Makeup of the Day | A Vampire Inspired Look and more Pupper Pictures.


Happy Monday… Tuesday. I’m not sure what time tomorrow’s post will go up so I wanted to go ahead and share a quick MOTD look that is vampire inspired along with some really cute pictures of Pumpkin.

MOTD OCT 2018 (4)MOTD OCT 2018 (9)MOTD OCT 2018 (11)

Here is the look. I used Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Paradox as a base and Bloodmilk from the Kat Von D Serpentina Palette. I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow for a hint of shine on the browbone, inner corner and rest of the face in the shade Blue Ice and Blue Moon for a vampiric ethereal glow. On the lips, I went with Nyx Liquid Suede in Cherry Skies. I had to play around with this pics and enhance my eye color. I wanted that Louie green. I did some more fun pictures with this look I will be posting later this week on Instagram.

MOTD OCT 2018 (7)MOTD OCT 2018 (8)MOTD OCT 2018 (10)

Spooky Nails.

MOTD OCT 2018 (17)

And yes, it finally feels like fall now.

MOTD OCT 2018 (20)MOTD OCT 2018 (21)

Yeah, trying to do a pretty everyday fall look but my eyes said no. I’m sticking to eyeshadow first. I don’t why doing my face makeup first makes my eyes water and burn so bad.

MOTD OCT 2018 (1)

And now for Pumpkin living her best life. She got a new Halloween sweater and fleece hoodie too.

MOTD OCT 2018 (16)

Look at that footsie.

MOTD OCT 2018 (13)

and that snoot.

MOTD OCT 2018 (14)

She was being a little model.Ā MOTD OCT 2018 (12)

Well, more like she was just hella sleepy and cuddling.

MOTD OCT 2018 (15)

This little sweety has been just hamming it up.

MOTD OCT 2018 (18)

New outfit, who dis?

MOTD OCT 2018 (3)MOTD OCT 2018 (2)

We tried out a new kibble. I have now repurchased her favorite one from before. This kibble is that same thing, just with veggies in it. I was tired of finding carrots and peas all over the house. She made her point very clear.

MOTD OCT 2018 (19)

I’m not sure about tomorrows post yet. My dad is in the hospital right now and I’m not sure what is going on yet. He had a heart cath and it came back fine along with his other tests. He’s been sick with kidney stone issues but now his heart is being finicky again. Just waiting to hear what the cardiologist says.

We will see what tomorrow holds.

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