Makeup of the Day | St. Pats + Looks for Days.

I am late posting this week and missed Friday. Ya girl, is having some allergies from hell. Full on hay fever and it sucks. Despite being sick on and off, we did it up for St. Patrick’s Day and I have been trying my damnest to get on that ABH PR list so even thought I was sick, I managed to do some pretty cool looks last week.

Let’s talk about the PR List search that over ran Twitter. That was hella stressful but such a wonderful opportunity that I had to give it my all and try. I met so many new lovely people over the last two weeks in the beauty community and saw a new side of community that was just magical. People cheering each other on and helping one another. Yeah, there was some drama but of course there was. There will always be some bullshit. Norvina brought the best out in community though. And regardless of making the list it was a cool thing and it lit a fire under my ass. I needed that push.

Anyway, here are some of the looks I did during the week starting with St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

This look was done using the Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Palette. I think I included it in my St. Pat’s Glam post. On the lips is Nyx Liquid Suede in Sandstorm topped with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Lipgloss in Soft Blush

And for the look I wore on St. Pats.

I used the Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette, Metal Matte Palette and Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture for this look. On the lips is Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Legendary Queen.

Did I mention St. Pats is kind of a big deal here?

We started off at a Crawfish Boil then hit the pub downtown which was hella busy of course but it was a night. We got so see our friends play so that is always cool.

During the week I decided to play in some more color.

But the allergy hay fever battle began.

I really thought I was running a fever while I was doing this look.

For this look, I used the Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions Palette with the ABH Moonchild Glow Kit and Sugar Glow Kit.

On the lips is Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in Dreamy topped with the Ultra Glossy Lips in Charming.

The next day, I was feeling so much better and I decided to really have fun and go for it with some color. I LOVE this look so much.

On the eyes is Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions Palette and the silver from the Kat Von D Fetish Palette mixed with setting spray to make a liner. Also in there is the ABH Moonchild Glow Kit.

On the lips is just a liner in from Wet N Wild called Lay Down the Mauves topped with the most perfect gloss ever from Wet n Wild. The Coloricon Lipgloss in Pisces from the Zodiac line.

I mean, this lip combo is everything! Looks like I had filler!

On the the last look.

This one I did using the Norvina palette and the Subculture Palette together from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I really like this look too.

And I liked the lip combo so much from the day before, I did it again.

The day I did this look was pretty fun. A friend and I went to have lunch, do some shopping and visited with my cousins for a bit at their job (they both work at a bbq place we ate at), then some friends. I also made some new furry friends.

I mean, why sweet angels. We were BFF’s instantly.

Speaking of furry. Don’t think I don’t have a ton of Pumpkin in here.

My little buddy. She watches me from the arm of the couch while I am in the kitchen. The rest of those is her having lap time in my office.

I ended last week with a nice evening out with Ross and a friend … and some wine was had.

I love wine but damn, it gives me the worst heartburn. I have also been fighting heart burn on and off all week not from the wine but because I was doing intermittent fasting and I get heartburn on an empty stomach, then I get all bloated. UGH! Now, I am still fighting allergies and feeling kind of sick.

Another thing, this past weekend, I overcame a little fear and spoke in a video on IG stories. I have terrible stage fright, hence, I blog and not do YouTube but I am challenging myself and some things may be happening.

I’m going to start small on IG stories, get used to speaking to a camera and go from there. If you follow me on Twitter you know I have been asking some questions about editing software and YouTube.

Anyway, the plan today regardless of how nasally I sound from being sick, I want to do a mini Sephora Haul over on my IG Stories and actually speak so wish me luck there. Be sure to follow me one all me social medias below and on IG to see me overcoming my fears. LOL.

OH! I will also be documenting a very big thing on Thursday!

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