Makeup of the Day |Night Out and New Hair


It’s almost Friday! Who is ready for the weekend? I am having a little party tomorrow evening so I am excited. Today, I have a couple of MOTD pics to share from a night out and an outfit pic. I also have new hair to show off.

Let’s check out the makeup. I wanted to do something really fun using only Wet N Wild/drugstore makeup. I used the Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette for this look and a metallic liner from Jordana. The liner killed my eyes. It made them itch so bad. Anyway, on the lips is Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit in Give me Mocha.

Bee Beauty Anna Bankesterdwd

I was feeling super depressed all that last week when I did this look. I don’t know why really, all I wanted to do was lay in bed and sleep, by the day I did this look I was feeling a little better. That whole week was spent in a panicked misery though. It sucked. Doing makeup helps me sometimes to break out of those funks. It’s like doing yoga or painting for me. When I was taking photos of the look I snapped the one below and almost deleted it because you could see how my eyes weren’t even. I have spoken before about how my eyelids are partially paralyzed. In person, it’s not obvious but pictures show it Anyway, I was about to delete this pic when I thought to myself., “No! this is a fire picture, so what if your lid imperfection shows? You are who you are!” It kind of snapped me out of my funk, because I think some of the depression was caused by my perfectionist mentality and feeling incredibly inadequate. I was feeling like a shit blogger, shit friend, shit wife, and homemaker. Just feeling like nothing I was doing was good enough. Thing is, no one is asking for perfection! All this pressure is just from myself. It’s stupid. That being said, I am going to keep trying, just not going to beat myself up about it. Welcome to my Ted Talk…


This is the caption I put on this photo on Instagram. “At 31 I have learned to embrace myself inside and out. I spent the majority of my life trying to minimize and hide things about myself because heaven forbid someone says something or make fun. The older I get though the less I care about what anyone else thinks. I’m proud of who I am. Be your own kind of beautiful! ”

Anyway… Enough of all that. I am feeling much better now.

I love this outfit btw.


And new hair with baby bat wings.


Oh yeah, part of my funk was because my Pumpkin was sick with an allergic reaction but after some meds she is all better. BeautyPlus_20180822194923737_save

Funny thing is, after her reaction I had one to Peanut Butter! Felt like I had something stuck in my throat for two hours. I don’t recall ever having an issue with peanut butter before and I eat peanuts but not peanut butter often. I was just hungry and ate a spoonful. This happened about 3 days in a row and got progressively worse. So no more peanut butter for me. I am allergic to walnuts and pecans but not bad, just get itchy, not like I am choking. Penicillin makes my throat get tight though and I did have a reaction a few weeks ago when I had strep and they gave me the wrong meds so perhaps my allergies are acting up. Like they are on high alert. Either way, no more peanuts for me. I kind of think that’s what caused Pumpkin’s reaction as well.

Ah well, that’s all for today. Just a quick update.

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  1. Looking gorgeous!

    My new blog post here; 💗


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