Makeup of the Day – Living My Best Vampire Life.

I wanted to quickly share a few pics from Halloween this year and yet another life update.

vampires and bees (11)

I was having some fun playing around with photoshop. I LOVE editing pictures and I was also just fucking around with makeup.

vampires and bees (12)

On to my Halloween look. I wore this look out for a Halloween party and a night out. I was going for a classic vampire. I used Kat Von D Saints and Sinners palette for the eyes and Maybelline Superstay lipstick in the classic red shade topped with Wet N Wild Zodiac gloss in Capricorn. I live for that gloss.

vampires and bees (8)vampires and bees (7)vampires and bees (6)vampires and bees (5)vampires and bees (10)

So what had happened was we got a room downtown so we could go crazy and not worry about driving. It was a mess! LOL. Much jager was had. I haven’t been that hung over in YEARS! I was still drunk when we got home that next day and took a nap. I woke up sooo sick. I threw up until 7 pm. Then had to ride for over two hours to go to Shreveport for my dad’s surgery the next day. I’m dumb. I think I griped about this in my last motd post. LOL. I was hungover for a couple days I think. Add panic attacks to that mix with stress and worry. Go me, so smart.

vampires and bees (3)

That hotel lighting though.

vampires and bees (2)vampires and bees (4)

The week before we had another Halloween party to go to. I went as a bee of course and Ross went as David S. Pumpkins.

vampires and bees (15)vampires and bees (14)vampires and bees (13)vampires and bees (16)vampires and bees (9)

Both nights were super fun. My butt is some a NO drinking binge now. LOL. Partied out and I have way too much adulting to do these days.

In my last MOTD I told ya’ll how my dad had heart surgery to correct an arrhythmia. Well, Monday evening we were back at the ER. He was super sick, high fever, pain. you name it. Turns out he has a severe kidney infection. Prior to the heart stuff, he was having issues with hella bad kidney stones that took about 3 months to clear up. They were so bad that his kidney was shutting down. Anyway, they got that fixed but there were some lingering stones in there which got infected. He didn’t even think about that being way he felt sick. Thought maybe he got a bug at the hospital or a bad UTI from the catheter. The urologist was like “Duh, why didn’t you call me” but with everything else going no of us thought about the stones. So he’s still in the hospital on the mend. Should be going home tomorrow. However, while he was in, his heart started acting up again with tachycardia which the surgery was supposed to correct. So they had to move him to the cardiac floor to monitor him better. On top of all that, he had a benign tumor in front of his brain which is messing his hormones and thyroid up. He just can’t catch a break right now. I’m glad he’s been in such good spirits though. I don’t think he’s been having any panic attacks. It’s my turn for that. I had a bad one night before last. This is what that dream I had was about what I speak about here: Foreseeing the Future and Reflecting on the Past. Predictive Dreams. 

Anyways, things are looking up. I just posted a review of the Norvina Palette here:Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette Review and Looks. if you wanna check it out. I’ll be back tomorrow with more I hope.

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