Makeup of the Day – New Year and a Staycation

Happy 2019. New year, new me. Just kidding. I’m still the same grumpy makeup blogger with a Sims 4 obsession that is going strong. In fact, I took a whole week staycation just to play Sims 4 and do nothing. Mission accomplished. Staycation is over and I am back.

Today, I just have a MOTD because I am working on gathering up everything for my 2018 favorites post which is a two-part post. First half will be up tomorrow evening and that will also get me back on my schedule for 2018.

Most of last year and the year before I posted Monday, Wednesday and Friday but late last year I changed it to Tuesday and Thursday which I thought would be better but actually I just felt lazy and unmotivated as a result. So, I am going back to my old schedule this year. I may miss a day here or there but I would rather try for 3 posts a week. Today’s post is a day late because my sleep schedule is all wonky but I also got that sorted out today too.

Anyway, I did these two looks a couple weeks ago but they got put on the back burner so I am just now getting them posted to here and Instagram.

This first look is done using the Kat Von D Lolita palette paired with Nars Velvet Matte Lip Crayon in Vicious.

This next look is a lewk. I was going for a smoky eye with glitter but it took a turn on me. Basically, this is Wetnwild retractable eyeliner pencil topped with Telepathy from the Kat Von D Fetish Blush and Highlighter Palette in the center.

I think it came out pretty good considering I had really effed up what I was intending to do.

My brows are something right now. I am not plucking them at all and giving them carte blanche to do as they please. I just want to see what happens. I also have been really into soap brows which makes them look wild but in a cool model editorial way. The goal is to have Linda Halberg’s brows.

My skin also decided to go haywire due to a new face wash so a week of no makeup was needed. It’s still kind of angry but getting better.

Anyway, I don’t have any crazy resolutions this year other than just be consistent in all aspects of my life. Not perfect but consistent, from blogging to my diet, around the house, and in relationships.

I finally got my new planner last week and got it set up last night so I feel like the year has officially started.

Oh, and one more resolution, no more cancel culture and hate-fueled drama. I not going to give a shit about any of it. There is no point in getting worked up over beauty community bullshit. That sucked the fun out of last year for me a lot. It was just nothing but hate all over social media and I am sick of it. The ugly side of the beauty community showed last year and it was a shit show. It’s not just the beauty community that is like that though, it’s all over the internet no matter your interest. Makeup is my escape from everything else and I want to keep it that way.

Okay, That’s all for today. I am grumpy and sleepy. If I keep typing I am just gonna gripe even more.

Did you make any resolutions? if so, how are they going?

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