Makeup of the Day | April 25, 2018 – May 1st, 2018 Weightloss, Food, Self Care and Pumpkin.

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Hello! It’s time for a MOTD post. I have a makeup look to share with ya’ll and just some chit-chat about weight loss, the food I have been into, a little self-care and tons of pupper picture. This post is probably going to be all over the place because my brain is all over the place and it’s 5 am. Trying to pull an all night/day’er to get that sleep schedule right again. I goofed it up hella bad Friday. More on that later. Let’s just get started.  

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I have really been into tea lately and speaking of self-care. Tea is just one of those little things that make me feel like I am doing something right. I make a cup of tea and everything just feels better. Same with coffee but ya gotta have some variety.  Stash Chai Tea has been my go to. I usually drink Matcha or just green tea but that gets boring. I also make a point to always drink tea from my “pretty” cups like that pink glass one in the picture above. I have a whole set of those with saucers that were my moms. It makes drinking tea feel a little more special. I tend to drink it in the evening but this chai tea hypes me up hella bad and I hate sleepy time tea. BLEH. Back to my green tea for before bed. Before bad is my favorite time to drink it too. I have started making a cup and bringing it to bed with me or to the bath. What are some good teas ya’ll love? I don’t like too herbally ones myself. Wow, I just rambled on that much about tea and didn’t make a single spilling tea joke.

On to the actual makeup. Like I mentioned in my last Lust or Bust when speaking about the Smashbox Vlada Collection I was really inspired to shop my stash and play with some rose golds. My favorite way to do rose gold is with plummy purples. For this look, I used the Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Palette paired with Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina.
april2018 (9)april2018 (30)april2018 (31)

I posted last Tuesday my transformation picture. The photo on the left is what made me realize something had to change. I know that’s vain that it took seeing a picture, not the out if control PCOS and chronic pain. There was a worse picture too. I looked like I was 9 months along with twins.

Oct. 2017

I mean, the dress isn’t doing me any favors either but damn. In that picture, I weighed 209 and I am 5’3. That is a lot on my frame for sure. Shortly after that pic or around that time RawBeautyKristi posted her video on doing Keto so I did some research on my own, spoke with my GP as well and have it a try. I have stuck with it since because it WORKED! It’s the first time in my life that I have lost weight beyond a few pounds. I worked my ass off at the gym and had what I thought was a healthy diet but it was a very carb based diet and barely saw any change in my body beyond feeling better because I worked out so much. Then I started gaining weight like crazy after I quit working out. I was diagnosed with PCOS last spring and put back in the pill. My body was a wreck and it wasn’t until I changed my diet that everything else changed too. I cut the sugar and the carbs and started eating a higher fat diet. Here we are in Spring once again and I am almost 40 pounds lighter than I was last year and I feel a million times better. My PCOS is sorted out, my skin is better, I feel BETTER! Mentally and physically. I never thought at 31 I would be in better health than at 25. I just wanted to share that change is possible, I honestly never thought I would be able to change and be a healthier person. I had pretty much given up. Just don’t give up on yourself and think “oh well, this is as good as it gets so fuck it” and make to effort to change. You just gotta keep trying and don’t be complacent. That isn’t just about weight-loss but life in general. Don’t just get by on the bare minimum. Live your life and try to obtain what you want out of it. My weight-loss is just a small aspect of how I am changing. The changes are mental, I don’t give a shit anymore about what anyone thinks about me for one and that is the most freeing thing in the world and like hell am I gonna let someone make me feel bad or lesser for my accomplishment and what my goals are. I kinda of in my feels last weekend about that and how I have been feeling like I have defend myself or fight off bullshit distractions or be made to feel guilty about my life. Okay, I better stop cause this is gonna get WAY off topic.

Let’s talk about delicious foods instead. I have been watching a lot of vloggers from Japan and Korea lately and got hella inspired by the food. I also have a bestie who is half Korean and she has been giving me some recipe tips. Basically, I am on a mission to create keto Korean food. I suck at cooking Asiasian dishes most the time but I been doing better lately. Kojac Noodles are the best things in the world. They are super healthy and easy to prepare.  Below I just sauteed them in soy sauce and sauteed the chicken in Mongolian sauce. It was an experiment. Just something basic but I am branching out now.

april2018 (45)

Also, Miso soup is life. april2018 (46)

Back to that topic of self-care.

april2018 (5)

I was getting kind of stressed with making sure I had blog post done and IG followers, ya know and having a lack of motivation. This I guess kind of goes hand in hand with what I was talking about earlier. Letting stuff bother me too much and stressing out about little shit. I’m a Capricorn, we like our routine and planning, right? I do best with a routine. Well, if that gets thrown off I get very stressed feeling and inwardly upset. What I am saying is, I need to chill the fuck out sometimes and be okay with not getting a post up on time. It ain’t that deep. The post is going to suck if I am into feeling it or super tired anyway. Quality or Quantity.april2018 (50)

Sometimes saying “I will do this tomorrow, right now I am going to rest” Rest my body and my brain and how I like to do that varies. Most often, every evening when I have finished up my work, done with dinner and chores whatever, even if I just went out with friends I come and  I make a cup of tea, wash my face, put on a face mask, and take a hot bath while watching youtube and just chill out. Another thing I think is really important is having a true skincare routine. Just taking that little bit of time and doing my skincare every night before bed makes me feel really good. Then putting on PJ’s that are just for sleeping, not lounging around and settling in the bed and snuggling with Pumpkin and my husband if he is home and making an effort to let shit go that is bothering me, and just enjoy that moment.

april2018 (51)

I mean, how could you not love snuggling with that. Every morning I wake up to her on the pillow next to me.

april2018 (49)

On the mornings that we get up earlier. She likes her 10 hours just like mama. LOL.

april2018 (37)

april2018 (8)

She is very displeased with me for drinking…



april2018 (1)

And that brings me to how I messed but sleep schedule all up. I stay up all Friday night drinking by myself and had a blast just listening to music. I didn’t love how I felt the next day but it was kinda worth it.


Anyways, I have yammered on enough. I was feeling chatty and I enjoy doing just some chatty talk about whatever type of posts between all the makeup.

Let’s end with a couple of memes.

31253061_1890925994253614_6380818845446108479_napril2018 (10)

And a friendly reminder.

april2018 (9)

I’ll see you weirdos tomorrow.


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9 thoughts on “Makeup of the Day | April 25, 2018 – May 1st, 2018 Weightloss, Food, Self Care and Pumpkin.

  1. Your hair is still killing me dead. It’s so nice!
    I’m glad you’re feeling better and have your health under control! 24-26 sucked for me, so it’s nice to hear that your 30s can be better. So many people tell you its all downhill.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your plum rose gold makeup look!
    Also your before and after photos are so inspiring, it’s crazy what a simple change in diet can do. My one diet vice is coffee. I managed to cut out the sugar last year but I still need my caffeine dose every day.
    I loooove miso soup! I have to learn how to make it one day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I could never give up my coffee, It’s my one thing I have. LOL. And thank you so much. Rose gold makeup is one of my favorites.

      I don’t believe Miso soup is too hard to make. I haven’t attempted it from scratch though.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This makeup is beautiful; the eye look is gorgeous and the lip colour is so perfect for your skin tone. Congratulations on your health journey too. I am about your height and actually much heavier than your starting weight and I seriously need to get my ass in gear and treat myself better. My body doesn’t deserve what I’m putting it through! Sidenote: your dog is utterly adorable!

    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


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