Makeup of the Day – Rock Show and Fall Vibes

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Who is ready for Fall? I sure as hell am. Today, I have a quick MOTD post of a look I did a couple weeks ago when we went out of town for a concert… and I am just now getting around to posting it. Summer has been the season of procrastination. Anyways, with a new season approaching and a new month, I am trying to get back in the swing of things.

motd july-aug (29)

Starting out with the makeup look, I used the Kat Von D Saints and Sinners Palette to create this look. I wanted to go for something warm, dramatic and sparkly.

motd july-aug (7)motd july-aug (8)43

The concert was in Lake Charles, two hours south of us so we decided to make a weekend of it and get a hotel room for the night so we wouldn’t have to drive home in the middle of the night. The room was so nice.

motd july-aug (3)

The venue was a casino called Golden Nugget. The view from the second-floor balcony was super pretty until you realize you are looking at oil refineries across the lake.

motd july-aug (11)motd july-aug (12)motd july-aug (13)motd july-aug (14)motd july-aug (15)motd july-aug (16)motd july-aug (17)motd july-aug (18)

I wish my camera could have captured how cool it looked at night with all the lights and fire shooting out of huge pipes.

motd july-aug (19)

Anyway, the concert was 4 bands. Alien Ant Farm (which was the only one I care about seeing) Lit, P.O.D., and Buckcherry. Bleh! It only cost $15 though for general admission and we had a good time because it is more about the people you are there with. Btw, Alien Ant Farm and Lit sounded great. No clue about the other bands cause I stepped outside during the rest of the show. I don’t like crowds. I get really panicked and claustrophobic.

motd july-aug (1)

Speaking of the people we were with. So much fun. motd july-aug (2)

After the concert, we ended up at this dive bar, had a few drinks and got a Lyft back to the hotel.

motd july-aug (30)

I was pretty impressed by how well my makeup held up, it was hot as balls. The next day we got lunch and headed home where I spent the rest of the day resting and snuggling with my Pumpkin.

motd july-aug (31)motd july-aug (32)

And speaking of Pumpkin. motd july-aug (5)motd july-aug (20)

Also made some amazing shrimp stir fry with konjac noodles and spinach. Of course, my local grocery store stops carrying the noodles now. Much anger!

motd july-aug (10)

Anyway, That’s all for today. I have a review of the Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions coming up tomorrow and a new tutorial Friday.

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12 thoughts on “Makeup of the Day – Rock Show and Fall Vibes

  1. This makeup look is beautiful! I’m glad you had fun! I love going to shows! Now that I’m older I definitely prefer balcony view to being in and around the mosh pits! Haha! The fewer the people the better!


    1. Thank you! yeah, the show was the second story and the bands were telling everyone to jump and the floor was shaking… Nope Nope Nope. I’m not dying at a POD /Buckcherry show. LOL! But really, I get very dizzy and panicked in large spaces and crowds.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha that’s the way to do it! Hopefully you could at least hear the music outside!
        My husband and I are going to see Social Distortion next month and I’m really hoping there’s a balcony away from the crowd! 🤞🏻


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