L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation Review + Wear Test.

Hey guys, today I have a review of the new L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation, and not only do I have just a review but a wear test where I really put this foundation through it and tested its long-wearing claims.

Let’s start with the foundation itself then we will get into the demo and wear test.

The Shade Range

Not a bad range coming in with 30 shades. While it’s not 50 shades, I think they did a good job of including a broad range with various undertones. I have the shade Pearl, the palest shade in the line. I think this is the first time I have seen that shade from L’Oreal. Usually, porcelain is the lightest and the one I typically get from any range and I have good luck with it. Pearl is very pale with a neutral undertone which is what I need, not too pink, not to yellow. I match my foundation to my neck and chest which are much lighter than my face as my face has a lot of redness either from hormones, rosacea and or eczema, particularly along my jawline so I need a shade that can balance that out and blend with my neck and chest.

The Formula + Finish

L’oreal says this foundation is suitable for all skin types and I would agree with. I have dry skin and it looks pretty great on my skin. If you have dry patches that are flakey, it will cling to those but not like a super matte foundation, and it doesn’t leave the skin looking dry.

The foundation is formulated with SPF 25 so not great with flash photography I would imagine but it’s fantastic for daily wear.

The finish is what I would call a natural satin finish. Not quite matte but not dewy or radiant. It’s truly a lovely finish.

The Coverage

The coverage is variable which is nice, gives you options. You can apply this with a light hand and get a nice even appearance to the skin without full coverage. You can also build this foundation up with ease without it appearing heavy and get full coverage.

The Demo

None of these pictures have been face tuned or edited beyond cropping and color correction.

Let’s get into a demonstration of the coverage and application.

Here is my bare skin, I have brows on and eyes primed with concealer so ignore that but this is how my skin looks currently. The texture and tone are much improved since updating my skincare routine, my only real concern is redness because I am having some eczema issues along my jaw and neck. My acne is under control, and my hyperpigmentation is reduced greatly. If my skin wasn’t so red I wouldn’t wear much foundation at all.

Here is just after application, everything looks nice and evened out but still looks like skin. I did my eyeshadow quickly before I did my face makeup as I usually do. I think this is a really good shade on me too. The foundation tones down the shine just a bit but you can see a little bit on natural radiance peeking through. I applied what I would call a medium coverage finish with a damp beauty sponge.

Here is with the rest of my face done. I think it looks pretty damn good. It’s everything I look for in a foundation. I could go for some more glow but if that were the case I can just use the Infallible Pro Glow which is my favorite foundation of life. This one is a nice alternative when I don’t want to look as glowy and could use more coverage.

The Wear Time.

I did my wear test the next day. I wore the foundation for about 12 hours, maybe longer. We went to dinner, then spent 6 hours decluttering and cleaning our bedroom which got kind of hot and I touched my face a lot because my bangs were tickling me and I was itchy from my eczema. I am confused about my eczema. It’s so unpredictable, sometimes my skin will look terrible from it but it doesn’t feel that bad, this time, it doesn’t look too bad but feels awful. Very inflamed and itchy. I need some Eucrisa. I am going to ask my doctor about that tomorrow. (for the butt of a beauty blogger).

Back to the foundation. I wore it a very long time on this day and did a lot. Here is right after application and my finished face.

And here is 12 + hours later.

I had some wear around my mouth which is to be expected since I ate and some wear around the nose from me rubbing it. I kind of forgot I had makeup on while I was cleaning so I would touch and itch my face without thinking. For such a long busy day, I think the foundation wore amazingly well.

Other days, I did feel like I needed to touch up with powder a few hours in but no big deal.

The Verdict

My verdict, a damn good foundation overall. Not just for drugstore, but in general and coming in at around $13 depending on where you purchase, it’s a win.

And points for it coming in a glass bottle with a pump.

Have you tried this foundation yet? What is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow me on IG and Twitter for daily posts

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