Makeup of the Day | A Fall AF Makeup Look.


Hey guys! Today, I have a Fall AF makeup look to share. On Wednesdays we wear black. Let’s just jump into the look and the products.


Hella fall right? Shame, it’s hot as balls still. On the eyes, I have a combination of shades from the Tarte Tarteist Pro Eyeshadow Palette and an oldie but a goodie from Kat Von D, that being the Monarch Palette. For lips, I went in with Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Archangel.  Oh, and my eyeliner is actually her Lock-It Brow Pomade.

ddw (1)

Here’s just a better look at the makeup. I was so thrilled with how nice my skin has been then a combination of unfortunate primer and PMS hit and my skin is currently very mad but at least on this day, it looked good.


Doesn’t it look like it should be cold out? Nope. Humid, muggy and gross.


I want to wear my sweaters! IMG_20180927_123706_356Anyway. this day ended up being a bit of mess. My husband had to go to urgent care because he had a flare up in his knee and couldn’t walk at all.  Urgent Care thought it was septic arthritis and tried to have him admitted to the hospital despite us saying repeatedly that this is a gout flare up. It was tricky in the doctor’s defense because they present especially in the knee, very similar and the urgent care is only equipped for x-rays and bloodwork which in this case are inconclusive because gout can also cause elevated white blood cell count and uric acid levels drop during a flare-up. He was also feverish which is normal during a bad flare up as well. They eventually sent us on our way with an antibiotic shot, steroid shot (which is why we went to urgent care) RX antibiotics, and hydrocodone when he needed an anti-inflammatory…  It got better that day and the next but Saturday morning it was back huge and painful all over again. The urgent care doctor said if that happened, to go straight to the ER which we did. After more x-rays, draining the knee and pain meds he is finally all better just about. Turns out it was just a really bad flare up. I appreciate the urgent care doctor’s concern but what irked me is how she didn’t take into consideration anything we said about medical history. This happens once a year on average, be it his ankle, toe, elbow or knee. She was nice as can be but just didn’t want to hear it. When someone tells you they have a medical condition and are showing all the symptoms of that, maybe you should listen… but what do we know. He’s only had this for 10 years and been diagnosed by more than one doctor. I will say, the urgent care was quick and better than others I have been too for sure. The ER was on point. I was very impressed with how quickly they treated him and had us in and out without cutting corners. They did X-rays, pain management, drained the knee and tested the fluid to confirm gout in a couple hours. Almost the same amount of time at the Urgent Care. The PA and nurses were so kind and had such great bedside manner. I was very impressed. Mostly, I am glad they treated the issue properly and got Ross back on his feet so soon and feeling so much better.   We just don’t have the best luck with Urgent Care, last time I went for strep throat they gave me meds I was allergic to despite having a full conversation about my allergies to penicillin. Just feels like no one listens.

Enough ranting. Here’s a pic of the Pumpin being a cutie in bed.


That’s all for today. I have a new tutorial going up tomorrow.

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