Lust or Bust | Holiday 2018 -Kat Von D Beauty, Nars and Hourglass

Welcome back to the second edition of the Holiday 2018 Lust or Bust. In today’s post, we are looking at what’s new for Holiday from Kat Von D, Hourglass and more from Nars.  You can check out the first post in this year’s review here

Let’s get started! 

Kat Von D Beauty

Kicking off this post with Kat Von D Beauty.  If you saw my last post you know I purchased this whole collection and have reviewed the Fetish palette here

This was one of the few full collections I was into this year and I am glad I purchased all of it and even got some of it at a discount as everything is currently half price at Sephora. 

This collection included an eyeshadow palette, blush and highlighter palette and a lipstick set of her best selling nudes. 

I was very excited to see the face palette from her this year, not owning a highlighter or blush from KVD. I will have a review of this up tomorrow. 

Not really part of Holiday but I thought was worth mentioning is the Current Crush Glitter Gel, I believe she will be releasing various ones throughout the year as one-off products. It appears to be a metallic gold glittery gel product you can use on the eyes and face. I think it’s like the Colourpop ones. 

Also for holiday KVD released a vault set called Trooper Black Eyeliner Obsession for $88. If this were a better value, I would be all for it but I just don’t think the value is there. This set is worth $100 so you are getting some money off and it would last you a good year to get through them all. I think this set would have been great done in mini’s at a better price point so you can try out all her various liner formats and find the one you love. 

In this set you get:

  • mL Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black
  • mL Ink Liner in Trooper Black
  • Ink Well Liner in Trooper Black
  • Dagger Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black
  • Lash Liner in Trooper Black

Next set, the Best of Nudes Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick Set which retails for $44. They are minis, so I hate the price but like most the holiday collection, it’s half off. For $22 I was all in. I love all the shades in the set and am a sucker for a unique nude. I will also be reviewing this set later this week. 

KVD also brought out candles in the Saints and Sinners scents. Above are the votive cups for $38. Not feeling that price for a small candle. I have only seen previews but there are also supposed to be pillar candles too. 

There are some other value sets in various formats of the fragrance and a lipstick or two ranging in price. 

On a whole, I feel KVD had one of the more exciting or interesting holiday collections.  All these products are available at Sephora and or but prices vary from site to site. 


Hourglass has some lovely stuff this year and I want most all of it.

The most anticipated thing for me to see from Hourglass is the Ambient Lighting Edit. They are pricey but are worth it in my opinion. The Ambient Lighting Edit 4 gives you a great sampling of shades and formulas from Hourglass as does the Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked

In the Ambient Lighting Edit 4 you have: Ambient Lighting Powders in Dim Light (neutral peach beige), Diffused Light (soft pale yellow), Euphoric Strobe Light (pearlescent beige), Filtered Bronze Light (subtle warm bronze), Luminous Glow (bright coral), Euphoric Fusion (soft lilac)

Inside the Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked you get 

  • Ambient Lighting Powder in Soft Light (soft, subtle peach), Filtered Light (cool, medium tone)
  • Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Golden Bronze Light (neutral, golden bronze)
  • Ambient Lighting Blush in Nude Glow (shimmering light amber), Mood Flush (soft plum)
  • Metallic Strobe Lighting Powder in Champagne Strobe Light (true champagne)

Also from Hourglass, you have the Confession Lipstick Collection for $340. Am I going to purchase this? Nope, but do I want it? Hell yes. Inside you have 15 shades of the Confession Lipstick shades and one holder. 

Next is the Confession Refillable Lipstick Duo for $30. In this set, you get two shades and one holder. Both shades are lovely. You have My One Desire a dusty mauve exclusive to the set and At Night, a brick red. 

In the Confession Refillable Set, you get 3 shades and 2 holders for $60. In this set you have the shades; I Woke Up, a dusty rose, If Only, a deep rose and I Can’t Live Without which is a red currant shade. Again, all a beautiful. 


Newest from Nars is the Ignited Eyeshadow Palette which is not too terribly different from the ABH Norvina palette but still really pretty and I wouldn’t hate having it in my collection. The Ignited Palette retails for $59 and contains 12 shades in various finishes. This palette would look great with the lipstick they released for holiday this year. I am still loving all the purples. 

That’s all for today. I have at least one Lust or Bust coming up for this Holiday Season. Again, I am pulling products that caught my attention, not every little thing that’s coming out. I tried that last year and nearly went insane. Anyway, I will see ya’ll tomorrow for a new review. 

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4 thoughts on “Lust or Bust | Holiday 2018 -Kat Von D Beauty, Nars and Hourglass

  1. That NARS palette is beautiful and my first thought was Norvina too! It’ll be interesting to see how they compare to each other, hope someone does a post about it 🙂


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