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Hey guys! Today I have a new skincare review of the Vitamin C Serum by Le Subtile.  While this serum is marketed to men but who cares. I have been in search of a new Vitamin C serum to try out and I really liked this brands aesthetic. Everything looks and feels very luxe. Thanks to Brandbacker I was able to give this one a go.

As you know I have been very sick lately and my poor skin has suffered so a good vitamin C serum has come in handy.


The Le Subtile Vitamin C Human Growth Firming Serum claims to uniquely potent serum blend meant to diminish fine lines and rejuvenate dead skin cells.  The ingredients work together to lighten, tighten, and boost cellular growth.

I have been using this in the morning and/or evening. The pump is kinda messy and powerful so be careful of that. The products shoots out everywhere because it is a thin serum. It’s a little tacky on the skin at first and doesn’t smell very good but I think it does work pretty well. I like the way my skin feels once it’s soaked in.  I feel despite being sick my skin has looked pretty good. It’s been super dry but that’s just what happens when I am sick. Texture wise it’s looked really nice in photos. My skin feels tight and firm in the best way. I quite like it. I have used ALOT of skincare over the last few years and this is one of the standouts.

The downside is that is a more expensive product at $129 which I don’t mind if the product works and I do have a discount code for you guys from Le Subtile. Use code: BB20 for 20% off. I’m not making any money off the code. I think they do have an affiliate program but I’m not part of it. It’s just to save ya’ll some coin on some decent skincare. Also a little of this goes a long way. So if you are in the market for a new Vitamin C serum, male or female this one is worth checking out in my opinion. From what I have gathered most Vitamin C Serums are a little pricey. The price of this one is on the higher end of the spectrum.

Either way, I am enjoying the product and if you are into luxe skincare check it out.

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