Bee Beauty | Weekly Edit | December 12th, 2017 – January 1st, 2018

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Happy New Year! The first post of the year and what better way than to start out with a Weekly Edit. Wasn’t the most exciting couple of weeks as most of it was spent sick AF but I did manage to get out a few Holiday tutorials, have a couple of awesome nights out and give myself a little makeover. If you want to see all the Makeup and Misadventures just keep reading below.

Literally me 10 mins ago. It’s freezing here right now and gonna get colder. Down into the teens! It was so cold when my husband left for work that the car doors were frozen and wouldn’t shut.

My skin is so irritated and red from the cold weather. weekly edit (16)

The Makeup and Misadventures

I have no dates for anything in this post, but I tried to keep things in order at least. First makeup look I have to is one from my Moon Green Awakening Makeup Tutorial which you can check out here. Get the Look | Moon Green Awakening | Makeup Tutorial Feat. ABH Subculture + KVD Saints & Sinners. 

This is probably one of my favorite makeup looks this year. I live for green eyeshadow.

Moon Green Awakening (4)

Next up is my Night Eternal Makeup Tutorial. Another one I loved. These picks make me wish I hadn’t cut my bangs.  I received the best compliment on Instagram on one of these. I was told I looked like Barbara Streisand.  That is just the best to me. You can see how I got this look here: Get the Look | Night Eternal – Makeup Tutorial Feat. ABH Subculture + Modern Renaissance + KVD Metal Matte

Bee Beauty Anna Bankester (1)

Moving along to Christmas time, I teamed up with Dear Dharma for a Holiday Glam. In the post, I did a tutorial and gave some tips and tricks. You can view that post here: Dear Dharma x Bee Beauty | Holiday Glam | Get the Look + Tips and Tricks


At this point, I finished the makeup look and then the plague came back with vengeance and I was sick all over again. As sick as I was I was full of energy and got tons of stuff done around the house at least.

weekly edit (10)

And painted my nails a lot. lol.

weekly edit (12)

Finally began to feel good again before Xmas and the weather warmed up once again. weekly edit (13)

Saturday before Xmas we all ended up having a pretty awesome night out downtown. Drink all the things and look like a vampire in every picture… I was living that night. weekly edit (5)Considering I drank all the things including Michelob Ultras, Southern Comfort, Knob Creek and Red Bull, and an Irish Car Bomb I didn’t have a hangover. Christmas Eve was spent at home, my dad came by to visit and the rest of the night was just me and Ross being lazy and I did a thing… BANGS!

Had an impulse and some scissors and I followed Jenna Marbles’ example. maxresdefault

weekly edit (14)tenor

Day after Christmas we went and saw the new Star Wars! I enjoyed it. This is the makeup I wore that day using the ABH Subculture Palette and NYX liquid suede in downtown beauty.weekly edit (2)

Then within the odd time between Xmas and New Years, I didn’t do much beyond posting my NYE Makeup Tutorial. nye 2017 (4)

And had one day of just simple makeup while I did some grocery shopping and errands.

weekly edit (15)

I also had the opportunity to work with Neutrogena on some skincare posts on Instagram.

weekly edit (5)

Lastly for the Makeup and Misadventures was NYE which we celebrated on Saturday instead of Sunday. It was a pretty damn good night. Here’s the makeup I wore that evening. ABH Modern Renaissance, KVD Saints & Sinners, and Stila Magnificent Metals in Kitten Karma on the eyes and BH Cosmetics Metallic Liquid Lipstick Amber paired with Smashbox Metallic Red Liquid Lipstick.

weekly edit (3)

The Eats

For the first time in my life, I baked something from scratch. Now I can cook meals from scratch to problem but baking just isn’t my thing but I successfully made Keto Cheese Cake Brownies. I was so proud of myself.

weekly edit (11)

The Past

A couple cute memories came up on Facebook. This first one is from one of me and Ross’s first dates. We dressed up super fancy, went to a bougie Italian restaurant and then hit the bar for karaoke.

weekly edit (7)

This next one was a couple years later. We spent a weekend in Lake Charles.

weekly edit (1)

The Funny

Just the one.

weekly edit (8)

The Pumpkin

Just Punk, being a cute baby.

weekly edit (1)

She was sitting in a dining chair watching me clean up after dinner. Silly girl. She’ll sit on the table too.weekly edit (2)

The Future

And now for some 2018 inspiration!

weekly edit (3)weekly edit (4)

I hope everyone has an amazing start to their New Year and stay Fabulous Sweetie Darling! I’ll see ya’ll Wednesday with a new review!

weekly edit (6)

Moon Green Awakening (5)Get the Look | Moon Green Awakening | Makeup Tutorial Feat. ABH Subculture + KVD Saints & SinnersAdd heading (5)Review | BITE BEAUTY Agave Kisses SetDarkness & HopeGet the Look | Night Eternal – Makeup Tutorial Feat. ABH Subculture + Modern Renaissance + KVD Metal Mattefeature imageDear Dharma x Bee Beauty | Holiday Glam | Get the Look + Tips and Tricksnye 2017 (1)Get the Look | New Year’s Eve – Makeup Tutorial feat. Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette.

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