Makeup of the Day | March 17th – 19th, 2018 – St. Patrick’s Day Weekend.

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Yet another MOTD, this one entails a couple of looks and some St. Pat’s shenanigans. It was an eventful weekend and here it is Tuesday night and I am still tired out. LOL. I ended up just taking Monday off and binge-watching The Crown, still am binge-watching but I need to get to work. I figure this is the best way to get back into the swing of things. So if you wanna see what I got into St. Pat’s weekend and all the makeup looks, just keep reading below.

Give me all the naps. All I have wanted to do since Saturday was sleep as the hangover was vicious and the lady times are approaching I feel. That’s the only downside to a wild night out is the recovery time. The older I get, the longer it gets.

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Enough complaining about hangovers and let’s get into some makeup. This the look I posted on St. Pat’s but I actually did it the day before just for fun as I had no plans for Friday beyond playing in makeup and making sure my new lighting was set up properly in the studio. Speaking of the studio, it is completely finished! Ross and I added the finishing touches this evening with some new wall art. Anyway, the makeup.

st pats (12)st pats (10)

I did this look using the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk for the matte shades and the Kat Von D Serpentina palette for the metallic shades. On the lips is Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Ultra Satin Lipstick in Dreamy. This a surprisingly easy look to create and I loved how it came out. If you would like a tutorial, just let me know in the comments below.

The came Saturday. St Patrick’s Day which is a pretty big deal here in LA these days. A lot of us are of Irish descent. You would be hard-pressed to find some non-Irish in my family tree. St Pat’s is an all day/all night event. Let me show you the makeup first and then the rest.

st pats (11)st pats (13)st pats (16)

I wanted to wear my new camo shirt so I matched my eyes to it. I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture for the eyeshadow and first went with Colourpop x Ilovesarahii Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Softii. I love this lip color.

st pats (2)

However, I knew it was going to be a long day and went back to the Dreamy shade from the day before paired with a gloss for a lower maintenance lip.

st pats (3)

Poorly done, OOTD!

st pats (1)

So here is how the day began at 3pm with an annual Crawfish Boil that I stayed at until about 7:30.

st pats (1)

And the drinking began with jello shots and fireball.

st pats (5)

A brief stop at home to freshen up and on to The Brewhouse where everyone was singing Irish folk songs.

st pats (8)

And the crazy began.

st pats (6)st pats (7)

Mojo Killjoy played a set which was a blast as always.

st pats (2)

Ross got to sing with them.

st pats (3)

As did my BFF Brooke, twice I believe. Things got a bit blurry. st pats (4)

But we had a lot of fun!

st pats (9)

A lot of fun… Until 5 am in fact.

st pats (17)

I have no memory of getting home, changing into PJ’s and taking off my jewelry, doing my whole night time routine before literally passing out on the concrete floor in the bedroom until my husband put me in bed were I awoke with a headache from hell and possibly still a little drunk at 1pm with a text from my sister saying “Wakey wakey drunky, I’m hungry” so after about an hour of just trying to get dressed I managed and we headed to the mall so she could pick out dress clothes. We stopped by the food court for lunch where I got about 5 bites of some bourbon chicken before I had to fight the urge to puke.  Did I mention I did ALOT of jello shots, like a lot. Anyway, the food settled my tummy as well as a soda and I felt human again. I sacked out around 8 that evening after a day at the mall and Sam’s Club only to be woken up every so long in a panic then it started storming and Pumpkin was in a panic, so awake we were again. We hung out until Ross was ready for bed at 2 am and I finally slept real sleep. However, I had crazy vivid and gory nightmares ALL night and morning until I got up. I mean hella disturbing stuff. Anyway, today I slept until 5 pm, ate leftover pizza from my hangover pizza binge and finished off the studio after some grocery shopping. Still drowsy but no more hangover and no more hella drinking for a while. As fun as it was, the next days suck balls.  This though was one of the few hangovers that were worth it because I was having a blast. I am a very lovey drunk these days apparently.  Who even is she?

Okay, I am going back to The Crown and tomorrow I will have a new tutorial up. I’ll leave you as always with a laugh and let me know in the comments what you did for St. Pats?

st pats (8)st pats (6)

Every damn day.

st pats (5)

If that picture wasn’t every child’s b-day in the south, I don’t know what is.

st pats (4)

Not a funny, but I just really liked this picture.

st pats (7)

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  1. Your St. Patrick’s day looks like a lot of fun:) I love the metallic green shade you used, don’t know this brand would look it up. been wondering what you use for liner.


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