Get the Look | Nightmare Before Christmas – Makeup Tutorial

Get the Look | Nightmare Before Christmas - Makeup Tutorial
Get the Look | Nightmare Before Christmas – Makeup Tutorial

Christmas is creeping up or should I say I am creeping up Christmas, huehuehue! Anyways. I was staring at my eyeshadow palettes as I tend to do and bam! it hit me,  A Nightmare Before Christmas inspired look. 

Yes, I intentionally purchased those earrings. My spooky little self is fully embracing the Christmas spirit… as much as one can who couldn’t be bothered to put a tree up or do any sort of decorating beyond buying some ugly earrings, a hair tie with jingle bells and an insanely ugly sweater. My husband and I will look like Christmas threw up on us this weekend at least. 

Let’s talk about this look, I wanted to pair red, gray and silver in a fun way.  I ended up doing a cut crease with some graphic elements and a deep green lippy.  So if you want to see how I created this look, just keep reading below. 

I used the Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette to create this eyeshadow look but you can use any shadows you have that work for you. 

I am trying out a new format today so let me know what you think. I am trying to explore all new features of the WordPress Editor.  I think the format will appear the same in the reader but if you view the web version it should look pretty cool. 

Okay, first things first. I got my brows on, eyes primed and set with a translucent powder. I am noodling around with soap brows and I am kind of loving it. 

To begin the transition, I went in with Safe Word  from the Fetish Palette on a large fluffy brush. 

I blended Safe Word all through the crease and transition area. 

I next went in with S&M which is a matte gray in the crease and pulled out into a cat eye shape. For this I used a smaller blending brush. 

I made sure the gray was blended smoothly by going around the edges with Safe Word. 

At this point things got a little hairy and changed around what I was doing so I hope I explain this part.

Disregard the red on the lid for right now and focus on the crease and outer V. 

I built up more depth in the crease and outer V with the matte black from the palette and blended it into the gray. Just around the edges of that and went back and forth with the two prior shades to get everything blended. 

I know this part was a bit of a mess but I decided I wanted to do a more craved out precise cute crease look. This was me at 4 am being indecisive. So yeah, I carved out the lid with concealer two-thirds of the way across and then made a wing extending from the crease. 

Now it’s time for the red. I used Dominatrix which is a metal red. 

On a flat brush I packed Dominatrix all over where I placed the concealer. 
I switched to a detail brush for the wing line thing. 

Then I went back in with the black on a very small fluffy brush and deepened things up. 

And with a liquid liner, I cleaned up below the red wing and added in a black wing and lined the upper lash line. Then on an angled liner brush, I softened the black on the lid with matte black eyeshadow. 

I also used a q-tip and some face primer to clean up the fallout and sharpen up the edges. So this was how things were looking and I decided it needed some more. 

And in comes the silver eyeshadow. On a damp angled liner brush I took Cuffs which is a sparkly silver. 

With this silver, I traced around the outer edge of the red and let it fade off into the red wing. I also hit the inner corner with this shade. 

I hope that made sense. This look was me literally and figuratively winging it. Man, I am on one with the cheese ball jokes today. 

On to the lower lash line. I went ahead and finished up my face makeup at this point. 

On a flat shader brush I took the shade Bondage which is a matte red. 

Bondage went all along the lower lash line and blended into the black at the outer corner into the wing. 

And I added in more black shadow at the outer corner to marry the shades and create this very cat-like shape. 

A little more additional blending was done all around with Safe Word, the first shade I used in the transition to make sure everything was seamless. Gray is a bitch to blend. I always struggle with gray.

  Next, I tight lined the upper and lower lash line with a black liner. 

Then I hit the inner corner with an angled brush and silver. 

I finally finished the eye off with mascara and some false lashes. I will admit, I struggled a little on this look. It took patience, precision and blending for days. 

This Finished Eye

Get the Look | Nightmare Before Christmas - Makeup Tutorial
Get the Look | Nightmare Before Christmas – Makeup Tutorial

The Lips

I created this deep forest green lip but first going in with a black liquid lipstick, I used the one from Wet N Wild and then patted a deep matte forest green eyeshadow over top. 

The Finished Look

And here is the finished look. For blush, I used the Kat Von D Fetish Blush and Highlight Palette in the shade Salem and topped with the Metal Crush Highlighter in Magick. I hit the top of my cheekbones and everywhere else I highlight with Fenty Diamond Bomb. 

Get the Look | Nightmare Before Christmas - Makeup Tutorial
Get the Look | Nightmare Before Christmas – Makeup Tutorial

This look was a journey and probably my least informative tutorial ever but never the less, here it is. Maybe it gave you some ideas.  As frustrated as I may seem, I actually was really enjoying myself while doing this look. it’s was just tricky to translate into a blog post. 

I just ordered more goodies from Sephora yesterday! Happy Christmas to me! Well, technically from my husband cause he bought the order. I’m not yet rolling in that ad money. LOL! Anyway, that’s how I get into the spirit. I had a coupon and there were sales. 

I should have another Lust or Bust coming up, a MOTD and lipstick gift set review tomorrow and this weekend. We are having our bit Christmas Party this weekend with ugly sweaters and all. I have never related harder to Jack Skellington finding Christmas as I have this year. 

I also want to get a couple more tutorials up before the new year. I have one ready and formatted, and I am doing the other one today. 

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