Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions Palette Review + Looks

Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions
Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions

Hey guys! Today I have a review of the Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions Palette.  Probably the least exciting of the Obsessions palettes but she has her place and turns out I am using it much more than I thought I would.

Keep reading below to hear my thoughts and see a couple of the looks I have created with it.

Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions
Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions

Like I said, not the most exciting palette but she is a workhorse. The Smoky Obsessions has mattes and shimmers that are gorgeous for every day but also like the name says it contains the perfect shades for a classic smoky eye. You can go shimmer, or fully matte.

Inside you have 4 mattes and 5 metallic shimmer shade, giving you 9 shades in all for $27.

The quality overall is fantastic. The mattes blend like a dream and are easy to work with, even the very pigmented black. The shimmer shades work best over a primer, with a finger, or a wet brush. When I want a softer look I use a short dense brush to pat the shimmer on.

Over a base or with a wet brush the shimmers go one ultra metallic and shiny.

This is the palette I go for when I want a classic glam look or I just want some simple mattes for a quick look. It’s the palette I didn’t know I needed. The shades are perfect for traveling cause you have just about everything you need aside from a pop of color but the metallics take the place of color.

The Shades

Let’s talk shades.

Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions

First up is a matte camel brown, perfect for the crease and transition. It keeps the looks a little warm and grounded. This is a shade everyone needs in their collection. This one is fairly light so on deeper skin tones it might not show up super well. It’s a shade I would recommend for every fair girl’s collection. Being pale means looks can often times pull to cool toned and get ashy, having a shade like this gives balance and a soft warmth.

Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions

Next, we have a metallic copper with a slight cool rosy undertone. This one is perfect all over the lid.

Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions

Then there is an amazing molten silver.

Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions

A deep metallic chocolate. This one does need a little more work to get the full shine like a glitter primer or a wet brush.

Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions

Next up, is a pure metallic warm golden tone. This is a very flattering gold as it’s not too yellow or green.


Last for the shimmers is a super shiny champagne shade which is one of my favorites in the palette.

Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions

Back to the mattes, we have a medium toned chocolate brown, perfect for the crease. It looks pretty deep in the pan but applies much softer.

Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions

Then there is a deep matte brown which is great for adding definition if you aren’t into using the black.

Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions

Definitely, one of the best back eyeshadow I have used. Super blendable and buildable.

Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions

In the pan, the two matte browns look almost exactly the same but in application, they are much different as the lighter shade is much softer and subtle whereas the deeper one is as it appears in the pan.

The Looks

Here is three looks I did with the palette, they are very glam but I have two tutorials coming up this week, one shows a super full-on glam look and the other a softer daytime look.

JUNE 15TH (5)JUNE 15TH (3)

The next two are quite similar because I used the same technique but different shade in different places.

june 4th (2)june 4th (1)march 27 (6)march 27 (3)

Is this the most unique palette ever. Nope, not at all. But it’s what I think of as a staple palette. It’s similar to Naked 2 but with a warm transition. The quality is great as is the price point.

I’ll see ya Friday for a tutorial! I hope everyone’s week is going great. See ya soon.

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