Bee Beauty | Weekly Edit | November 28th – December 11th, 2017

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Hello and welcome back! I have been a bit MIA this past week because I have been super sick with a cough, cold and sinus mess. Still not 100 percent but getting there.  Not much has been going on these past couples of weeks beyond being sick but I do have a few MOTD’s to share, some snow day photos and a little milestone. I don’t have dates from most these pics so this post won’t be quite as organized but let’s just jump in!

Untitled design20171203_063934

We have had some crazy weather this month so far. This was my view from the back porch the other morning. I love how it looks like I live in the middle of nowhere when I am actually in the city, it’s just empty behind our home but there will be houses going up back there within the next few years which makes me said.


So I believe I mentioned that I picked up the ABH Subculture palette. I am pretty certain they fixed whatever the issue was because I am having great luck with it and am happy to own it. This was the first look I created with it. It blended like a dream.

Bee Beauty Anna BankesterBIKEIMG_20171202_194629_622

I also did this look in under 5 minutes just to run errands.

Bee Beauty Anna Bankester (1)

Next up is a look I did testing out the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Eye Liner which I have a full review of here: Review | Wear Test – Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Liquid Eyeliner

I did this look a couple weeks ago but never posted on Instagram. I am glad I had it floating around cause I have been way too sick to want to touch makeup.

Bee Beauty Anna Bankester (2)

Then the unexpected happened. I woke up to this on my weather app.


My cute little home. 20171208_07035420171208_070247

And the snow was gone by noon.


The plague hit hard too.

Untitled design (1)

At least I had a Garnier Hydro Bomb Sheet Mask to help my poor chapped and dry skin.


And this little kit from Bite Beauty for my chapped ass lips.


Amid being stupid sick, I did have adult and get groceries at the big Wal-Mart or as I like to call it HELL! I hate big Wal-Mart so much. We have a Neighborhood one right by my house I normally go to.  I did find Pumpkin a new toy. A turd for a turd.


It’s been nonstop squeak party since. 20171208_161430

Oh yeah, and a little throwback. This is a pic of me and Ross when we first started dating 7 years ago! I had jet black hair then and was goth AF.


And 5 years ago I had this soccer mom hair and bright red hair. I am my natural shade these days.


That’s about all I have for this weekly edit so I will leave you with some funnies! I died at these,


Also a preview of a post to come with Dear Dharma!


I almost forgot my goal I met! I’m currently down 20 pounds. Next goal is another 20.

I’ll see you guys later!



2 thoughts on “Bee Beauty | Weekly Edit | November 28th – December 11th, 2017

  1. I hope you’ll feel better soon!! :O I especially love the 1st eye look you did with the ABH subculture palette: it’s so pretty! I never really use dark shadows on my eyes but this is for sure inspiring. Also, super random, but your home is SO cute!!! ❤

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