Makeup of the Day | March 5th – 15th 2018

MOTD.pngHey ya’ll! I have quite a few new followers here on Bee Beauty so I want to give a super warm Hello and Welcome to Bee Beauty and thank you for subscribing to my blog. I am so happy to see all the new faces around these parts.

Anyway, today’s post is more of just a catch up rather than a makeup of the day as I haven’t done any super cool makeup these past weeks. Well, there is one MOTD. However, I have some misadventures to share, some yummy foods and various bits and bobs like finally getting a real haircut and my Pumpkin being a little model. Also some more studio progress!

Let’s jump in!

I want to start off this post with an accomplishment. I hit 3,500 followers on my IG. I’m tickled about that as well as the growth here on Bee Beauty lately all thanks to Twitter. Twitter is where it’s at these days. Anyway, if you aren’t following me on IG here is my link: @anna_bankester_bee_beauty


This month also marked when Ross and I got engaged 6 years ago. We have been together 8 and married 2. I put that ring on and didn’t take it off until I got my wedding ring.


The rest of these past two weeks have been pretty busy so makeup has been quick and simple and I was still getting ready in my kitchen because the studio wasn’t quite done. I was waiting to get the glass for the surfaces done so I wouldn’t scratch the desk up.


Iced Coffee and To Do Lists. The life of a beauty blogger really. I had to get some stuff done before deadlines so most my time was spent working when I wasn’t out and about.


Speaking of out and about. We did a lot of shopping recently, mostly for the studio.


I finally broke down and bought a new bra at Victoria’s Secret. Mine were either too big or just beat the fuck up. I have lost quite a bit of weight and ya know the boobs are the first place to go. LOL! I’m a 36 C at VS now so, in reality, I am a 34 B cause you know they run small but they are the best fits I have found for my body. Especially this one, It’s soo comfy. I can wear it all day with no aggravation. I really would like to pick this one up in a couple more colors because they had a gorgeous dusty pink shade and a cranberry red. The staff at my VS fucking suck though.


If you saw my insta stories, you know we went out to a karaoke night last week. It has been forever. I don’t sing but my husband loves it and he sings great. We have gone to karaoke together since we started dating almost every Thursday but we hadn’t been able to go as much, hopefully, that little rut is over and we can go at least twice a month because it is so fun.

Anyway, I just did a simple monochromatic look using the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette


The came last Friday which was super shopping day at the Targets. I stocked up on all the basics for my wardrobe which I will show in a haul next week. I went HAM.


Ross and I ended up going to dinner that evening at Outback and ended up going back to Target and picking out everything else for the studio and some chairs for the living room. We have been out without chairs for a year in the living room because we just couldn’t find the perfect ones.


But yeah, the studio is almost finished. Just waiting on new electronics and then I can add the finishing touches and do a studio tour. I am so excited.


I also got a new Galaxy S3 Tablet with the pen and keyboard case. This thing is amazing! I can edit and write, do everything from this guy and it fits in my purse.  I highly recommend this set up if you are in the market for a tablet. The color on the Galaxy S3 is stunning. Beats the hell out of my laptop. I just finished transporting my files over to an external hard drive so I can swap over to my husband’s old computer, his new one comes today I think and I am giving my laptop to our friend.


We spent last weekend with Ross’s family outside Lake Charles… way outside Lake Charles. Pumpkin had a blast running all over the yard. Look at her walking with her Hoomie.


I spotted this adorable picture of Ross on the shelf while I was going over to the couch. How cute was he?!


So while we were at his parent’s house, his sister who is a hairdresser came over and gave me a haircut. I real haircut and I love it. My hair feels so much better. It was getting so ratty at the ends. It hurt cutting it off because it was so long but it looks so much better.


The Pumpkin has her some great times with her new toy and bed, she was worn out after her trip though.


Heckin good pupper.


That wraps up my last couple of weeks, been a lot of go go go and more to come. I am looking forward to a fun weekend celebrating St. Pat’s. I had a touch of food poisoning thanks to Applebees I think earlier this week, tummy is still not quite right but it’s better. It better get right cause I got fun plans.

I’m gonna leave you guys with some funnys as usual because these are memes that make me laugh this week.

This one is a classic


Fast forward to me this coming Saturday.



This is so true.


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