Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation Review + Demo

Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation Review + Demo
Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation Review + Demo

Happy Friday… err Saturday, this was supposed to go up yesterday but the day got away from me as usual. Anyway, today, I have a review of the Maybelline Super Stay  Full Coverage Foundation. And guess what?! I am finally back in my studio/office/beauty room! All the makeup has been sorted and put away as well as my office stuff, all that’s left is decor but I am holding off until I get all the decor and the new tech.

Anyway, back to the foundation. I saw a few reviews on the youtubes of the Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage Foundation and it looked so freaking stunning on everyone that I ran out and bought it. I have been testing her out now for a couple of weeks and I have some thoughts so let’s get started. 

Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation
Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation

The Claims

Let’s discuss the claims of the Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage. According to “The Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation delivers 24-hour wear for concentrated coverage and a flawless finish that doesn’t fade or shift all day.” It says to “Be your own professional makeup artist with Maybelline’s full coverage 24H foundation. Saturated color pigments provide an ultra-transforming effect in this long-lasting foundation. The lightweight, yet high-impact coverage formula glides onto the skin for a flawless makeup finish that lasts all day. Oil-free. Doesn’t clog pores. Dermatologist tested.”

The Shade Range

The shade range isn’t as good as the Fit Me’s shade range as there are 16 shades. Not the worst I have seen from the drugstore but not the best either. Maybelline has been expanding their shade ranges so I would hope more shades are to come. The range they have actually covered a large spectrum, just not a lot of in-between shades.Untitled design (1) I think you could definitely mix shades from this line to get those more nuanced tones. As someone who mixes shades often, it sucks to have to do that. It’s can get pricey and is just a pain in the butt. If this were a more light coverage foundation I think there would be more leeway with the shades but since it is medium to full coverage, you need it to match.

I found the lightest shade, Fair Porcelain to be one of the best shade matches I have come across in a long time. It’s pale but doesn’t give me that corpse paint look and it matches my chest and neck perfectly.

The Formula + Coverage + Finish

The formula is rather thick and feels very creamy. No real scent.

The coverage is definitely medium to full coverage. It is very buildable and sits on the skin beautifully. It looks very skin like in fact. It’s not overly matte nor dewy but I nice satin. It dries down to an extent but I still feel like I need to powder but I always use powder.

The Longevity

This claims to be a 24-hour foundation. It’s maybe a good 12 hours depending on your skin. If you are oily, it’s not going to hold up THAT long. I have combo skin and I do get some breakthrough oils on my chin, forehead, and t-zone more so than with other foundations. It’s not bad looking, just looks like I need to blot a bit. I would say this one would be a great foundation for those of us with drier skin types who want a full coverage.

At the end of a long day, it was breaking up around my forehead and chin. I usually don’t encounter that with my forehead but my chin always gets oily and is the first to go. Still, I didn’t mind it because the finish is so nice for most of the day anyway.

The Demo + Thoughts

I want to start by telling you a bit about my skin before we get into the demo. Currently, it is on the dryer more sensitive side with the winter being so cold this year. I have hyperpigmentation, freckles, and rosacea as you can see.  My chin tends to be my oiliest part of my face. 20180221_013459

I just picked these beauty sponges up from Sonia Kashuk so that’s what I used to apply the foundation in this demo. The sponge was slightly damp. I also have applied a silicone based primer. I think I used the one from Studio Gear.


Here’s the foundation just applied with no concealer yet. You can still see my freckles and skin. I could build it up more but I find a lighter hand with foundation works best for my skin and what I would recommend to anyone. Less is more in most cases and spot conceal where needed.


The foundation really evens out my skin though and still looks like my skin. It feels super light and doesn’t look heavy at all.

Here is a closer look.


I am really happy with the coverage and finish of the foundation. It’s the most natural looking full coverage foundation I have tried. I haven’t encountered any cakeyness regardless of the primer I use or how I apply it. I do prefer a sponge.

The Finished Look + Verdict

Untitled design

Like I said, this is the most natural looking full coverage foundation I have tried. It doesn’t look or feel like a mask at all. It looks like perfected skin and the shade match is spot on. I really like this foundation a lot despite having to powder later in the day. This foundation played great with my skin on really dry days as well.

The Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation retails for around $11.99 but it’s drugstore so catch a sale. I found it on Amazon here: for $9.99! I’m just sayin.

That’s it for this review? Have you tried it? Also, let me know your favorites below in comments.

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