Makeup of the Day | April 3rd – 24th, 2018 – Animals, Antiques and Makeup


Buckle in, it’s gonna be a bit of long one today. I have been hella lazy about updating my MOTD posts and I have an adventure or two to share plus new hair. Let’s get started.

april2018 (44)

So the day after I did this look: Get the Look | Retro Futurism – Vaporwave/Cyberpunk Makeup Tutorial Feat Huda Beauty Electric Obsessionretro futurism (5)

My eyes were so stained!

april2018 (36)

But it was worth it because I LOVED this look so much.

april2018 (4)

I posted the other day a collab post using a Maybelline City Minis palette. This was the original look I was going to use but I felt like I could do something more exciting for the post but I still really like the way this look came out so I wanted to share it. I haven’t even put it on Instagram yet because it got pushed to the side. Anyway, for this look, I used the Maybelline City Mini Graffiti Pop palette paired with Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Ultra Satin Liquid Lip in Dreamy. I ended up topping it with Moonchild gloss.

april2018 (7)april2018 (47)april2018 (48)

I had fun playing with lighting because I was doing this pictures in the evening and the sunlight was shining into my studio. april2018 (3)april2018 (2)

In case you missed the post I did with Faith you can check it out here: Makeup Look Collab| City Slay – Bee Beauty x Faith Wolff Kuhn

april2018 (40)

I did this look the other day because I was just in the mood to play with makeup and do a pretty peachy look. Some days I just want to play with makeup cause it makes me feel good. I am pretty sure I also ran errands and had a reason to put makeup on this day but like hell can I remember why.  For this look, I used the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette paired with Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick In Ludwig topped with Colourpop  Ulta Glossy Lip in Charming.

april2018 (10)april2018 (32)

Have I mentioned I am into playing with color lately…

april2018 (43)

I was feeling really inspired by all the looks using the KKW x Mario Palette with a pop of blue. Now, I normally HATE blue eyeshadow cause it looks like ass on me. It washes me out but I thought since I deepened my hair color I might give it another go. If I do say so myself, I think this look came out amazing. To keep my skin from looking so washed out I went a shade deeper on foundation and bronzed it up. I don’t hate how I look a little tan but it’s too damn much work. LOL.

To create the eyes on this look I used the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk and pulled the blue from the Kat Von D Serpentina Palette. For the lips, I used Kat Von D Ludwig once again and topped it with Moonchild from Colourpop and Kathleen Lights. I also lined the water line with Anatomy 24/7 liner from Urban Decay.

april2018 (8)april2018 (34)april2018 (1)april2018 (33)april2018 (29)

I really liked this look. For years I have tried to get blue to work on me and finally did!

april2018 (7)april2018 (6)

Oh yeah, I colored my hair. I went with a deep blackened purple.

New Hair

I was really unsure at first because it was so dark but I love it and yeah the curls are natural. It curls now that I had it trimmed up and layered. Ya’ll know I am too lazy to actually style my hair. I hate fucking with hair. I blow dry the roots and my bangs and that’s it.

april2018 (6)

The Adventures.

First up is a few pictures of animals  I got to pet. My friend had a petting zoo for her girls birthday. These babies were so sweet and so happy.


This brings us up to this weekend. Honestly, not a whole lot has been going and so I didn’t have that much to post about.  I have been stuck in Vampire mood which is just plain depressing. Anyway. the sleep pattern has been sorted out finally and I am back to being a productive person.

So Saturday my friend and I went to an antique mall for fun. I enjoyed it so much.

april2018 (52)

The one we went to is called Spotted Cat Antiques, it’s a little over an hour out from us.

april2018 (4)

I found so much treasure but first, what in the actual fuck is this thing?!

april2018 (3)

I mean, I found so much treasure like a ye ol condom machine for the low low price of $500! And you never know who you’ll run into.

april2018 (28)

But really, I did find some cool shit. So much stuff reminded me of Fallout!

april2018 (27)april2018 (26)april2018 (25)

I also found a Mac I can finally afford!

april2018 (24)

A couple of odd things I came across I am curious about. My mom had those two pictures in her bedroom when I was little. I think it’s the same ones. I left them in my old home when I sold it. I am pretty damn sure these are them. I hope someone buys them and loves them. I just can’t buy them myself. I let the pieces go to begin with because I HAD to let stuff go. It’s just really weird seeing something for sale that belonged to your family and you looked at every day of your childhood in a random antique store in another city. My mom also had a cat scuplture simialar to that one but her’s had broken.

april2018 (23)

There were so many old photos

april2018 (22)

And nighties. I feel in love with the second slip. I have some vintage slips myself as well as hoards of old photos. But I really love old clothing and pieces like this. My bathroom is decorated in old vanity pieces and accessories.

april2018 (16)

I also have a thing for old dishes. I collect them.This green set! I have this same set in Amber.

april2018 (15)april2018 (13)april2018 (12)april2018 (14)april2018 (11)

To end my antique adventure here is a creepy doll montage. Ya welcome!

april2018 (17)april2018 (18)april2018 (19)april2018 (21)april2018 (20)

After the antique shop we went to a crawfish boil and I meet a lovely couple of doggos. This one is Bella, She is the sweetest big baby. april2018 (5)

After that, I may or may not have celebrated 420 and we saw a rock show at a bar in town. It was an experience. LOL! It was a good weekend.

That wraps up all my makeup and misadventures for today. I’ll be sharing another MOTD this week and tomorrow I will be posting a Lust or Bust in new Spring Launches. See ya then. It’s time for lunch!


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2 thoughts on “Makeup of the Day | April 3rd – 24th, 2018 – Animals, Antiques and Makeup

  1. I was going to compliment your hair even before I realized it was new. It looks amazing!
    And thank you for the creepy doll montage that will haunt my nightmares, haha.


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