Makeup of the Day | Pumpkin Kween.

I am back bitches! I took a week off (more on that later)but I’m ready to get back to it this week with bonus posts.

Let’s start this week off with a MOTD of one my favorite looks I have done lately. I was playing around and being artsy fartsy and this look just happened. I call it Pumpkin Kween.

pumpkinkween (9)pumpkinkween (6)pumpkinkween (5)pumpkinkween (7)

I used Kat Von D Saints and Sinners Palette on the eyes and WetnWild Liquid Catsuit in So Noir Cool. I also used the lipstick to fill in all the black areas on the eyes.

pumpkinkween (10)

I really did spend way too long on this one just farting around.

pumpkinkween (11)

It was actually pretty easy to remove.

Anyway, speaking of Pumpkin Kweens…

pumpkinkween (1)

If you have been following me on twitter to read my post from last week you’ll know it’s been a lot lately. My dad had to have heart surgery. He had scar tissue built up causing an arrhythmia which in turn was caused him to have a heart attack last year and a lot of issues. So, they had to go in through a cath and remove it. The specialist was booked up here for 3 months and he needed the procedure ASAP so they sent him to Shreveport which is 2 hours away. Luckily, we have a friend to stay with up there.

Anyways, the surgery ended up taking 8 hours! During which time I was not told anything, they told me it was going to be 45 mins… yeah. It was a stressful day. I spent the entire 8 hours in his room where I listened to doctors tell the roommate he was dying of kidney failure and had liver and lung cancer. That poor man. It broke my heart. Needless to say I spent 8 hours crying and panicking. The day before was spent in a full panic attack because of just having to go to LSU Medical. That was where my mom had her mastectomy and where I spent the night with her when they told me she was dying and came home with us to hospice care. Daddy was on the same fucking floor even. They haven’t changed a thing about the place at all. I had a full blown panic attack before we even got there and then on into the next day. I can tell you this. I never walk to set foot in that hospital again.

The surgery went good, just took forever because they couldn’t find the scar tissue. They had to induce an arrhythmia with meds to find it so he was also incubated just in case. They did find the scar tissue though, and otherwise, his heart looked really good.

Heart disease runs in our family, he’s had multiple heart attacks, bypass surgeries, and stents. This wasn’t our first rodeo but it’s just as scary every time. Anyway, daddy is home now and doing fine. Just a little sore from the cath surgery.

I also fucked my knee up hella bad by getting completely shit faced and falling. So that’s cool. Twice in a row, my dumbass did this. I don’t know what got into me with getting drunk like that. It was stupid. And now I have a tore up knee. Always this poor knee. Anytime I fall, it’s this knee. The ankle on that side is messed up so it turns easy and down I go onto that knee. This happens sober as well. More than I want to admit. I even fractured this knee when I was little. We also had to go back to urgent care for my husband’s knee too! He couldn’t get in with his new GP until the 12th. We are just a mess around here.

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