Bee Beauty | Weekly Edit | September 4th – October 8th 2017

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Hello beauties, It’s about time I did a Weekly Update. This is more like a monthly update. If you have been around here you saw I had some mini updates. A lot has been going on and not much to do with makeup or fun so I didn’t really have too many MOTD’s or lifestyle stuff to post about so after a month I now have almost too much to talk about. LOL.


In today’s post I have I quite a few MOTD’s from the past week or so, some favorites, life updates and pupper drama. So grab a coffee and a snack cause and let’s jump in with some Makeup and Misadventures!

Well, first I wanted to show ya’ll a cool pic I took of the sky cause…  pretty.


The Makeup and Misadventures

Since has been some time since I have done some of these makeups. I don’t recall all the products I used but because I forgot to write them down, nor do I recall what I was doing on each of those days. LOL!

Molten Bronze

I believe I did this makeup for a Karaoke date night with my husband. We hadn’t been to Karaoke in a while and this ended up being a really fun night out.  The makeup was inspired by the lipstick the lipstick shade I am wearing from Maybelline. I think it’s Color Sensational Metallics. It’s the shade Molten Bronze. I loved how it’s a brown lipstick with a purple undertone and has a green shift. It’s really cool. So, on the eyes, I tried to mimic the tones.

sept - oct 4 (5)

Eyes: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance – Warm Taupe, Tempera, Cyprus Umber, Golden Ochre. + Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit – Lucky Clover for the inner corner

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Review + Look Book

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit Review, Swatches and Looks. 

Highlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit – Lucky Clover + Tarte Tartiest Pro Glow – Stunner

Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Palette Review

Lips: Maybelline Matte Metallics – Molten Bronze

Bee Beauty X Dear Dharma

Next up is a look I did for my Dear Dharma post all about Fall Beauty Trends for 2017. You can read that post here: Fall Head First into Beauty!

Feature Image

For this look, I wanted to show off one of my favorite trends for fall, which is purple and bronzey eyes. 8

Eyes: Tarte Tartiest Amazonian Clay Pro Eyeshadow Palette – Ethereal, Glam, Vamp, No Filter, Classic, Whimsey.

Tarte Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette Review

Lips: Nyx Liquid Suede – Vintage

Nyx Liquid Suede Review and Swatches


This is a look I featured in my review of the Kat Von D Saints & Sinners Palette.  I wanted to play with the palette really bad because I just got it, but couldn’t go too crazy because I had to do adult things, My husband had a doctor’s appt. for his ankle which has been giving him hell for the last 10 + years. We’ll get into that later. I just wanted to do a nice makeup and use my new favorite palette so I went with Chalice which is an antiqued gold shade and the matte brown in the palette.

Bee Beauty Anna Bankester (1)

Eyes: Kat Von D Saints & Sinners Palette – Chalice, Crucifix, Amen. + Tarte Tarteist Amazonian Clay Pro Eyeshadow Palette – Innocent, Whimsey, Glam. 

Review | Swatches | Looks – Kat Von D Saints & Sinners Palette

Lips: Maybelline Loaded Bolds – Mauve It. 

Maybelline Loaded Bold Lipstick Review and Swatches.

I was living for my sassy bun on that day too.

sept - oct 4 (14)

After a bittersweet doctors appointment, we treated ourselves to some El Paso!

The doctor’s appointment was good because after 3 podiatrists we found one who paid attention to what Ross was saying and looked past just blaming the pain on his fallen arches or Plantar Fasciitis which he has, but this doctor actually x-rayed his ankle where most the pain is coming from. Turns out he has arthritis, a lot of degeneration, some bone spurring and generally a mess. However, the doctor had a CT scan done of his ankles and feet and we will find out the results and start a treatment plan next week. I hope that a good brace will do the trick and not a major surgery. Potentially a bone fusion or total ankle joint replacement surgery will be needed I think. I read the pros and cons, the replacement seems to be the way to go. The recovery looked about the same on both but the pros outweighed the cons on the replacement rather than fusion.

On another good note, Ross was able to return to work and his ankle is feeling better with the help of some NSAIDs. He wasn’t able to walk for over 2 weeks without shooting pains and aches. It was so bad he had to use my father’s walker from his knee replacement and walk with a cane for quite a while before he could take normal steps without pain.

Anyway, here’s a pic of yummy tamales!

sept - oct 4 (4)


Another look I featured in my KVD Saints & Sinners review. If I remember correctly I went to the bar with the girls to do some planning for today. Oct. 9th. Pitchers and Pints Brewhouse will be hosting it’s first MAJOR concert. We have shows there often but this one is huge. Norma Jean is playing! Norma Fucking Jean! This show is by ticket only bought online or at the door for $20 the day of. It’s all hands on deck kinda thing so I will be once again working the door, checking tickets, selling the tickets, checking IDs, giving out bracelets along with Racheal who owns The Brewhouse. I am super excited for this. If this goes well we are hoping to have more huge shows like this one! Opening for Norma Jean will be Broken by the Burden who are popular locally and around LA and always put on a damn good show so this should be a great night!

Back to the makeup, I was itching to use the olive green in the Saints and Sinners Palette. In love with this shade.

Bee Beauty Anna Bankestersept - oct 4 (6)

Eyes: KVD Saints & Sinners Palette – Immaculate, Martyr, Amen, Sabbath. Rapture. 

Lips: Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color – Mocha-licious


Another fun day here. I went shopping with my girls, Brooke and Nisa at Maurices then met up with Ross for a sushi dinner at Mikados. I ate squid… and I liked it. We tried Ika Natto which is fermented soybean and squid.  I actually enjoyed it. Can’t say the same for whatever the roll was Brooke got. Fucking cucumber. I hate cucumber. It makes me full on gag. It was all I could do to swallow it. Felt like I was on Fear Factor. LOL!

For this look, I wanted to go cool toned and smoky, and gothy.

Bee Beauty Anna Bankester (2)

Eyes: KVD Saints & Sinners Palette – Sanctuary, Heaven Sabbath. + Tarte Tarteist Pro Eyeshadow Palette – Vintage, Fierce. 

Lips: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick – Kapow + Maybelline Loaded Bolds – Gone Griege.

On this shopping trip, Brooke got me this cute choker and necklace combo. I love it so hard!

sept - oct 4 (18)

Looking Professional

This was a look I did last Monday because I had to look all mature and professional. I went to a business dinner with my roomie for her job and it was kind of formal so I had to get all fancy.  I wore a dress but hadn’t changed yet when I took the pic.

The business dinner was pretty cool, saw what her job was all about, ended up doing an appointment with her and her trainer and got some great advice for financial planning. She’s been killing it with her new jobs. I’m proud!

sept - oct 4 (17)

Eyes: ABH Modern Renaissance – Buon Fresco, Antique Bronze Vermeer, Tempera. 

Lips – Nyx Liquid Suede – Disorder 

That wraps up the MOTD’s any some life updates, There are more life updates in here though. Sheesh… Let’s move on to some favorites though.

The Loves

I have been loving this nail polish. It’s OPI Infinite Shine in Turn on the Northern Lights. The color is complex and stunning. It’s a blue based purple with bronze shimmer throughout. I was really impressed with the formula. The OPI Infinite shine didn’t chip on me for days! I need this in every color.


My next favorite was a little splurge on my part. Ulta had NYX 30% off and they had the Liquid Suede Vault in stock. I wanted to get this last year but it sold out before I could and this year I got it 30% off plus, my points and coupon AND there are bonus shades exclusive to the set. If you have been around here, you know NYX Liquid Suedes are my favorite liquid lipsticks so this was a win all around for me. I also picked up a few of the Suede lip liners which are amazing too.

sept - oct 4 (16)

Do I even need to mention this? KVD Saints & Sinners. LOVE!

Kat Von D Saints & Sinners Palette
Kat Von D Saints & Sinners Palette

Next up is a Halloween Wreath my roomie made for me! How cute is this. She worked hard on this guy and it came out so good.

sept - oct 4 (2)

Now for something that’s not actually a thing but a couple funny conversations over social media with my husband that still tickle me.

So he posted this pic of himself after a rough day at work which is what brought on the ankle pains that wouldn’t go away. Anyway. He was covered in coal dust from rodding feeders for nearly 12 hours straight. (rodding feeders is essentially banging on where the clog is with a sledgehammer and a rod to break up the clog, in this case, it was wet fuel.) He ended up coated in the coal by-product they burn at the plant. He’s a Senor LVL Plant Operator at an electricity plant. I knew he wasn’t happy after such a day, but I couldn’t stop myself with ABH Sub-Culture jokes. I still giggle about it. What a zinger! LOL!

sept - oct 4 (11)

Then THEN! Ross turns around and makes an ABH Sub-Culture joke a few days later our friend Racheal’s picture after her 3 year old painted her face. I won’t put the pic of her but it looked like this:

sept - oct 4 (1)

And here comes Ross with the zingers. He has been on a roll with the lol’s all last week. Also this is a pretty pic hint at how much I bitched about the ABH Sub Culture…

sept - oct 4 (1)

So I heard they have “fixed” it. Anyone know for sure? Cause damn it. I want the fucking thing so bad. I swatched it a few weeks ago at Sephora and my whole damn arm was blue from one swatch. Those colors though. I’m gonna get it…

The Funny

Okay, now for some funnehs, because we always need a laugh.

sept - oct 4 (10)

sept - oct 4 (8)sept - oct 4 (7)sept - oct 4 (5)22195778_1905536236140350_4812089641708388631_n

True facts.

The Pumpkin

Ya’ll know I like to end these posts with some pics of my Pumpkin Pie.

sept - oct 4 (3)

How could you not love waking up to this every morning! Pumpkin has had a pretty rough month. First, she broke out in hives all over her nose and feet, she has skin allergies but this time it looked bad so we brought her to the vet, they gave her a steroid and Benadryl shot. I can give her half a Benedryl if she gets hives again they said. While we were there, we did her yearly checkup and her shots. Not a fun Pumpkin day. We also got her nails cut and they were really rough and sharp because she was fidgeting so much. Well, that led to her stabbing her toe with her toenail which got infected the following week, so back to the vet we went. She had to have her the abscess on her toe drained, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. 2 weeks after that it was time to get her fixed finally, so now she’s got stitches to come next week and I had to keep her calm for a few days which is no easy task with a Pumpkin. She’s a playful little goose. That let us bring her home the same day, so she was pretty out of it from all the meds so all she wanted was cuddles for a couple days and now shes’ back to her goofy self. She’s also ready for Halloween.

sept - oct 4 (15)

We are both Bees this year! Wouldn’t you do anything for that face? Lila got her this cute little costume from Pet Smart. The little goof loves it! I have never had a dog that loves dressing up like her. She gets excited when she sees her sweaters and I hold them open and she puts her head through cause she wants it on. She keeps nudging this outfit on my husband’s desk wanting him to put it on her. LOL!  So after her traumatic month, she was rewarded with the bee outfit and a new toy.


As far as everything with my dad, he was doing good but had a couple days of feeling really tired and weak. They reduced his blood pressure meds to see if that helps. We shall see.

On my end, I have been having a hell of a time with arthritis in my neck, shoulders, and hands, which is another reason I have been missing posts the last couple of weeks. I woke up one day and could barely turn my head or move my arms because I had such a bad creak in my neck and from there on I have been hurting in my shoulders and hands. It’s getting better though as it does.

I also have had a makeup gig that was last minute and a bridal makeup on the 28th. Just been a busy bee around here.

Things will be steady busy throughout the holiday season but I am planning to have lots of bonus content going up as well as more frequent Weekly Edits so they don’t run on forever.  Also, Bee Beauty got a makeover! Going for a more gothic romance look around here.


That wraps up this Weekly Edit. Be on the lookout for Bonus Lust or Bust posts and some run reviews and Fall makeup tutorials.

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