Makeup of the Day | June 8th – 10th, 2018 – Night out, Adulting and Makeup.

June 10th (5)Hey guys. Man, is it next week yet? This one is testing me. It was off to rocky start, so much adulting… but I’ll get into that later. In today’s MOTD post I wanted to show ya’ll a couple of the looks I did the last week. One just for fun and one for a night out. I’m still trying to get back in the swing of things because I have been so out of sorts lately so hopefully the end of this week will be better not that anything bad is happening, in fact, it’s really good things going on, it’s just me really.

Ok, first look I did last Friday just because I was feeling good and wanted to play in makeup. I straight went glam to KFC for my cheat meal and had a potpie in full glam. After  I reviewed the Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsession palette I really needed to play with her.  Smoky Obsessions is coming next week. I want to do a Tutorial with it too. But yeah, on the eyes is the Huda Beauty Warm Obsessions and on lips is Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche in… I have no idea.

June 10th (2)June 10th (4)

This next look I did Saturday because my friend and I decided we need to get fancy and go downtown to see a band.  For this look went with the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk. This was one of those days where the makeup wasn’t going how I wanted but I didn’t have time to redo it so this is what I ended up with.

June 10th (1)

For the lips, I went with something vampy in the same plummy tone. This one is Nyx Liquid Suede in Vintage.

June 10th (3)

It was a pretty fun night out and holy shit look at that ghost in the picture. I know I am pale but I didn’t know I looked quite so undead. LOL! We ended up back at the bar by my house cause downtown was way too busy and the bartenders were terrible! There was nowhere inside to even sit and it was hot as balls outside so onward to some AC and food.

June 10th (6)

I was good to have a night out but I was feeling pretty out of it. I ran out of my anti-depressant and can’t get into the doctor until next week so it’s mentally been pretty rough. Between just the side effects of not having it in my system and my anxiety… I haven’t been the most pleasant person. Well, I just have a harder time holding my tongue maybe and hiding my emotions. And honestly, something has snapped in me and just don’t care anymore if I am a bitch.  I’m tired.  That part has nothing to do with not being on the antidepressants. I just sick of hiding how I feel. It’s not healthy.

What being of the antidepressants has caused is sleep paralysis. fever dreams, panic/anxiety attacks. chills. hot flashes, and feeling like I have the flu. Good fun! This isn’t my first rodeo. I have enough of the anti-depressant to last me until my appointment so I am much better now.

I don’t have full on depression issues, but the antidepressants help me with my anxiety which is a whole different thing. I’m not sad at all. I just can’t control my anxiety and panic issues. Which of course, in turn, can cause depression but I’m good on that front. In fact, I am very happy and great things are happening right now. But with big things comes stress and here comes old anxiety wanting to be apart of the show.

I can’t remember if I said this or not in my last post but we are doing a refinance on our home which isn’t as hard as buying a house by any means but it’s still stressful. You have to get an appraisal, hope your home is worth what you paid and that you have great equality. Luckily,  our home appraised for much more than I had thought. The market value increased a lot because of being in an up and coming neighborhood and close to schools and amenities. We live in the city but in a secluded subdivision that is very private, quiet and nice. We have upgraded the flooring so that was also a help. In the 5 years we lived here our house increased in value by $20,000. That is quite a jump for central Louisiana and considering we haven’t upgraded anything else in the home.

Anyway, with the process, we were also required to do a termite inspection and guess who has termites? this gal. Luckily again, it is only one spot with damage and is being taken care of tomorrow morning.

We are set to close next Thursday! Well under 30 days too. A lot is riding on this. This is going to change our lives.

June 10th (1)

But yeah, between worrying if everything was gonna do smoothly because so much is riding on the refi and being without my meds. I have been a mental mess and honestly, makeup was the last thing on my mind. The thing about going through anti-depressant withdrawal is it makes your brain feel like mush. It feels like having the flu. Your head is foggy, you can’t think, your brain feels like it’s trying to jump out of your skull. It sucks and this one was nothing compared to getting off the one I was on when I younger. It was hell. I dunno, I spent Monday and Tuesday just fighting off a panic attack with did eventually happen and going on very little sleep because oh yeah, insomnia.  It’s so hard to fall asleep and when I did it was a light feverish sleep and jumping awake constantly… and sleep paralysis which is the scariest thing in the world.

All that being said, I am good now and things are on track. Friday I have a foundation review coming up then next week it’s all about makeup. Did I mention I am also addicted to Sims 4… I just bought the City Living EP. Dear god, send help. Why do I love that game so much?

Okay, I’ll see ya’ll Friday!

PS. You know what’s good about growing up? Not giving a fuck about stupid shit. No fucks found here for petty nonsense anymore.

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7 thoughts on “Makeup of the Day | June 8th – 10th, 2018 – Night out, Adulting and Makeup.

  1. I love both of the looks you did! I’ve heard good things about the Huda Beauty pallets, but these close up pictures show how beautiful the shadows are! This post make me want to get my hands on them now!


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