Makeup of the Day – Sarah Conner Realness

Good Morning! I’m trying out WordPress’ new editor today so let’s see how that goes. It looks quite promising. This post is just a quick MOTD. I’m still having trouble getting back into the swing of things.


This look I did using the Norvina palette the other day to model some sunglasses and watch for MVMT. I was serving some Sarah Conner realness. 


Here’s a look of the sunnies and watch. I was very impressed with the quality and tickled that the company reached out to me and let me pick which styles I wanted. I wasn’t expecting the quality to be that great but they’re fantastic. 


I fell in love with these sunglasses. They are bad ass looking! 


So, I made a trip to Sally’s and picked up some Arctic Fox hair color in Violet and Raw Color Depositing Shampoo. I already new how well Arctic Fox performs but I am amazed by the shampoo/conditioner. I think they call it a 3 in one. I have never had a color depositing shampoo/conditioner work so well and leave my hair feeling so great! I was thinking I would need to condition afterwards cause the combo shampoo conditioners never work that well but nope. This is holy grail good and the fact it dyes my hair purple is awesome.It comes in a few shades. I was thinking about mixing in a touch of pink or red. I love playing with demi permanent dyes. You can experiment and have fun. I am into having darker purple hair right now. 

vampires and bees (17)

That’s all really for today. Just wanted to share a few pics and test out this new editor. Not sure how I feel about it. I think I like it, just gotta get used to a new set up. 

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