Get the Look | Cyber City – Makeup Tutorial

Happy Friday/Saturday… I’m posting this pretty late, or rather in the early hours. I was going back and forth on if I just wanted to head to bed but I knew I wouldn’t get a chance tomorrow/today. We went out for belated birthday sushi dinner. My ass ate 3 sushi rolls.

Anyway, for this post, I want to show ya’ll how I got this look I am calling Cyber City after you guessed it, another Gunship song.

I was in the mood for a really cool toned purple and metallic look. A few shades on the Kat Von D Fetish Palette really called out to me so that is what I used to create this look. I have really been feeling some cool toned looks. I think it’s the winter season that brings that out in me. Every January I go through a phase.

Anyway, if you want to learn how I created this look, just keep reading below.

The Eyes

I am starting this look out as always with my eyes primed, concealed and set with a translucent powder. I have also went ahead and filled in my brows.

That one dang freckle never wants to be covered on my brow bone.

Starting with the transition shade, I wanted to do something a little different and unexpected so I went in on a large fluffy brush with the shade Kink. A matte purple.

I ran Kink all throughout the crease and transition area almost to the brow, really blending and blowing this shade out.

And now for some depth.

Next, on a smaller blending brush I went in with Nylon, a matte gray purple.

I blended Nylon a little lower in the crease and into the purple shade. I did a little back and forth between the shades to get a seamless blend.

On to the drama.

In the outer portion of the lid, or outer V, I went in with a small domed shape blending brush and the shade Whip.

Whip is a matte black with gold glitter.

This is one of those shades where the glitter doesn’t do much unless you really pack it on. So essentially this is a black.

I applied Whip to the outer corner in cat eye shape and softly blended it over onto the lid a third of the way.

Next on a flat brush I took Blindfold, a metallic mauve bronze.

I patted Blindfold on the center of the lid and blended it over into the black softly.

I am taking these shades a bit higher than I normally would. Kind of going for a cut crease effect.

For the inner portion of the lid, I went in with Deviant, a metallic lavender on the same flat blush which I cleaned off.

This shade went on the inner part of the lid and into Blindfold.

I did a little more blending and perfecting and moved on to the wing. I used the Fenty Fly Liner for this. I went across the upper lash line starting thin and getting thicker toward the outer part.

Then took more of the shade called Whip on a pencil brush and blended it so the wing disappears into the dark outer corner. Basically, creating a smoky wing. I am not a fan of just winged liner on myself. My eyes are partly hooded so it can kind of distort the line but by doing this it gives the effect of a wing without the distortion where my lids fold.

Then, of course, I cleaned up all the fallout and tidied up the wing. I love a crispy line.

After doing most my face makeup and while I was baking, I moved on to lower lash line. I like to do this while I am baking so any extra fallout can get brushed away easily. If I am not baking, I just pop a little extra translucent powder on my upper cheekbones and under my eye to catch any fallout then just dust it away.

I went back in on a short shader brush and ran Kink, the matte purple across the lower lash line, stopping just shy of the inner corner.

Then I deepened up the outer part with Whip and joined it into the winged part if the upper eyelid. I really smoked the shades out and blended down a little lower.

On the inner part just before the inner corner, I patted on more of Deviant (metallic lavender) on a detailer brush.

On the inner most corner I went in with Cuffs, a platinum mega glitter on that same detailer brush.

This really gives a metallic icy pop.

To finish up the eyes I hit the brow bone with a touch of the face highlighter called telepathy just to add a glow.

I followed that up with some false lashes and mascara, and done.

The Finished Eyes

The Face

For the face I kept everything in the cool toned family as well.

For blush, I used Coven from the Kat Von D Blush and Highlighter Palette, topped with Telepathy Metal Crush Highlighter from the same palette.

I also added some of the Fenty Diamond Bomb in How Many Carats to really get some glow.

The Lips.

For lipstick I used NYX Liquid Suede in Brooklyn Thorn, a deep griege, topped with Marc Jacobs Glossy Stick in Uh-Huh Honey to give a glossy and glimmery finish.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick in Uh-Huh Honey
Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick in Uh-Huh Honey

The Finished Look

I am obsessed with how this look turned out. It’s cold yet glam, just like me. 😉 It’s like lavender gunmetal. I don’t think I even went anywhere in this look. Just felt like playing. I was having a good hair day so I didn’t want to waste it.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good weekend. We’re doing girls night tomorrow evening at a friends house so that should be fun. I just finished up editing the pictures of a tutorial using the Lolita palette and a review coming up next week. I’ll see ya then. I’m gonna listen to this rain and thunder while I wait for the crock pot to finish cooking so I can go to bed. Who cooks at 3 am? I do. I meal prep for my husband so he doesn’t eat junk at work. Nice healthy chicken and veggies.

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