Makeup of the Day | Another Norvina Look and Pumpkin being Spoopy.

MOTD (1)

Good Morning!  Today, I have a quick make of the day, I honestly thought I posted last week but didn’t sooo here we are. LOL!


Cappuccino, fall candles, and makeup. This is my kind of morning. Anyway, here is a makeup look I did using the Norvina Palette lash week. One the lips is a new lipstick I just got in PR from Jane Iredale and I am kind of loving it. I believe the shade is Molly. It’s topped with a gloss there from Colourpop. I have a review coming up on the Jane Iredale lippies next week.

32ddw (3)

I really loved the way this look came it. Kind of simple but I was digging it.

There was also a gorgeous sunset but my camera just didn’t do it justice.


I was playing with ISO and got this super #aesthetic shot though.


Come on cool weather. That day was a fluke. Back to being hot as balls but I hear tale of a cool front coming in. IMG_20180928_143901_286

Pumpkin wanted to get into the Halloween spirit but she outgrew her shirt. It fit her lip a crop top already… This is what happened when you shop at Fashion Nova or Romwe isn’t it?


Speaking of Romwe, I want to do a haul of just Bee stuff I saw on there. That may be happening soon. Pretty Pastel Please is inspiring me with her haul videos. Pumpkin can be my Archie.

That’s all for today, just wanted to share a quick look and some pictures.


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