Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette Review | Swatches | Looks

Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette Review | Swatches | Looks
Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette Review | Swatches | Looks

Hello December, already. Today, I have a review of the newest Kat Von D palette for Holiday 2018, that being the Fetish Eyeshadow Palette. I saw previews of this and was like “oh hell yeah” I thought, there are some badass packaging and some fun eyeshadow shades that I can play with. 

Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette
Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette

I know people have feelings about brands and I do too but this isn’t about that. I don’t speak on the “drama” because there is no place for hate here beyond a shitty product. This is about the makeup not the people behind the brands. That’s my little disclaimer there. 

Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette and Fetish Blush and Highlighter Palette
Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette and Fetish Blush and Highlighter Palette

I fell in love with the palette when I saw it. I loved the aesthetic and shades after seeing it in person and have a had a lot of fun creating looks with it. The Fetish Eyeshadow Palette encourages my creativity and spurs me on to play with odd color combos and use shades I wouldn’t normally go for 

In this palette, you have a mix of some more tame shades you can use for every day paired with some more fun avant-garde colors. To me, the shades all offer a unique finish or undertone making them stand out and that is what I look for in a palette, something different, sometimes more subtle, sometimes in your face out there. I personally enjoy a nuanced shade, something kind of weird. 

The Packaging and Component

Let’s check out this outer packaging on this palette. In size, it’s quite large and not a standard shape or size which may bother some but I would rather the cool look than worry over how to store it.  In this case, I am fine with form over function. 

Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette
Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette

It’s made of a vegan patent leather with the word “Fetish” stitched into the front in black thread. The logo is beautifully detailed. 

The edges are trimmed in a matte red faux leather. It reminds me of a pair of high heels and some pieces from my own wardrobe. I am no stranger to corsets and latex. 

Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette
Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette

On the inside, you have a huge lovely mirror with a whip detail around the edges. 

The Shades + Performance

Included in the palette is 24 shades featuring 4 finishes. Matte, Glimmer, Mega Glitter and Metallic.  The shades are all very on trend and I think will hold up for quite some time. You have a great mix of warm and cool spanning the color spectrum in less commonplace tones. 

Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette
Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette

I find all the shade perform as I would expect from Kat Von D. I am very familiar with her formula. They are pigmented and easy to work with and oddly all the shades can work well with one another to create some really interesting looks. 

Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette
Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette

The mattes are blendable and smooth while packed with pigmentation. The shimmer shades, referred to a glimmer are all smooth and apply easily with a brush wet or dry,  or fingertip, same for the metallic shades. Some shades have glitter but a matte base which usually doesn’t work out to well but they are micro glitters and the shades are so packed full that it actually translates on the eye. There are also what is called Mega Glitter which are metallic shades with large glitters throughout. These apply great with a finger, or wet brush but for full impact, I would use a sticky base like Nyx Glitter Primer. 

Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette
Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette

Nylon – matte gray purple. 

Nylon is a really nice on trend cool toned matte. It’s softer than just a gray and can be more flattering I find. I love this shade for a transition. 

 Suspension –matte walnut brown

Suspension is a perfect cool toned brown for adding depth to any look, softer than using a black but deep enough for the drama. 

Whip – matte black with gold glitter

I find Whip to be a stand out shade, complex than described above. The glitters are very small and the despite them being gold the shade comes off more cool toned. Being a more fine glitter, they translate on the eye and add plenty of sparkle. 

Kink – Matte Purple

Kick is bright matte purple that can be applied softly or built up to the shade you see in the pan. It blends very nicely for a purple. 

Deviant – metallic lavender

I LOVE this shade. Deviant is one of my favorites in the palette. The undertones in the metallic lavender are not to icy so it is flattery and very metallic. Depending what you pair it with it call pull a slight warmth even. 

Rope – bronze with red and gold 

Rope is one of my least favorites. Kat has done better bronzes in my opinion. The shade has an odd black base and can apply kind of weird. Something about it I don’t love but I am not a fan of this tone of bronze. I used it in a look below and didn’t hate the end result. 

 Sex – matte marigold yellow

This color is pure sex. I live for a yellow eyeshadow and this one doesn’t disappoint. Pigmented, blendable and beautiful. 

Chastity – gold mega-glitter

Chastity applies best over a sticky base. It’s really pretty old gold shade with chunky glitter throughout. 

Obsession –matte navy blue

Not the run of the mill matte navy with a teal hint it pairs well with warm shades. 

 Latex – matte midnight blue with blue glitter

Latex is a deeper navy than Obsession with blue micro glitter packed inside. Like Whip it translates sparkly, almost black with a galaxy blue shift. 

Shibari – metallic olive green

Another favorite, like yellow I am a sucker for an olive green. This olive is more vibrantly green with a soft golden shift. 

Corset – matte cool violet

Corset is a cool toned matte violet that I haven’t used on the eye yet because I am not huge into blue based purples but I will have to give it a go. 

Submissive –warm white gold mega-glitter

I reach for Submissive a lot, I like the pale tone. White gold is the perfect description. Like Chastity, it performs best over a sticky base as it is quick chunky. 

Le Petit Mort – matte sea green

Haven’t put this one on the eye yet. But this little death will get experienced soon. 

Cuffs –platinum mega-glitter

Cuffs is another mega-glitter but I find it applies much easier with a finger tip and not need for a sticky base. It’s a super metallic silver. 

Rubber – matte black

Rubber is just a matte black.  Softer and less pigmented than some blacks but buildable and gets the job done. I feel like it’s a blue based black. 

Fixation – matte peachy beige

Fixation is a perfect transition shade. More pigmentation than I anticipated and better than I expected. 

Stiletto – red plum glimmer

I LOVE this shade too. It’s a very warm plum berry shade. Applies great with fingertips or a flat brush. 

Bondage –matte brick red

Ah yes, give me all the matte reds. I love this one because depending what you pair it with it can pull more cool or warm.Blends beautifully with every other shade I have used it with. 

 S&M – matte slate gray

Not my favorite, a matte slate gray. I find these shades hard to wear as they wash me out but I am planning on giving it a go paired with the red tones and seeing what happens. 

Knotty – matte gray taupe

One of my favorite shades for the crease when I want definition and to contour out the socket line. This is a great transition shade for a cooler look. 

Dominatrix   – scarlet glimmer

Dominatrix is a bright warm shimmer shade packed with pigmentation. 

Safe Word  – matte dusty pink

Another great shade for the crease and transition. It can also go more warm or cool depending out the shade paired with it. 

Blindfold  –metallic mauve bronze

And lastly, Blindfold which in the picture looks like just a brown but in person it have a beautiful mauve shift that I am loving. 

The Swatches

Here is a quick look at all the shades swatched with no primer with a clean finger on my arm 

The Looks

And to wrap up this post here are a few looks I have created using the Fetish Eyeshadow Palette. 

The Verdict

I do feel the price point at $63 was a bit steep but it is on sale for half price currently which makes this palette a great deal for the quality and packaging. I believe the sale is on Sephora and KatVonDBeauty.com. 

If you are a KVD Collector, you won’t be let down, I am happy I got this one. I kick myself every time I don’t get her limited edition palettes. 

I have a review of the Fetish Blush and Highlighter coming up this week and a lippie set from KVD plus a tutorial. I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow for a new Lust or Bust all about Holiday 2018. 

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