Makeup of the Day | June 1st – June 4th, 2018 – Date Night, Dinner and Drinks, and Where Have I Been?


Feels good to be back to blogging and makeup! I took a couple of weeks off  (more on that later) but I’m back in business. Let’s kick this week off with a MOTD from last weekend. My husband and I had a date night after a stressful couple of weeks so I wanted to share the makeup and outfit I went with and what we got into. Also, of course, explain my absence and some Pupper Pics. 

june 4th (10)

Yes, it does. Things have been pretty crazy around here and makeup was the last thing I was worried about but the stressful stuff is almost over so, me and Ross went out to have dinner and drinks to get relax.

june 4th (11)

Here’s a look at my OOTD. I went with an oversized button-down layered over a lacy cami with my trusty blue jeans from Torrid. I also did the whole fishnet socks and knock off Gucci loafers from Target.

june 4th (17)

As for the makeup, I wanted some classic glam. I used Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Palette on the eyes and Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery on the lips.

june 4th (2)june 4th (1)

For dinner, we hit up El Paso for some Mexican. I had a cheat day and got tamales which is my favorite food in the whole world.

june 4th (12)

And of course. Flan! june 4th (13)

Huehuehue. Get it? You’ll never sing along to Closer again without hearing flan. june 4th (14)After dinner, we went to the bar for karaoke which was a blast! Ross sang Sia, Celine Dion, and Cyndi Lauper. We were living. I ended up having a full-on night of drinking until dawn… past dawn.

june 4th (15)

For real though, vodka and root beer is awesome. june 4th (16)

The last day was spent sleeping it off.

june 4th (6)

Like I said, the last couple weeks were hella stressful. The first week I took off from… life and went full potato for mental health. I was feeling really shitty and burnt out so I downloaded Sims 4 and zoned the fuck out. I hate being adult. The second week I took off was because we are refinancing our home which meant an appraiser came and I am kind of anal and a perfectionist so I drove myself insane cleaning and tidying up. The appraiser was super nice and we will be hearing something this week about what we will be getting then we close. To me the stressful part is over, just waiting. Apparently, I was mean as shit all week. And you know what, the mean ain’t over. I hit that boiling over point yesterday and holding my tongue is over. That’s a whole other story. Anyway…

Amid my shitty mopey week of just feeling all around bad, this lovely woman came through. OctObre recreated my Revel in Your Time tutorial.


This girl, she did it beautifully and it was perfect timing. It was just what I needed to hear. I was at the point of questioning everything and really hating myself to be honest which isn’t something I feel very often but that week was just really bad. Anyway, this just meant the world to me and reminded me of my passion. I had to tell myself that taking a mental vacation is ok and I needed some time to feel my best. I knew anything I would have posted would have been so negative and angry. I would rather get my head right and take a break than put out something half-assed.

Here’s the tutorial: Get the Look | Revel in your Time – Dystopian Futuristic Makeup Tutorial featuring ABH Subculture.Get the Look Revel in your Time - Dystopian Futuristic Makeup Tutorial (7)

Either way, things are looking up and I am back to myself… maybe with a little more sass and fewer fucks given.  Tomorrow I will be posting a review of the Huda Beauty Warm Obsessions and some playing in makeup.

I’ll leave ya’ll today with some Pumpkin Spam. june 4th (9)june 4th (8)june 4th (5)june 4th (4)june 4th (3)june 4th (2)june 4th (1)

See ya tomorrow!


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