Makeup of the Day | Dinner Date. Playing in Makeup. Pumpkin Cuteness

Anna Bankester did an oopsie.

I meant to post this yesterday but totally distracted by building a local bar in my Sims 4 game. I know, I have a problem and let’s not talk about it.

Today, I have a quick MOTD post featuring a kind of fun look, new hair, and lots of Pumpkin spam. I am also introducing some new formats and fun things on here and over on my IG thanks to Desi Perkins showing how she makes her Insta Stories.

Starting with the makeup.

I was just playing around when I did this look. No plan, just seeing what happened. On the eyes, I used a combination of Kat Von D Fetish Palette and Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions. For the lips, I went with a classic go-to for me, Nyx Liquid Suede in Vintage. Also on the face, I used the KVD Fetish Blush and Highlighter Palette with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit. I did this at like 3 am one night just for fun.

I updated my hair and fixed my crazy blonde roots by doing a color melt with a chestnut brown. I love the darker color on me but I think I will do a purple rinse over it because I feel like the brown against the red is causing it to pull greenish. I was expecting more of warm chocolate. No worries though, in my stockpile of semi and demi-permanent colors I have some burgundy and purple. I will be experimenting more.

Did I mention I bought crop tops and sweat pants. Who even am I? Just a 32 year old lady embracing herself and living her best life, that’s who.

Anyway, last Friday my BFF Brooke treated me to a birthday sushi dinner where my ass ate 3 whole rolls. I usually can barely finish one. I was hungry. It was a late birthday dinner so they did the whole shebang with the cake and candles. In this pic is also a preview of this week’s Get the Look. You can’t tell much about the look in that pic because it’s off my IG Story but it’s a nice one.

Speaking of my birthday. The parents really came through on the beautiful cards this year. Both my dad and my mother-in-law are great at card giving. My dad doesn’t do it often but when he does, it’s very special. He’s always been good at gifts. He used to send me a bouquet for Valentine’s day with one for my mom when I was little. They were always cute and kid themed. My favorite was one that looked like an ice cream sundae. He would do that for our birthday’s too because they were just a day apart.

I am also gearing up for some Valentine’s Day looks, speaking of. I actually really enjoy doing those.

I still need to edit all my graveyard pictures from last week before we hit the next one. I took some good ones. I am thinking about selling prints. I am really enjoying this new hobby of investigating local graveyards and just exploring my hometown more.

Now for the Pumpkin. She has just been on one lately.

I was doing my skincare in the bathroom and I heard her goofing around on the bed and look over to see her trapped in my t-shirt. She looks so embarrassed.

Saturday, I was getting dressed to head over to a friend’s house for dinner and a “girls night” which never just stays girls. The boys make it fun though. Anyway, I was getting dressed and looked down to see this goof going to town with my tank top.

That is a happy pupper. She’s so effing cute. She’s currently all curled up with her toys and blanket napping.

On a side note, I cooked a curry for the first time tonight, and I think I had a near death experience in the bathroom afterward. I may eat a ton of spicy Cajun and Mexican food but I wasn’t prepared for Indian spices. It wasn’t even spicy. I really thought I was going to faint, got all sweaty and hot then chills. WTF happened? This is the first time I have ever had a curry as well. It was one of those street food kits, I love those and it tasted great but it didn’t agree with me apparently. I’m sure you needed to know about that but as I mentioned in my Lifestyle Edit I have been branching out with my cooking lately. I can’t tell if that was a success or not.

I think tomorrow I will make some teriyaki chicken.

That’s all for today, I will see ya’ll tomorrow with a review of the Lolita Palette.

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