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Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Yeah, I don’t care either. Since I got a little behind on posts in January I decided to post my Weekly Monthly Edit today. Girl, it’s a long one. We are gonna talk about a few favorites, some motd’s, being sick, adulting and some heathy new habits plus some funnys and maybe even some mushy stuff. Grab a coffee and a snack and let’s get it started.

The Makeup & Misadventures.

Let’s start out with my favorite thing to bitch about, the weather! January has been cold as balls. Unusually cold for Louisiana.

weekly edit january (11)We had so much snow and rain. Temps down in the teens with a wind chill of 7 degrees one day. Are you kidding me?

If I wanted that kind of weather I would have moved to Sweden when I and my husband were talking about it a few years ago. I like the warm too much, this cold is wrecking havoc on my skin. weekly edit january (29)

I have never looked forward to spring so much. We are not equipped for this kind of weather in the south.

The weather did inspire a makeup tutorial I did called In Capricorn. weekly edit january (27)

You can see how I got this look here: Get the Look | In Capricorn – Cool-toned Metallic Makeup Tutorial Feat. Tarte, Kat Von D Beauty, and Colourpop.

Get the Look | In Capricorn - Cool-toned Metallic Makeup Tutorial Feat. Tarte, Kat Von D Beauty and Colourpop.
Get the Look | In Capricorn – Cool-toned Metallic Makeup Tutorial Feat. Tarte, Kat Von D Beauty, and Colourpop.

One of the highlights of January was my 31st birthday.

weekly edit january (4)

We celebrated the night with a dinner of sushi and hanging out at the bar.

weekly edit january (3)Always gonna get photobombed. Also, I am obsessed with those earrings. I picked them up at JCP on sale. weekly edit january (30)

I was also obsessed with my makeup. I will have a tutorial on this look coming up soon. It was the first time I really dug into the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette. I freaking love it. I paired this look with Catching Feels Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick from Colourpop.

weekly edit january (2)

I got a lovely gift from our roommate too! The most perfect hand soap, holder and makeup bag. The body wash smells amazing too and that body oil has saved my skin this winter. weekly edit january (10)

After the birthday fun, things kind of went downhill. I have spoken before about how my husband has been having a lot of problems with his ankle. He ended up having to take 3 weeks off of work and get a cortisone shot plus take meds to get it under control. He was barely able to walk at all but he’s finally recovered and on medium duty at work until the 12th of Feb and the doctor signs off on his work release. That started on January 1st being so bad. A silver lining though was that I got to have him home for 3 weeks straight with me and you would think I would be ready for him to get back to work but nope. I missed him when he went back.weekly edit january (1) I freaking loved him being here 24/7. We have been inseparable for 8 years now from pretty much when we met and still not sick of each other. We even share an office because we like being in the same room. LOL. Before our roommate moved in I thought about taking that room to be my office/glam room but  I would rather be in this room with him.

So his ankle is sorted out for the moment but then I woke sick after my birthday with a cold again! I just got over being sick, and not only did I get a cold but I cracked a tooth from my chronic teeth grinding. I cracked this bitch so bad that they can’t even do a root canal. My only option is to pull it and get an implant or a partial denture to fill in the gaps. I have a lot of dental issues because of the teeth grinding, I break all my teeth basically and have to have repair work done every few months it feels like. It sucks so I am looking into my options as far as implants and dental restoration. I have tried mouth guards before you ask, and muscle relaxers to control the grinding. I have cut out caffeine and tried all the things. Nothing works for me for long. weekly edit january (21)

Anyway, this damn tooth keeps moving and shifting because of the crack and has done nothing but hurt. It wakes me up every few hours because of me grinding it and making it hurt so I have to get up and take Aleve so I can sleep. I can hardly eat because everything touching it hurts, It’s been hell and I had to wait 3 weeks to get back into the dentist to get it pulled. Finally, that will be happening on the 6th. At least I still have dental coverage because my medical was canceled due to a clerical error. I think I mentioned that in my last post. weekly edit january (9)

And I lost my wedding ring… I replaced it with a ring that belonged to my mother which fits me now that I lost some weight. Also, the reason I lost the ring, to begin with. My fingers slimmed down a lot. But hey, I lost weight so I can’t be too mad.

weekly edit january (25)

Finally, I started feeling better and things began sorting themselves out but 2018 got off to a real shit start.

Pretty much my mood for most of January. Between BS and just generally feeling depressed, it’s been a month and I am so fucking glad it’s over.

Seriously, was January like the longest month ever? and was just the Monday of months too, man. February, however, has started out much better.

One thing that I think that has helped my mood has been getting into yoga. I have been following Yoga with Adrianne on YouTube. I never was much for yoga before but I have really been enjoying it.

weekly edit january (7)weekly edit january (11)

I have also gotten back to my keto diet hardcore. I was cheating a bit while I was sick and plateaued so watching my calorie intake as well as carbs and adding the yoga has helped out.

And Ross and I have found a love of Bullet Proof Coffee.

Speaking of coffee I found something on the Starbucks menu that is fairly keto friendly and tastes amazing! Sugar-Free Mocha Latte with coconut milk. It tastes just like a regular one!

Anyways, back to some makeup fun. I did some experimenting.weekly edit january (12)weekly edit january (28)I also posted a makeup tutorial for this look called Dust, you can see all the details here: Get the Look | DUST – Makeup Tutorial feat. Kat Von D Saints & Sinners Palette + Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance + ColourpopDust (2)

Get the Look | DUST - Makeup Tutorial feat. Kat Von D Saints & Sinners Palette + Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance + Colourpop
Get the Look | DUST – Makeup Tutorial feat. Kat Von D Saints & Sinners Palette + Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance + Colourpop

weekly edit january (8)and a little teaser of tutorials to come. weekly edit january (6)

The Funny

The Pumpkin

And lastly, incase you missed it:

Review | Looks – Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture PaletteDarkness & Hope

Review | Swatches – Kathleen Lights x Colourpop Dream Team Lip BundleDarkness & Hope

Sorry, this post was a little grumpy, it’s been a shitty month and I am done with it. LOL! But I will leave this post with a positive sentiment. weekly edit january (5)

So coming up this week, I have a Valentine’s Day tutorial and a couple reviews in the works. I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow!

weekly edit january (15)


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