Lust or Bust | Spring/Summer 2018 Beauty Launches pt 1 - Marc Jacobs, MAC, Kat Von D and Too Faced

Lust or Bust | Spring/Summer 2018 Beauty Launches pt 1 – Marc Jacobs, MAC, Kat Von D and Too Faced

Lust or Bust | Spring/Summer 2018 Beauty Launches pt 1 - Marc Jacobs, MAC, Kat Von D and Too Faced
Lust or Bust | Spring/Summer 2018 Beauty Launches pt 1 – Marc Jacobs, MAC, Kat Von D and Too Faced

Spring and Summer launches are here from all the beauty brands and in today’s post and a couple more upcoming posts I want to talk about some of the items and collections that have caught my eye like I did for the Holiday launches.

In this post, we will be talking about Marc Jacobs, MAC, Kat Von D and Too Faced.

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Starting with Marc Jacobs Beauty, they just released some new editions to the coconut range which I believe they came out with last Spring.

This year they brought back the iconic O!mega Bronze Perfect Tan in two shades in limited edition packaging which is white with rose gold trim. The theme this year is more rose gold rather than gold as last year. I’m not one to shit my pants over a bronzer especially at that price point but I know it’s a favorite so I wanted to include it.

Next up, and my favorite in the collection is the Eye-conic Multi-finish Eyeshadow Palette in Fantascene which is described as sensual nudes and shimmering pops and it is just that. Is it something we probably don’t ALL already have in our collection? No, we got these shades 10 over but I like the layout of this palette and the color story. These shades are perfect for this time of year and I can see creating some really glam looks and everyday looks with this one.

The next product is the Finish Line Perfecting Coconut Setting Powder. Now this, I want to try. I believe I read it was formulated with 5 different types of coconut. I love trying out setting powders and I like coconut.

Last is the Limited Edition Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in a new rose gold shade. Sadly this one is a pass for me because ya girl is pale AF and ain’t no way in hell is that going to work on me but it’s super gorgeous! I have the golden version and it’s iffy on if the shade is the most flattering on me but it’s so damn good I don’t care. I use it in the summer when I have a “tan” and mixed in a foundation for a glow. I would like to swatch this in person to see if I could make it work because… pretty. LOL.

Too Faced

Next up is Too Faced. I’m not the biggest Too Faced fan buuut this collection is sooo pretty. I love that they reformulated one of their old school palette and updated the packaging as well as added on to it. Is it beating a dead horse? of course, cause that’s what Too Faced does. They will milk a collection for all they can. That being said, I like this one.

Let’s start with the new eyeshadow palette. Natural Matte Neutral Matte Eyeshadow Collection. 7 new shades and 2 classic shades all infused with coconut butter. I am seeing a real coconut and rose gold trend this year… and every other spring and summer. Jesus, I am salty today. Anyways. this palette looks great for every day for quick and easy looks. Again. I have these shades 10 times over but it’s still pretty and I dig the presentation. I also see it has a place. Everyone needs a go-to neutral matte palette like this which a range of undertones.

Next is the relaunch of the Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Collection with an updated coconut butter infused formula. This palette is a classic and I really love the updated packaging. It’s a great way to keep a good staple palette relevant because lord knows I forgot about it.  To me, this palette says romance and date night and I kind of love that. I like the shades too.

On to the face palette, The Natural Face Highlight, Blush, and Bronzing Veil Face Palette. This palette has one of favorite shades from Too Faced called Satin Sheets that was always an eyeshadow but I used it as a highlighter so I love seeing it as a highlighter in this palette! So you get 2 highlighters, 1 matte blush, 1 satin blush, 2 what they are calling bronzing veils on a satin and shimmer. I guess these are meant to be softly pigmented bronzers. Too Faced makes good bronzers so I like that idea and their blushes are fantastic. I really do want this palette. I love face palettes. I know a lot of people don’t but I do, I like anything in a palette really aside from lipstick. I like options!

Too Faced

Too Faced also released a line of Natural Nudes Intense Color Coconut Butter Lipstick which are ALL gorgeous, these are just the shades that caught my eye. I love not nude nudes if that makes sense.

  • Indecent Proposal
  • Overexposed
  • Throwin’ Suede
  • Girl Code
MAC Patrick Starrr Floral Realness Full Face Kit
MAC Patrick Starrr Floral Realness Full Face Kit

Next, from MAC they released the second collection with Patrick Starr! I fucking love Patrick. This collection is called the Patrick Starr Floral Realness and includes 2 full face kits. One in Me So Fleek and the other on Me so Chic.  Spoiler: they are both stunning!

I personally am drawn to Me So Chick. Those shades are my jam and for $49.50… say whaa. Not a bad price at all for MAC.


Next from MAC is the Prep in Prime Fix + in Shimmer. It comes in Pinklite which is the color toned on and a golden version. I want them both, no, I need them both. LOL.

Kat Von D x Divine Collection

Finishing off this edition is Kat Von D with the Divine Collection. If you are a Divine fan, this is a must. I personally passed on the eyeshadow palette cause I’m never gonna use those shades but the lipstick I am really tempted by.
On a whole, I appreciate this collection for the inspiration and the thoughtfulness. Fantastically done, Kat.
I know she just launched brow products too but I have a review on that coming up and I am waiting for PR shots of the Aniversary Collection before talking about it.
That’s all for today’s post. Not the most exciting but sometimes I need to nerd out and talk about what I am loving and hating with new stuff. I can’t keep torturing my husband and roommate with it. LOL! I have some fun stuff planned for this spring here on Bee Beauty so keep an eye out.


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