Makeup of the Day | June 30th, 2018 – Not so much Makeup as just a Rocky Week.


Happy Saturday. Girl, this has been a week. Ups and downs like crazy and hella busy. Let’s start at the beginning.


We closed on our refi and got the check. Cashing it was another pain in the ass but it’s done and things are getting taken care of. The makeup in the above picture is for part two of my Darkness looks using the Huda Beauty Smoky Palette which will be getting posted tomorrow! Come hell or high water.


Next was getting my scripts refilled and a checkup. I am officially 40 pounds down and doing good on the PCOS front and mental front.


Last Friday it was announced that my favorite bar and home away from home, Pitchers and Pints Brewhouse is closing down. Today is the last day. I am pretty distraught. This month has brought so much change and ups and downs. My sister and I went out the following Saturday together to the bar and had some dranks. Half celebrating the good changes and trying to find silver linings in the others.


I still get gitty when he like my posts.


Monday came along with the news of getting our money a day early. Only took 4 bank trips and over 2 hours to get her cashed but it was done and everything is getting sorted.

Tuesday came and with the refi came a trip to the courthouse for tax stuff now that I am on the title. I seriously hate the courthouse. What an utter madhouse. That place is the WORST.

Also the worst, my dad texting me at 6 am that my aunt was in the ICU on a ventilator and not knowing what happened. She has congestive heart failure so we thought it was that. We wrapped up at the courthouse just in time to make it over to the ICU for visitation hours. Turns out she has pneumonia and is complicated because of the congestive heart failure I would imagine. But we got to see her and she wasn’t the happiest but was awake and communicating.

I get home that afternoon and pass out the wake up with the worst sore throat of my life and sick AF.

Wednesday night after taking sleepy time cold meds my dad calls again to tell me that my aunt went into cardiac arrest but they got her back so my roommate rushes me up there and I’m loopy from cold meds and trying not to touch or breathe anyone. Thankfully she was very alert and in good spirits when they let us back to see her.

As far as I know, right now she is improving and off the ventilator and should be in a regular room today.


My butt ended up in urgent care because the sore throat was so bad I couldn’t talk or move my head much less swallow. Turns out I have a hella case of Strep and am on a TON of meds for it now but am recovering super fast now that I got meds. I was feverish and weak. The whole nine yards but I started all my meds yesterday evening and woke up today feeling a million times better and am no longer contagious so I will be able to stop by the bar for the last day this evening and try to visit my aunt.


Pumpkin’s face here sums me up pretty good. She has been the best little nurse though.

In other news, our roomie is moving out in July. I upgraded my blog to have my own domain and monetization so that cool. I just spruced her up a bit so let me know if you have any thoughts on that.

I’m gonna enjoy feeling better and have a cold brew, watch youtube for a bit and play Sims 4.

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