Makeup of the Day | June 15th, 2018 – Night out and Good Things.


Hey guys, today I have a quick MOTD post from last Friday night. Today I am doing a tutorial for later this week which is part of a toofer mcdoofer. I am planning to do a really dramatic look and a soft glam look using the Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions Palette which is what I used in this look. I am into some cool tones right now and I am enjoying that little palette.

Let’s get on to the look and what I have been up to. 

JUNE 15TH (3)

So Friday night I went out with my husband and our friend to pre-celebrate getting a closing date and finding out how much we will be getting back from the refi. We are closing tomorrow!

This is the outfit I went with. We got kind of dressed up but we just went to the bar by my house for a few hours. I love this top though paired with my dress shorts which I am also happy to wear because I haven’t been able to fit into them in almost 5 years and now they fit perfectly.

JUNE 15TH (1)

This top isn’t the most flattering cut, I think it’s a bit too big but I love the crushed velvet and detailing. Can you believe I found it at Wal-Mart for like 8 bucks? We have one Wal-Mart on the end of town that has the best clothes. The one closer to me has such a shitty selection but the other one is awesome. It’s in the fancier part of town so it’s super nice. My god, that last paragraph… My Louisiana is showing, comparing the classiness of Wal-Marts. Anyways.


I went with a pretty simple halo eye for the makeup. No crazy cut crease or carving out the lid. Just soft, dark and shimmery. I paired this look with Maybelline Loaded Bolds in Gone Griege.

JUNE 15TH (5)JUNE 15TH (4)JUNE 15TH (3)JUNE 15TH (2)

I really loved how this eye look came out. It was super easy.

I woke up Monday feeling a million times better than I have been for the last month. Mentally, I mean. I was in a hella funk. I managed to get my sleep pattern sorted out today too. I ended up taking a nap last night when my husband went to bed and sleeping until 2am so I am up for the day and get back to being a productive human again.

This week, things are looking up. Money stuff will be sorted out, my roommate put a deposit on a place, I feel mentally good again. Next week I am upgrading to my own domain and going pro with WordPress. I’m super excited about that.  I’m just happy to be finding some balance in life.

I’ll see ya tomorrow for another post! Either a review of the Huda Smoky Palette or a tutorial. We’ll see how much I get done. LOL.


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