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Hey guys, just a quick MOTD today. There hasn’t been anything super exciting going on around here at the moment. Went to the dentist, eye doctor and regular doctor. Boring stuff but some of it is leading to cool things.

I had a consultation on getting a restoration procedure on my teeth so I will be starting that process this year. As much as I can with my insurance. The total cost of everything is $16,000. Someone want to do a go fund me for me… My insurance covers $2,000. So, we are doing some now and some next year and maybe the next. Cause good god.

At least at the eye doctor things were hella cheap with our vision insurance. I think for me and Ross to get glasses and a full check up was under $200 and that is getting the top tier lenses and nice frames. I am excited to get my new glasses because my script will be stronger and I will actually be able to see. We did a new thing at the checkup where they take in-depth pictures with a special machine instead of having to dilate and get all in there. It was super fast, easy and pretty cool getting to see in the inside of my eyes. You can see everything in the pictures, like what my optic nerve looks like. I got to do a test run with what my RX will be too so I could see if I could handle the strength. What was funny is me and Ross have the same vision problems almost exactly. The doctor thought that was cute.

Today was a checkup with my GP and next month is my girl stuff check up which I am dreading and trying not to have a panic attack about it. Gyno checkups feel me with fear. Anything else, no problem but those terrify me.

Anyways, on to the makeup. I did this look using the Morphe Boss Mood palette. This is my first experience with Morphe palette. The color story of the Boss Mood one just called to me. So far I am enjoying it. The colors can get muddy though. With most eyeshadows, you kind of have to learn the formula and its quirks. These need a little extra care in application, smaller brushes, and more precision.

On the lips is Nars Velvet Matte Lip Crayon in Bondage topped with Wet N Wild Color Icon Lip Gloss in Capricorn. I adore that gloss.

I finally found something that is helping my eczema! That goodness. I was going crazy with itching. I have been using this stuff for about 3 days and it’s working!

We also broke down and got cute cups from Starbucks. I have been staring at the tortoiseshell tumbler forever. It is my designated water cup and same goes for the black one for Ross.

So I binged Treme on HBO Now. I was feeling some New Orleans vibes and had to get some coffee to suit. I can’t believe I just now watched that show. I live in Louisiana, you’d think I would have watched it when it aired. It was oddly nostalgic watching it because I remember Katrina and the aftermath but I don’t think I truly knew how bad it was. We didn’t get a whole lot of damage from Katrina where I am, Gustav hit us pretty hard but nothing like what happened in NOLA. I visited New Orleans in the spring following Katrina. I saw the houses with the markings but we didn’t venture outside the French Quarter which was cleaned up a bit by then. If you haven’t watched Treme though, I would recommend checking it out. The show features tons of local musicians and gives a good peek into the unique culture of New Orleans. It is its own world.

That’s all for today. I’ll leave you with a sweet Pumpkin. That is what I woke up to. Her cuddled up with her monkey whose name is Nanners by the way. He’s her BFF. She had some allergies lately but is all better now.

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