Review | Finesse MAX Deep Conditioning Keratin Treatment

Review   Finesse MAX Deep Conditioning Keratin Treatment (1).pngThis review took much longer to get out that I intended between being sick and misplacing my samples. LOL. Anyway, today I have a review of the Finesse Max Deep Conditioning Keratin Treatment.

Finesse and Brandbacker were kind enough to send over some samples for me of the Finesse MAX Deep Conditioning Keratin Treatment to try out which I was pretty happy about because I love the shampoo and conditioner they make and the price point is excellent.

Review |  Finesse MAX Deep Conditioning Keratin Treatment
Review | Finesse MAX Deep Conditioning Keratin Treatment

This hair mask treatment has some great ingredients listed and looked like it was going to be amazing.  Infused with reparative hydrolyzed keratin, vitamin-E rich safflower seed oil, and moisturizing aloe to restore hair’s natural beauty

  •  Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein:
    Re-fortifies and seals hair, revitalizing the look and feel of hair while preventing future damage
    Leaves hair touchably smooth and silky
    Improves manageability for easier styling
  • Safflower Seed Oil:
    Envelops hair with essential oleic and linoleic fatty acids and Vitamin E
    Nourishes and protects hair while imparting a healthy shine
  •  Aloe Vera:
    Deeply moisturizes and soothes dry, stressed hair

Sounds great right? This treatment claims to revive dull, dry hair by delivering deep penetrating proteins for stronger, healthier-looking hair. A 5-minute weekly deep-conditioning treatment restores and strengthens dry, damaged hair weakened by chemical/color processing, heat styling, age, and/or environmental factors. What more could you ask for in a hair treatment?

Unfortunately for me, it does none of those things.  The Finesse MAX Deep Conditioning Keratin Treatment just left my hair feeling disgusting. I tried, I really did try with this one but it leaves such a gross build up that I had to rewash my hair the next day because it felt so yucky. I really hate giving this a bad review because like I said, I do like the shampoo and conditioner but this was such a fail.

Review | Finesse MAX Deep Conditioning Keratin Treatment
Review | Finesse MAX Deep Conditioning Keratin Treatment

Here is what my hair looks like after using the treatment. Frizzy, textured in and dull. It looks super dirty.

Even though this system only retails for $1.49 – $1.79… save your money. I have used better hair masks for not much more.

In case you are willing to try it out though, you can find the Finesse MAX Deep Conditioning Keratin Treatment at all these retailers: select Target stores, HEB, Meijer, Winn-Dixie, Bi-Lo, Harmon, Harmon inside Bed Bath & Beyond, and Woodman’s Markets.

I’m going to stick my hair in a ponytail and resist the urge to rewash for the second time today. Do you have any hair mask recommendations? I do have very dry hair and am always on the hunt for that miracle treatment.

Sorry for such a short and negative review but man, this is a bad hair day.

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4 thoughts on “Review | Finesse MAX Deep Conditioning Keratin Treatment

  1. Anna I’m so sorry this treatment didn’t work for you! There’s nothing worse than having a treatment completely fail on you and giving the impression that your hair came out looking dirtier after you wash it! I hope you find something better for your hair in the future, and thank you for this review and for being honest! Great post

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for reading. I completely missed your comment and my husband pointed it out to me today. It does suck when a product fails so hard. Finesse is very unhappy with my review and asked that I not post it even! I told them that my reviews will always be honest regardless of free product. We have enough BS in the beauty community. Again, that you for reading and sorry I missed ya!


  3. This is very strange sine I have been using it for two years… I do not use the entire package but use it several times and the results are great. Perhaps you are putting too much on I love it


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