Makeup of the Day – 3 Looks Playing with the Norvina Palette and Pumpkin Spam.


Hey Guys! Just a quick MOTD post featuring some looks I did using the Norvina Palette and of course a few pics of the Pumpkin. I also wanted to tell ya’ll I will now be posting Tuesdays and Thursdays in hopes of finding more balance and less burnout in my little world.  I will also be including my MOTD posts at random on the off days.

Let’s jump into the looks!

MOTD (1)MOTD (7)MOTD (6)MOTD (5)MOTD (3)MOTD (4)MOTD (2)

More looks and tutorials are on the way. Today, however, I will be doing a full on fall look. I am still working on that brush guide, it’s been a … a pain in the ass to be honest but fun at the same time. I am almost done, just want to add some more example pictures. It will probably be up very late Thursday night/ Friday morning.  The brush guide is going to be pretty in depth and used as a reference post for all my tutorials.

MOTD (3)MOTD (1)MOTD (2)

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Anna Bankester, author of Bee Beauty is a 30 something, freelance Makeup Artist, and Beauty Blogger in Louisiana with a Southern Gothic flair. She has a background in fine arts and writing but her true passion is makeup and coffee.... and bees

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