design of the compacts. These would be great to divide up as gifts among friends. Again these shades a limited edition.

  • journey (soft pink)
  • flair (deep pink rose)
  • majesty (grapefruit)
  • traveled (nude apricot)
  • splendor (fuchsia)

Big Blush Book Volume III

Lastly, for blushes, we have the Big Blush Book Volume III. This palette includes 8 full sized limited edition shades. Not a fan of the pattern on the packaging but a $60 this is a really good value for what you get.

  • heated (hot coral)
  • lavish (coral)
  • poised (pink)
  • mindful (nude pink)
  • peachy (peach)
  • rad (hot pink)
  • kindred (cool nude)
  • spirited (champagne highlight)


Moving along to highlighters and a few more value sets.

Limited Edition Overexposed Highlighting Set 

The Limited Edition Over Exposed Highlighting Set is a nice little duo at $14. You get a powder highlighter in exposed as well as the Tarteist Pro Glow Liquid Highlighter.  These aren’t the most blinding highlighters on the market or unique however they are great for the everyday person who just wants a little glow to the skin for work or school. It would make a cute stocking stuffer.

  • deluxe Amazonian clay 12-hour highlighter in exposed (nude)
  • travel-size tarteist™ PRO glow liquid highlighter in exposed (nude)

Limited Edition Goddess Glow Highlighter

I haven’t swatched this one so I can’t speak to how it performs but the shade is a nice universal champagne. I love the design on the product itself, it gives it a luxury vibe for sure. I wish the outside of compact was a little-toned down. They’re killing me with all the colors. I like a more elegant packaging for the most part.

A vegan, custom-press golden champagne highlighter to illuminate every single skin tone.

Brightening Bundle Spray & Sponge Set

This little set is a great one to try out they’re setting spray and sponge for 19 bucks. Not super exciting but a good value.

  • travel-size ready, set, radiant skin mist
  • full-size quickie blending sponge

Limited Edition Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You. Discovery Set

The Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You. Discovery Set I think is a lovely gift for more the guy or gal that is into more natural makeup, especially if they are into a radiant complexion or if they are on the go as this set comes with travel-friendly no fuss products and a makeup bag. This set comes in at $38 and are great handbag essentials.

  • gleam team highlighter in champagne
  • lip sculptor lipstick & lipgloss in treat (dusty rose)
  • sweet tarte fragrance
  • Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in ravish (poppy pink)
  • ready, set, radiant skin mist
  • be happy. be bright. be you. makeup bag

3Let’s jump over to some eye products, which if you ask me, these sets are repetitive AF but I know I wouldn’t hate getting my hands on them. LOL.

The focus on the eye sets are more sexy holiday glam.

Limited Edition Lash Flash Eye Set

First up is the Limited Edition Flash Eye Set which comes with a set of lovely vegan lashes, adhesive, the Tarteist Lash Paint which is fantastic and the glitter liner in white gold. I believe these are all mini but I  love minis so this set I would def be into.

  • tarteist™ PRO cruelty-free lashes in goddess
  • tarteist™ PRO lash adhesive
  • tarteist™ lash paint mascara
  • tarteist™ PRO glitter liner in white gold

Master The Cateye Eye Set

The Master Cateye Eye Set is pretty awesome, You get lashes, adhesive. liquid liner, the glitter line and lash paint all for $28, and it’s all full size. This is a really great value. Yes please.

  • tarteist™ PRO cruelty-free lashes in sex kitten
  • tarteist™ PRO lash adhesive in black
  • sex kitten liquid liner
  • tarteist™ PRO glitter liner in white gold
  • tarteist™ lash paint mascara

Limited Edition Pretty & Purrrfect Eye Set

If you aren’t into falsies this is and love liner and mascara, this set if for you. This is a good set to stock up some staple pieces for $20.

  • deluxe sex kitten eyeliner
  • deluxe sex kitten liquid liner
  • travel-size tarteist™ lash paint mascara

Limited Edition Sex Kitten Squad Lash & Line Set

This set is for the false lash lover for sure. Everything you need for $16. The lashes alone retail for $12. For sure a  great value here.  I tend to only go for lashes on special occasions so this set would be great to have on hand for those special days when I wanna be extra. LOL.

  • tarteist™ PRO cruelty-free lashes in sex kitten
  • tarteist™ PRO lash adhesive in black
  • sex kitten liquid liner in black

Spice Up Your Stare Deluxe Tarteist Eyeliner Set

I’m really digging this set for $35. I love gel liners and aside from a stable black shade, the mulberry, champagne, and copper would make great additions to all our collection I think. This is also one you could divide up among friends and pair with a blush from the Cheek Charmers set. You could add a lippie from one of the lips sets and have a perfectly thoughtful gift for your squad. I love doing that for my girls.

  • 4 deluxe tarteist™ clay paint liners in mulberry, champagne, black & copper
  • double-ended eyeliner brush

Metallic Treat Glitter Liner Set

This is a fun set for a pop of glitter. I need this one. The one thing that lack in my collection is glitter and I am a fan of metallic tones rather than colors. You get 3 doubled ended liners, one side is a glitter liner and one a metallic liner in the shades, white gold, silver and rose gold for $29.


Limited Edition Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara

Tarte also released a limited edition packaging of the Lights Camera, Lashes Mascara which is a fantastic mascara! There’s not real deal on this one, just fancier packaging than normal. This is one my favorite mascaras though.

Lash Delights Eye Essentials

This is a cute little set with a limited edition fancy lash curler and a mini mascara. It’s a cute gift. I’m not that excited about it. I do like that they make these lash curler with different looks every so often. It’s just something pretty to have.

  • limited-edition picture perfect™ eyelash curler
  • travel-size tarteist™ lash paint mascara

Limited Edition Treasured Tools Brush Set

Next up, we have the Limited Edition Treasured Tools Brush Set for $44. This is a nice set of essential brushes and would make a lovely gift. I’m not feeling the pattern personally but it’s a cute set.

  • eyeshadow brush
  • highlighter brush
  • powder face brush
  • blush brush
  • foundation brush

Buried Treasure Eyeshadow Palette

On to the Buried Treasure Eyeshadow Palette. I like the unique formatting of the shadows and I don’t hate the shades because I enjoy pinks and rose tones like this. That being said, it just is uninspiring to look at. It just is kind of blah feeling. I would probably like the palette if I didn’t own these shades in a million other palettes. I could see this being a nice gift for someone who likes simple and easy eye looks. It’s what I would call a daytime, work appropriate palette. You got some Modern Renaissance vibes and some Naked 3 vibes. I feel the layout and shade names of this doesn’t fit in with the Moroccan theme. Like this should be part of the Rainforest by the Sea stuff.

  • booty (nude beige)
  • plank (light pink)
  • palm (bronze)
  • coconut (light pink luster)
  • snorkel (pink champagne)
  • fin (light mauve luster)
  • coin (copper)
  • skipper (deep plum)
  • dive (light plum)
  • nauti (plum luster)


Limited Edition Tarte Starters Skin & Color set

This is a nice little set of some skincare, blush, and mascara. I have used the eye treatment in the past and it was lovely. This would be great for dry winter skin and not a bad price.

  • deep dive cleansing gel
  • drink of h2o hydrating boost moisturizer
  • brighter days highlighting moisturizer
  • C-brighter™ eye treatment
  • gifted™ Amazonian clay smart mascara
  • Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in monarch (apricot nude)

Limited Edition Skin Win Hydrating Skincare Set

My dry skin would enjoy this set too. I love the Maracuja oil, this is a great set for combating winter dryness.

  • drink of h2o hydrating boost moisturizer
  • maracuja oil
  • Rainforest of the Sea™ 4-in-1 setting mist
  • quench lip rescue in shell (sheer mauve)


On to the lip sets! I love a good set of lippies.

Limited Edition Mermaid Kisses Lipstick Set

This set isn’t really my kind of thing. I’m not a fan of hydrating lipsticks as they tend to migrate around on me. The shades are lovely but a bit bland. These are minis btw which I don’t feel is very clear on the website. This set would be cute to divide up among friends though.

4 deluxe color splash hydrating lipsticks:

  • margs (dusty rose)
  • jetset (black cherry)
  • soaked (berry mauve)
  • sandals (cherry)

Limited Edition Tarteist Lip Trio

I am a fan of the Tarteist range, if these were in different shades, I would be all over it however for $15, it’s not a bad deal. I love the formula of all 3 of these lip products so if you like these shades I would say grab it.

Travel set includes:

  • tarteist™ lip crayon in bubbly (pink berry)
  • tarteist™ quick dry matte lip paint in epic (pink raspberry)
  • tarteist™ glossy lip paint in token (pink nude)

Tarteist Lip Bling Top Coat

This is a glittery metallic lip gloss. It’s a really pretty shade but nothing unique but still really pretty, I wouldn’t hate owning it. I like that it matches the lash curler. I think this would be nice layered over the lip paints and looks gorgeous alone. I’d love to have seen this included in the lip paint set in a mini.

Limited Edition Lip Luxuries Deluxe Lip Sculptor Set

This is another set I would divide among my friends. You get 5 double ended lip products, one side features a lipstick and a gloss in a matching shade on the other. The shades included are pretty, something for everyone.

  • bangle (deep cherry)
  • trinket (rosy mauve)
  • gem (rosy peach)
  • pride (poppy)
  • quest (rosy apricot)

Limited Edition Posh Pout Quick Dry & Glossy Lip Set

This set is more up my alley as I know I am a fan of these formulas. The shade range is nice, nothing outside the box. What I would call “crowd pleaser” shades. These are good stable shades just to have. Again you can share this one with friends as in gift bags.

  • 4 deluxe tarteist™ quick dry matte lip paints: valor (cool red), reign (cool mauve), spice (plum wine) & novel (cool nude)
  • 4 deluxe tarteist™ glossy lip paints: eager (peachy nude), crown (blackberry), gifts (deep mauve) & cast (raspberry)

limited-edition pout pleasures lip set

Lastly, for lips, we have the Pout Pleasures Lip Set. I would love to get this one for easy makeup days. I love matte lipsticks in the format for days I don’t wanna fuss with liquids or liners, The colors are pretty basic which is a running them for the holiday launches with Tarte. Basic colors with borderline tacky packaging. I believe these are full size and you get 5 for $42.

  • delight (pink nude)
  • desire (berry)
  • enticing (cool mauve)
  • lacy (deep pink tan)
  • Enchanting (deep rosy pink)


Time to wrap this up with the big palette collections which are fitting in with the basic theme.

Limited-Edition Treasure Box Collector’s Set

Starting with the Treasure Box Collector’s Set. This one I kind of like, The set it is okay. I don’t hate it and there are a few shades in there I like in the palette but not enough to justify purchasing it. The packaging is hella bulky, though you do get a good bit of product.  I enjoy Tarte eyeshadows and all the other products included but I’m just bored looking at this.

$433.00 value

This set contains:

  • 24  Amazonian Clay Eyeshadows
  • 2 x Amazonian Clay Blushes in Perk (carnation pink), Wish (watermelon pink)
  • 2 x Amazonian Clay Bronzers in Navigate (matte bronze), Excursion (bronze luster)
  • Amazonian Clay Highlighter in Wanderlust (light champagne)
  • Full-Size Sex Kitten Eyeliner
  • Lights, Camera, Lashes™ 4-In-1 Mascara
  • Deluxe Tarteist™ Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Grand (deep rose)

Limited Edition Magic Star Collector’s Set

Sigh, this one I really dislike. I hate the layout and packaging. The colors are bland AF. I can’t even with this. This feels half-assed. I am not into it at all. Pass! The layout kills me, the little triangles of blush and bronzer. ugh. Useless.

This set contains:

  • 25 Amazonian clay eyeshadows in new mattes & metallics
  • 2 Amazonian clay blushes in heir (peachy pink) & seek (soft shimmer pink)
  • Amazonian clay highlighter in golden champagne
  • Amazonian clay bronzer in matte bronze
  • deluxe tarteist™ lash paint mascara
  • deluxe sex kitten eyeliner
  • deluxe tarteist™ quick dry matte lip paint in castle (plum mauve)
  • deluxe tarteist™ glossy lip paint in myth (rose)

Way to end on a sour note. On a whole this year Tarte is kind of phoning it in. I’m bored with it. The only sets I really WANT are the eye sets. Everything else is just so basic and blah feeling. Tarte has some really cool products, they are one of my favorite brands in fact. The Tarteist range has really fun interesting colors and great formulas, make more exciting sets!

Okay, I’m going to get super fussy so I better quit while I am ahead. I’ll see you guys back here Monday for a Weekly Edit, been a while.

Is there anything in from Tarte’s holiday collection that you guys are feeling? Let me know below. Have a good weekend and see ya Monday!

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