Skincare Review | Jan Marini Clean Zyme Cleanser and Skin Zyme Mask

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Happy Friday! Today, I have a new skincare review for ya’ll. I have really gotten into skincare this year and my skin is thanking me for sure.

Thanks to Jan Marini and Brandbacker I was able to try out the Clean Zyme Face Cleanser and Skin Zyme Face Mask to review. I have been using them for over a month now and spoiler: I am really digging it.

For more on how this cleanser and face mask duo work, just keep reading below!


The Jan Marini Skin Zyme Cleanser and Face Mask are meant to be an at-home supplementally treatment for exfoliation that gently removes dead skin cells without hurting sensitive or irritated skin. It’s a super gentle chemical exfoliate, so there are no granules that can be harsh on the skin like with a physical exfoliate. They are intended to be used as a pair but can be implemented into a daily routine.

The Skin Zyme duo is formulated with Proteolytic Enzyme – Papain from Green Unripened Papaya which works as a chemical exfoliate to gently resurface skin.


The Skin Zyme Face Cleanser is a green gel formula with a rather strong scent. It kinda burns your nostrils but it alone makes my skin feel super skin and smooth. I have incorporated it into my morning skincare routine when I feel like my skin needs a little extra something.  I let it hang out on my skin for 1 – 2 minutes as recommended.


The mask I like to use in the evening then follow with the cleanser. You are meant to leave the mask on 20 minutes then gently wipe away with a lukewarm cloth, then cleanse with the cleanser, leaving it for 1 – 2 minutes and rinse.


The mask is a pudding-like green formula that doesn’t dry down like a clay mask. It tingles a little but nothing bad at all. It is very gentle but does the job. It leaves my skin super smooth and clean feeling.



All in all, it’s a great combo for days when I want my skin super on point. It does as it claims. I’m enjoying it, the results are immediate and it leaves my skin feeling great.

The Clean Zyme & Skin Zyme retail together for $90 and $30 for The Clean Zyme Cleanser and $60 for the Skin Zyme Mask.

You can purchase The Clean Zyme & Skin Zyme here:

*Products were provided by Brandbacker and Jan Marini for review, all opinions are my own.

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