Get the Look | Clove Smoke Catharsis – Makeup Tutorial feat. Morphe Boss Mood

So, I had a tutorial done for last week to post and when I went to go write it up last Friday I was just kind of bored with the look. Like it needed something more. Instead of posting something I was kind of meh about I went ahead and skipped posting last week and redid the look with a different lip and glitter which I think gave it that added something it was missing and that is the look you see here and I want to show ya’ll how I created it using the Morphe Boss Mood Palette and the Nyx Glitter Goals Palette in Galactica.

I wore this look out Friday night, we went to dinner, saw a band and drank too much wine. I was in the mood to look really fancy and kinda sexy so I went in on the makeup and outfit. I wish I took an OOTD pic. It ended up being such a fun night and we made some nice new friends. Anyway, let’s get into how I did this glittery olive green smoky halo eye situation.

Like I said, I used the Morphe 35M Boss Mood Artistry Palette. This is my first Morphe palette and so far so good, just a few caveats. The shades can get muddy so I learned if you are more precise and use smaller brushes they perform nicely when it comes to the mattes. The shimmers are pretty impressive with their performance. I didn’t use a glitter base and applied them with a dry brush. I will be doing a full review of the palette but I want to spend some more time with it and really use as many shades and I can so I can give a thorough review.

On to the look.

I am starting out with my brows filled in, and my eyes primed with an eyeshadow primer and then concealer over top to cancel out my veins and freckles. I lightly set the lid with translucent powder so it was still a little tacky but not sticky.

Morphe Boss Mood Eyeshadow Palette - Nude Tude

I first went in with the shade Nude Tude which is a matte olive. It looks washed out in my picture.

I took Nude Tude on a medium sized blending brush, for more about my favorite brushes I have a whole guide here.

I started out lightly and slowly built Nude Tude up in the crease and transition area. You can see that it actually is a matte olive on my eyes.

Morphe Boss Mood Eyeshadow Palette - Green with Envy

Next, I went in with Green with Envy, a matte midnight green.

This shade went lower into the crease and socket line with a smaller blending brush.

I also pulled this shade onto the outer part of the lid.

I went back in with Nude Tude and blended around the edges, and just about that I added in the shade Hello Sunshine around the outermost edges of the eyeshadow with a light hand.

Morphe Boss Mood Eyeshadow Palette - Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine is a matte mustard green.

Moving on to the metallic shades and the lid.

Morphe Boss Mood Eyeshadow Palette - Bold Moves

On a flat brush, I took the shade Bold Moves, a metallic Golden Pear.

I packed this shade on the center of the lid.

In the black spaces, I went in with a deeper metallic green. on the inner and outer corner.

Morphe Boss Mood Eyeshadow Palette - Standout

I used the shade called Standout on the same flat brush. Standout is a metallic Bronze Green.

I was really impressed with the color pay off since my brush was completely dry.

I blended Standout into the edges of Bold Moves, the lighter green for a halo eye effect.

I was having some patchiness in the crease, just on this eye so I think it just me and not the shadow, but to fix it and give some more definition to the crease I went in with Green with Envy once more on that small blending brush. When I say small I mean tiny, I was using the Morphe M562. I just picked it up because of how small it was. I love tiny blending brushes.

Anyway, that fixed the patchiness on that eye for the most part. In real life, no one is going to notice that. I ran the deep green in the crease where I had applied it before, just intensifying it. This was a night time look so I wasn’t worried about being “too much”

And a little more blending with the previous mattes to get things as seamless as possible.

Now for the glitter.

For the glitter I went with Nyx Glitter Goals Glitter Palette in Galactica. This is a pressed cream glitter product so it’s so easy and no glitter base is required. You just pat it one. I used the bottom left shade which a green gold.

I patted the green gold glitter just on the center of my lip with a flat brush. Nyx snapped on this product. It’s amazing.

Next, I did a classic winged liner with a gel liner. I forgot how much I love gel/cream liners. This one is the Maybelline Eye Studio in Blackest Black.

I went ahead and did my face makeup and moved on to the lower lash line. I first took Nude Tude all along the lower lash line on a flat shader brush.

Then, I decided this look needed some sultry intensity, so, I tight lined with my wet n wild waterproof liner and smoked the liner out with Green with Envy, the deep matte green. I am usually not of fan of lining my inner waterline with black but for this look, it worked.

I finished the eyes off with a bit of highlighter on the browbones and inner corner. I used Wet N Wild Mega Glow Highlighting Bar in Air for this as well as on my cheekbones.

And of course some falsies and mascara. (I have no idea where those lashes ended up. I hope they are on my nightstand… I woke up and they weren’t on my face so. Yep, I fulled sacked out in a full face Friday night. I think I did anyway. I may have washed my face. Who knows. Drunk me is pretty go about washing makeup off.

Anyway, for the lips. I went with another Wet N Wild product. The Liquid Catsuit in Caramel Cake topped with NeutrogenaHydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine in Soft Blush. I just received it in PR that day and was excited to try it. Neutrogena actually sent me a little Winter skincare care package and it had the cutest J Crew beanie in it!

And the finished face.

I am testing out the Milani Conceal and Perfect Concealer. For foundation, I used the new L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation which I have a review of here and set with Maybelline Fit Me Loose Setting Powder. Review here

For contour, I used Kat Von D Shade and Light Creme Contour and the powder version, then for bronzer I used Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light. For Blush, I used Hourglass in Mood Exposure and for highlight, the Megaglo Bar Highlighter in Air from Wet N Wild topped with Fenty Diamond Bomb. For setting spray, I used Wet N Wild Natural Finish.

And that’s it. I hope ya’ll enjoy this post and maybe learned something. I really love how this look came out.

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