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Best of 2017 (15)

Welcome back! Today I have my conclusion of my 2017 favorites. We have covered everything from Skincare to Beauty, and in today’s post, we are talking lifestyle and entertainment.

Let’s get started.


Music is my biggest inspiration when it comes to anything in life. Songs and sound inspire almost every makeup look I do which is something you have probably noticed if you have been around here for a while.

I didn’t love a whole lot of “new” music in 2017. I really got into a lot of New Wave and early 90’s metal and we would be here all day if I got into that so let’s just talk about the new and stuff I discovered just last year.

Untitled design (3)

Puddles Pity Party. This 6 ft something sad clown grabbed me by my soul with his operatic voice with his popular music covers but his covers of songs like Hurt by Nine Inch Nails and Ship Song by Nick Cave sealed the deal. I have never heard a cover of Hurt like his. It will rip your heart out.

Lana Del Rey’s Lust for Life. This album is fucking fantastic. Lana can do no wrong in my book.

AFI’s The Blood Album. This album brought me so much joy. AFI managed to encompass sound in the album that spans their entire career while bringing something new to the table. I have passionately loved AFI for a good 15 years and still, they make music that I feel in my soul and grabs me by the heart. I loved this album so much I did a makeup tutorial inspired by the song Snow Cats. Check that out here:

Snow cats Snow Cats – Makeup Tutorial Inspired by AFI feat. Kat Von D Beauty

Dreamcar. Davey Havok of AFI and No Doubt’s supergroup came together and made a vaporwave soundtrack that is perfectly poppy with deeper meanings. I love the album all around.

The Weeknd. I ventured into some pop music last year through Lana Del Rey and fell in love with The Weeknd.

I also had a moment with some Kayne West songs. Things got pretty eclectic around here. Kanye’s songs are so creatively arranged. Even if you don’t like Hip Hop, you have to appreciate the creativity.

Die Antwoord. I have loved them for quite some time but the single Banana Brain just makes me happy.

Lastly for music I have a guilty pleasure, Harry Styles – Sign of the Times. That’s a fucking good song.

Honorable mention to Lady Gaga’s Joanne. I liked it but didn’t get obsessed like I did with her previous albums.


I didn’t see many movies this past year. I chose to only go see the ones that I REALLY wanted to see. Here are my top favorites.

Untitled design

You can tell I really like Sci-fi and Cyberpunk. I’m not passionate enough about movies to do a whole review of each one. I loved them all enough to want to own them and re-watch them which isn’t something I tend to do.



This section will be short, not that I don’t read but because I tore through so many books this year I can’t even name them. I’ll read anything Sci-Fi. My favorite genre has been Cyberpunk Noir.


I watch a ton of TV, or listen to it rather while I work and I found quite a few series’ I loved in 2017.

Untitled design (1)Untitled design (2)

Will & Grace - Season 1

I have a wide range of loves with TV. I love sitcoms, dramas and everything in between. This are the ones I looked forward to watching in 2017. There other shows I love but these are just the ones I found in 2017.


YouTube has become something I watch more than anything and I found tons of new channels this year and look forward to all their new content.

Untitled design (4)

As far as beauty channels, I follow so many! These are the ones I found in 2017 and became obsessed.

I have followed Coffee Break with Dani for years, I’m including her because she started Vlogging and I look forward to her vlogs every week. We have such different lifestyles and I don’t relate to her on that level but I love her personality so much and I love seeing how her life is. I learn from her and get inspired by her.

Unlike Coffee Break with Dani, Mallory 1712 I do relate too, We have very similar lives and style and I love her personality as well.

Tomas Hebert makes me laugh on twitter and so does Jackie Aina and Raw Beauty Kristi. I watch every video and love them. I love how they are vocal on social issues in the beauty community and are inspiring change. They are inspirations.

Beauty News, Those two kill me. They are so funny and intelligent. They call brands out on their bullshit too!

Untitled design (5)

Not beauty related channels. This one is new for me. I used to only watch beauty videos aside from Jenna Marbles. This year I branched out a bit.

Threadbanger, for the lols and you might learn something.

The Psychic Twins because I like conspiracy theories and those ladies are just awesome.

Dan Bell. This man is awesome, from his urban explorations, Another Dirty Hotel Room to Dead Malls Series and his documentaries. I stay interested and sit enthralled in all his videos.

Safiya Nygaard is all around good and entertaining.

Jenna and Julien Podcast. I can’t believe I just discovered their podcast a couple of months ago. I went back and watched all the old ones. I have been a Jenna fan for YEARS and I can listen to her and Julien talk about literally anything and be interested and laughing.

Lastly, Shane Dawson. I watched every single one of his videos. I love that man. He made me laugh, cry and everything in between. Also, he has a short film about his childhood, It literally made me laugh and cry.


In late 2017 I made a huge lifestyle change with my diet and started doing the Keto diet after seeing Raw Beauty Kristi’s video on it. It’s literally changed my life for the better. I am losing weight, my skin is in it’s best condition. I feel amazing. I haven’t felt this good in years. It’s changed my relationship with food and outlook on life. It’s not only made physical differences but a mental one. Anxiety is under control, I have focus and sooo much energy. I am all around infinitely a better person. Between me and my husband, we have lost over 50 pounds too. If anyone is interested I can start sharing meals, recipes and other aspects of keto.

As I say in most my favorite type of posts, Friends and Family have been number one this year. We have had so many wonderful nights out, dinners and fun together through all of 2017’s ups and downs.


A lot is happening in 2018. Big changes all around and all for the best I hope. Bee Beauty will be going getting it’s own domain soon and some upgrades. I plan on working even harder and making a sustainable career out if blogging and being an MUA.  Despite the year getting off to an already rocky start I have faith things will work out.

The End


That wraps up this little series. I’ll see ya’ll Monday with a new review!

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