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Happy Monday, who is still tired out from St. Pats. I didn’t drink much but on Saturday we went to a crawfish boil and then downtown to the pub, it was a late one so my ass slept most of Sunday. Today, I am just running behind on getting anything done. It’s 5 in the afternoon and I am just now having my coffee. Who am I?

Anyway. I know I just posted a tutorial last Friday but I did that for St. Pats. My plan is to have a new tutorial every Monday, a review on Wednesday and a Makeup of the Day on Friday which will have all the looks I did that week and any other fun things.

For today’s look I wanted to do something warm and sunset inspired in hopes of bring in some warmer weather cause it’s still cold as balls here. To create this look I used the Morphe Boss Mood Palette which I will have a full review of next week I think. I really want to spend a lot of time with it and get to know each shade.

Let’s get started on this look.

I am starting out as always with my eyes primed with concealer and a light dusting of setting powder and my brows on. Gotta have that nice blank canvas.

Going in first on a blending brush, I took the bright orange shade called Fired Up all through the crease and transition area, I was timid either. I went IN. I kept most the pigmentation closer to the crease and faded it out as I blended higher toward the brow.

I continued to deepen the orange shade up with a little bit of Red Carpet closer to the crease.

I blended Red Carpet out with Fired Up so create a gradient of warmth.

To really start deepening things up I went in with Power Slayer on a small blending brush.

I focused Power Slayer on the outer portion of the and blended outward toward the tail of the brow and into the orange.

Next I cut the crease with a little bit concealer on a flat brush.

Like I spoke about in my last tutorial, I cut the crease a little higher than my actual crease so it’s visable when my eyes are relaxed. This also makes my eyes look way bigger. I have a ton of lid space but not a huge mobile lid eyelid so this helps give a wider eye effect.

In the space I mapped out with the concealer I packed on the shade Grape Expectations.

This shade takes some building but it’s beautiful is you work with it.

Next, in between the matte purple and the shimmer I went in with a but of Indi-Glow Kween. These names are so cringe.

I used this shade to marry the matte outer corner to the shimmery bright purple.

Next to give the look a little oomph I took a damp liner brush and the shade called Bright Eyes.

I used Bright Eyes in the damp liner brush to trace around the cut crease at the inner part and let it fade into the orange shadow.

Next, I went in and did a big ass wing with gel liner.

I also cleaned up the fall out and edges with a pointed q-tip and a silicone face primer like the Elf Mineral Face Primer. It’s my favorite for cleaning up fall out and it’s cheap. That is really the only thing I use that primer for. I find it more gentle than makeup remover wipes which kind of burn around my eyes.

On to the lower lash line.

Back in with the bright matte orange all along.

Then I deepened the outer corner with the matte purple called Power Slayer.

And with that damp liner brush from earlier I added in a bit of Bright Eyes to the inner corner.

Lastly, I highlighted the tear duct area with the Light of the Party and hit the brow bone as well.

Sorry, my eye started watering.

To finish the eye after a break to let it quite watering, I popped on some faux mink lashes from Ardell and a couple coats of Lash Paradise.

Oh! and I added some orange liner to the water line from Urban Decay.

The Finished Look

For the lips, I went nude and glossy with Jane Iredale lipstick in Molly topped with Neutrogena Hydroboost gloss in Soft Blush.

And that’s it. I hope you guys enjoyed and if you want to recreate any of my looks, feel free, just tag me on Twitter or IG and I’ll retweet and share you on my Story.

If you want to keep up with all my day to day and my newest looks, follow me on Instagram and come hang out with me on Twitter, I am making an effort to be more chatty. LOL.

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