Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review + Demo

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation
Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

What up guys! Today’s post is coming a little late because I wanted to test this foundation out again before I gave my opinion. I, of course, decide to do this on the day I want to write the review. Anyway, here we are and I have my definitive verdict of the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation. I have also included a demo in this post as well.

Let’s get started!

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation
Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

My roommate’s sister passed this foundation on to me because I believe she said it was too light for her but me, being a vampire, the color match is pretty damn perfect actually. I will say that it does oxidize a tad but nothing too crazy. I find that to be the case with these long-wearing matte foundations. They tend to dry down a little deeper than when you first apply it.

This isn’t a foundation I would have picked up on my own because I thought there is no way this is going to work on my dry skin but if my skin is moisturized and exfoliated she wears great but this foundation will find every bit of dry skin you have. All Nighter is definitely great for oilier skin types. Just make sure your skin is prepped properly.

To me, it’s worth the extra effort for special occasions when I need my foundation to LAST and look great for an extended period of time because it does wear so well for so long a time. I mean, 9 times out of 10 I am going through the process of prepping my skin anyway. Just recently I started back on a retinol treatment and my skin was peeling like sunburn so anything drying was out of the question.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation
Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

Not only does this foundation wear for a hella long time. The name is very apt, but it looks gorgeous when my skin is not flakey. It doesn’t settle into my lines or crease on me. I wore it yesterday, went out for the evening and when I got home it still looked fresh and flawless. I hated to wash my face because it still looked so good. LOL.

To me, this is a more special occasion foundation because it is full coverage and a little heavier than I like to use for every day. I tend to apply a pretty light layer just to get everything evened out.

Below in the demo, you will see how it does cling to dry patches and that you can get a lighter coverage out of it because I would say this is a more medium to full coverage foundation, you can build it up quite a bit if need be.

The Demo

Here’s the bare face. You can see I have some redness, dryness and a pimple.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation (4)

One layer and the redness is gone, the zit is covered pretty well. I could have covered it better but I just wasn’t that bothered. You can also see how matte it is which I am liking more so than I used to.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation (5)

Up close you can see some dryness around my chin but it’s sitting nicely around my lines. My chin and around my mouth are my trouble spots with creasing because my chin is oilier than the rest of my face and has a lot of fine lines and a bit crease under my lip. That damn crease gives me hell.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation (6)

I feel like I could have applied more foundation and cover more freckles and pigmentation but that’s one of those things I notice later in pictures and not in person.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation (7)

Once I finished the face makeup and set everything with a spray I think it looks pretty good on my skin. A little dry but not the worst. I don’t hate it.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation (8)Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation (1)

Will this be my holy grail everyday foundation? Nope. But I will reach for it when I need a long lasting full coverage kind of makeup. If you have dry skin I would just test out a sample first and see how you feel about it because I don’t think it’s going to play well with everyone.  After using it a few times I have found a way to make it work on my skin through proper skin care and skin prep which really is the most important thing. Your foundation can only do some much. You gotta treat your skin with love and respect.  Me and my skin are always at odds but it’s vastly improved since I started treating it right, and changed my lifestyle.

I’ll see ya’ll Monday for a MOTD post and maybe a bonus mini tutorial so keep an eye out!


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3 thoughts on “Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review + Demo

  1. I have dry skin with dermatitis around my nose. Their foundation I found to be horrible. I returned after trying it. It actually burned my skin. MAC foundation also burns. I used Kat Von D foundation for years- it’s very heavy. I recently decided to try Tarte’s foundation with hydration. It’s lighter but doesn’t hurt! I’d like to know your opinion of Tarte.


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