Makeup of the Day | March 28th – 29th, 2018 – Shopping, Makeup, and Reflections.


Happy Easter Weekend. Two posts in one day? Yep, call me productive AF. And I am blogging on the go for the first time at the bar, Get two birds stoned at once am I right? This was gonna be a fairly serious MOTD but now I am in a silly mood and totally out of the funk from earlier this week.


This meme pretty much sums it up.

Anyway, I do have a couple MOTD’s to share and some cool things that happened this week so let’s get into to this.

Untitled design (6)

As I mentioned in my last MOTD I was in a hella funk and just plain mopey. Makeup came to the rescue though. I sat down and did makeup every day and focused on blogging. The makeup process is very meditative for me and seems to always help when I am feeling down or at least helps me pass the time and focus on something other than wallowing in whatever I have gotten caught up in mentally. Blogging, on the other hand, requires more thought and focus, Usually, when I am feeling bad I take a day or two off from it but I found this week that it was the best way for me to clear out the cobwebs and feel good. I felt productive. When I wasn’t working on makeup stuff and blog stuff I focused on tidying up the house. I just kept myself busy and didn’t take “depression naps” and act like a ghost like I did all last weekend.

Another thing that really helps me is staying on a “normal” sleep pattern. Waking up early and going to bed at a decent time. I feel infinitely better on days when I am actually awake during daylight hours. I’m also pretty certain most my funk was PMS. Every month is a surprise, what symptoms will you get this month? My uterus just spins a wheel and picks.

Anyway, on to the makeup. This look is from earlier in the week at the height of the funk. You can see it on my face too. On this day, it was either Monday or Tuesday, my friend Lila and I went to Stage for some shopping. Just getting out and being social helped even though I wasn’t all there mentally. I was really distracted feeling Like I spoke about in my last MOTD. It felt like grief.

Bee Beauty Anna Bankester

I really wanted to play with my new Huda palettes. For this look, I went kind of simple with the Huda Beauty Warm Obsessions. I didn’t think I would like that one as much as I do. It looks like your typical burnt orange palette but the tones are surprising the way they translate on to the eye. They are more pink and red. They don’t look on eye the way they do in the pan.

For the lips, I went with Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit in Caramel Cake topped with Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Charming. Untitled design (2)Untitled design (3)

Pumpkin was my constant companion this week, So, I created a little monster with Punk Pocket. You have to sing that like the Hot Pocket ad. Punk Pocket is when I zip her up in my hoodie. She stayed like that for 3 hours yesterday and whines for me to zip her up. Cuddle monster. She’s done nothing but play and cuddle all week.

Untitled design (5)

And hoard toys in the bed while I folded clothes. BeautyPlus_20180327145227_save

I got new sunnies, that is the only reason this picture is here. LOL! I really like them. BeautyPlus_20180327145211_save

Wednesday was spent with Ross and more playing in makeup while he slept. I was productive though. We went to Popeyes and got coffee. Overdressed for Popeyes? me? Never, We got home and got the lawn taken care of just in time cause the bottom fell out and it stormed all night. Poor Pumpkin was a wreck, Untitled design (4)

On this day, I tried out the Mauve Obsessions palette. It’s much cooler toned than I expected. I tried to keep it simple with makeup but as usual, got carried away a bit.

On the lips is Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Lip Paint in Obsessed

Bee Beauty Anna Bankester (2)Bee Beauty Anna Bankester (1)Untitled design (1)Untitled design

Facebook reminded me of some throwback pics I thought would be fun to share. FB_IMG_1522153854009

8 years and counting. FB_IMG_1522153823686

Holy bad brows batman. and just all around bad. Good god, Lemon. BeautyPlus_20180328105313_save

On another light note, I hit 4,000 follows on Twitter. Twitter is where it is at these days. I am addicted.


And 666 on Pinterest! LMAO! It’s the little things in life ya know? Screenshot_20180329-075802_Pinterest

Despite my grumpy mood I did come across some good memes. I love sharing my favorites here. Sure, I am using up my storage because I have yet to upgrade my account but ya know, do it for the LOLZ. This map is so accurate. march 27 (1)

I don’t care what everyone may say, I love Kanye. FB_IMG_1521644819948

This one killed me. FB_IMG_1521327633283 1

That’s pretty much it for today. If my spelling is off it’s because I don’t have my Grammarly on my tablet to fix my goofs and no products are linked. I will go back later and add them. I can’t have my million tabs open like I do on the computer either.

Here’s an odd thing though, I am sitting in the middle of a loud ass bar where they are holding a pool tournament and the jukebox is blaring Beastie Boys and I have better focus than I do at home. WTF is with that? Not to mention the random chats and what not. If only they served coffee here. Sure I could go sit at a coffee shop and I live for some sugar-free mochas but I am just not a coffee shop ass bitch. I like my bar and I rarely drink. I drink Diet Dr. Pepper the whole time. After St. Pats I am kind of beered out anyway. I have found a new coffee shop I like though down the road from the house, the barista is super sweet and has already memorized my order.

I should have a new post up Monday as usual and another MOTD post. I’m working the door for a benefit tomorrow, hence writing tonight. Anyway, I’ll see ya Monday for what I think will be a review, I haven’t planned that far ahead. Sunday is my planning day.

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